‘The Acolyte’ Star Confirms Villain Twist After Accidental Disney Spoiler

The Acolyte Star Confirms Villain Twist After Accidental Disney Spoiler

Recently, the trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ was released, promising plenty of action, as creator Leslye Headland has mentioned in numerous interviews.

However, the trailer also included a surprising reveal due to an accidental subtitle.

At the 0:20 mark of the trailer, Amandla Stenberg, who plays Mae, the former padawan of Lee Jung-jae’s Master Sol, is heard saying, “I didn’t do it.” However, the subtitle mistakenly credits the line to “Osha,” not Mae.

So, why is this subtitle significant? If you’ve been following ‘The Acolyte,’ you know that one of the show’s biggest mysteries involves someone hunting down and killing Jedi.

The trailers also teased the presence of ‘The Acolyte,’ a dark force user likely responsible for these attacks. Fans have speculated that Mae, who is hinted to be this dark force user, has a twin sister named Osha, who is presumably still training under Jedi Master Sol.

In a recent interview with Jake’s Takes, ‘The Acolyte’ star Amandla Stenberg seemed to confirm the existence of this twin. During the interview, Stenberg was asked which scene from prior Star Wars projects she would like to see her character in.

I would just have Osha in the background when Obi-Wan Kenobi is yelling at Anakin saying “you are the chosen one” and Osha would be in the background, like “oh no”.

This pretty much confirms that Osha, Mae’s twin, exists in the show. Posters and other marketing materials often featured Stenberg twice, supporting the theory that one twin will be a “Sith” while the other is a force user not aligned with the Jedi order.

The twin’s existence was further confirmed in the final interview question, where the interviewer asked about specific things the actors didn’t get to do on set but would like to experience. Manny Jacinto responded, “Playing the twins,” while looking at Stenberg.

I mean for me, taking on the challenge of playing twins. […] That’s like an actor’s, like dream role, to be able to take on that challenge. I mean, then again I see this now, probably won’t say that a month in, into doing the work. […] Just seeing [Stenberg] do it, made me wanna take up that challenge.

You can check out the interview below:

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