The Bad Batch: Is Tech Alive? Here’s Why His Death Might Not Be Permanent


The final episode of season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch was tragic because it allowed us to see the Empire taking Omega and Tech dying by sacrificing himself to save his siblings. Of course, the rest of the Bad Batch believes Tech is dead, as Omega was in denial the entire time. Then again, death isn’t always permanent in Star Wars. So, could Tech still be alive?

It is possible that Tech could still be alive in The Bad Batch because his body was never found when Dr. Hemlock went to search for it. As such, he may have found a way to survive the fall. But it is also possible that he is truly dead and that nothing was left of his body due to the fall.

Tech’s death in The Bad Batch was one of the most surprising moments in season 2, although some fans may have seen it coming due to his character development. Nevertheless, Tech might still be alive somewhere after finding a way to cheat what was supposed to be a certain demise. And that’s something we’ll have to wait and see in season 3.

Tech’s Death

The season 2 finale of The Bad Batch caught fans off-guard because of how things went down for the members of Clone Force 99. We saw in episode 15 that the Bad Batch failed in the mission in Eriadu due to Saw Gerrera’s presence. As such, they needed to escape quickly because the Empire was on their tail. And that meant they needed to get on the railcar they used to get to the Imperial compound on that planet.

However, things didn’t work out well for the Bad Batch because they couldn’t escape from the Empire unscathed. That was when Tech needed to make a decision that he thought was best for everyone on the team. By initiating Plan 99, which was a plan that involved sacrificing oneself for the sake of the entire crew, Tech shot the connection between his railcar and the railcar of the Bad Batch to save his friends.

Tech fell into an abyss of clouds, and he was presumed to die after a nasty fall. Omega wouldn’t believe that one of her brothers had died. But Hunter, Wrecker, and Echo had concluded that Tech was indeed dead. To add insult to injury, Dr. Hemlock arrived to tell them that he tried to search for Tech’s remains, only to discover that only a piece of his glasses remained. But is Tech really dead?

tech fall

The thing about Star Wars is that death isn’t always permanent for the characters unless a body is recovered and buried. For example, Darth Maul and Palpatine returned one way or another. And because Mace Windu’s body was never found, fans believe he might have survived his fall as well.


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Because of that, not all fans believe Tech died in that fall when he sacrificed himself for the sake of his brothers. Even though The Bad Batch may have done a good job of making us believe that he did indeed die when he fell into a cloudy abyss, his death was never conclusive. And that’s because Hemlock didn’t even find a body.

The fact that Hemlock didn’t find a body could mean two things. The first is what fans believe could be a grotesque end, as the fall was so bad that Tech’s body wasn’t even able to survive it. Even the members of Clone Force 99 believe that this was the case. However, the second possibility is that his body was never found because he was able to survive the fall.

So, if that’s the case, Tech might see a return in season 3. Of course, this possible return could explain how he survived the fall in Eriadu. Nevertheless, we are merely speculating here because, as far as the current canon is concerned, Tech is dead.

How Could Tech Have Survived?

Some fans may have predicted Tech’s death in The Bad Batch because a good part of season 2 allowed us to see more of his character and how he developed. We saw him having sweet and heartfelt moments with Omega. Meanwhile, we also know that Phee Genoa is interested in him and looking forward to returning from his mission to Eriadu.

Because of that, some fans believe that his death could be permanent because the clones eventually had to dwindle in numbers. That’s because the events of Star Wars: Rebels allowed us to see that only a few clones remained in the galaxy, most of which were with Captain Rex’s crew.


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So, if that’s the case, Tech might have been the first one to die out of all of the members of the Bad Batch, who are probably going to die somewhere down the line as well. But if Tech did indeed survive and is going to reunite with his crew so that they could live a happy and peaceful life together, he might have survived the fall using some ingenuity.

Don’t forget that, as oblivious as he might be to the feelings of other people, Tech is still the smartest member of Clone Force 99. That means that, while he was falling, he might have found a way to cushion his fall or hang on to something that prevented him from falling to his death. 

tech death.jpg

While that doesn’t explain why he lost a part of his glasses, it is possible that whatever he did to survive was so rough that he damaged his specs. It is possible he broke his glasses to mislead the Empire into thinking he died in the fall.

So, with that said, we are not dismissing any possibilities surrounding Tech’s character because, as mentioned, death isn’t always permanent in Star Wars, especially when the character “died” due to a fall. 

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