Is Tech from The Bad Batch Autistic? (Is He on the Spectrum?)

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There is no doubt that the members of Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch are all unique in their own way, as they were created with mutations that allowed them to develop certain traits that are different from the ones we normally see in regular clones. For instance, Tech is the resident computer genius of the group and is equipped with the smartest mind and the technological savvy that allows him to be indispensable to the group. But the thing about Tech is that he tends to think differently compared to other people and isn’t as good at processing feelings. So, does that mean that Tech from The Bad Batch is autistic?

Tech has never been canonically confirmed to be autistic despite some indications pointing to the possibility that he could actually be on the spectrum. Such was shown in episode 9 of season 2 when he said that he processes things differently. But there is no confirmation of him being autistic.

One of the things that we always knew about the members of the Bad Batch is that they aren’t conventional in any way, but they all accept one another for who they are. So, in Tech’s case, he could be on the autism spectrum, but there is no real way of confirming that because there was never anything from the people behind Lucasfilm saying that he is autistic. Now, let’s look at the reasons why Tech could be autistic.

Is Tech From The Bad Batch Autistic?

Ever since the members of Clone Force 99 were introduced in Star Wars: Clone Wars, we already knew that these clones were unconventional in that they don’t have personalities similar to what we see in regular clones. Due to their mutations when they were created, they developed certain qualities and traits that made them different from regular clones. However, all of them had qualities and traits that allowed them to specialize in certain fields, as was the case for Tech, who became smarter (albeit physically weaker) than any other clone.

Due to his more advanced intelligence, Tech became the group’s resident computer and technology specialist, as he could process information and develop plans and strategies faster than any other clone. In that regard, he is indispensable to the Bad Batch because he is the expert that allows themes to slice and hack through different types of technologies and computers and escape from tough situations. 


But while Tech may be incredibly smart and analytical in his approach, the thing about him is that he does tend to think differently compared to other clones. This was one of the things that many fans noticed quite early in the life of The Bad Batch. Some even think that he could be autistic. So, is Tech on the autism spectrum?

At this point, there’s a good chance that Tech could be autistic, especially with what we saw in episode 9 of season 2. In that episode, Omega was visibly and clearly affected by the fact that Echo left the group to help Captain Rex with a mission related to the clones. However, as affected as Omega was, Tech was not processing Echo’s loss in the same way as he continued to focus on their mission of mining for ipsium on a strange mining planet.


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After that, they lost their ship, the Marauder, to a thief. They all had to walk to the nearest town until they needed shelter in another cave. While in that cave, Omega and Tech were separated from Hunter and Wrecker as they had a moment together. Omega accused Tech of not feeling anything about Echo leaving them and the Marauder getting stolen. That was when Tech told Omega about how she actually felt.

“I may process moments and thoughts differently, but it does not mean that I feel any less than you.”

In a way, Tech is saying that he feels the same way as Omega does regarding the loss of both Echo and the Marauder. However, because of how he is wired and his unique personality, he doesn’t process things the same way as she does.

This was also the instance where we see Tech’s maturity as a soldier was on full display as he told Omega that they are soldiers who need to move on from a loss quickly instead of dwelling on it. Clones were dispensable to the Republic and the Empire, which means they lost many people and friends during the Clone Wars. As such, Tech’s reaction to the losses of Echo and the Marauder was a product of his uniqueness and his experience as a soldier.

That means that we can neither confirm nor deny that Tech is autistic. There may be clues that point to the possibility of him being autistic, but the thing is that this was never confirmed in the series or by the creators of The Bad Batch. As such, anything that points to the possibility that he could be autistic is just speculative at best.

Why Tech Could Be Autistic

Of course, certain indications point to the possibility that Tech could be autistic. We saw how he reacted to the loss of both Echo and the Marauder. But why exactly could he be autistic?

Well, the thing about those who are on the autism spectrum is that they tend to process things differently compared to other people. While we are all unique in our own way, those on the spectrum tend to have difficulties understanding emotions and processing them. Different people process feelings and emotions in their own unique ways, but those in the spectrum struggle to understand their feelings and emotions, so they have trouble understanding what they need to do.


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In simple terms, those on the spectrum seem to have trouble understanding how others feel, which makes it look like they lack empathy and are simply incapable of putting themselves in the emotional shoes of other people.

Tech, for instance, has shown time and time again that he seems to lack empathy because of how robotic he could be in his approach. He doesn’t show the same kind of emotions and feelings that Hunter, Wrecker, or even Crosshair do, despite the fact that they were all designed to have mutations that make them unique.

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In episode 9 of season 2, we saw how it seemed like he didn’t care about how Omega and the others felt about losing Echo and the Marauder, as this instance made it appear like he didn’t care at all. 


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But the thing is that he did admit that he had a different way of processing emotions and feelings. In that regard, he admitted that he didn’t lack empathy but was more of someone who had a different way of coping with loss. This is one factor that points to the possibility that he may not actually be autistic. But absent any official word from Lucasfilm, we can’t say for certain whether or not he is actually autistic.

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