‘The Bad Batch’ Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happens at the End of Plan 99?

techs sacrifice

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Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has just concluded with a two-episode finale that allowed us to see what the members of Clone Force 99 were willing to do for one of their own. We know from the previous episode that they received a message from Crosshair to warn them about what the Empire had been planning the entire time. Of course, Echo returned to help the gang out on a mission that would have allowed them to learn more about Crosshair’s location.

Of course, while the members of the Bad Batch may be the heroes of the story, the thing is that the final two episodes weren’t exactly nice to them because they were on the short end of the events that transpired in the final portion of the season. So, with that said, let’s look at how season 2 of The Bad Batch ended.

The Search For Crosshair Commences

Even though Crosshair remained loyal to the Empire after the end of season 1, it was clear that he was becoming more and more disillusioned in season 2. And when he finally killed an Imperial officer that didn’t treat the clones like living people, he snapped and was finally an enemy of the Empire, albeit he got himself arrested.

Of course, in the previous episodes of The Bad Batch season 2, we saw Crosshair trying to escape the Imperial facility that held him captive but failed to do so. Still, he was able to send a message to his former comrades in the Bad Batch, as the gang reunited to see what this message was all about so that they could decide whether or not to go searching for Crosshair. And Echo and the other clones were invested in this because they found out that the Empire, through Dr. Royce Hemlock, was doing something inhumane to the remaining clones that had been decommissioned.


How Old Is Omega in The Bad Batch?

Despite how the Bad Batch thought that Crosshair was just leading them into a trap, they decided to rescue him because he was still their brother. That was when episode 15 allowed us to see them going on a mission to try to infiltrate an Imperial base in the hopes of learning more about Crosshair’s whereabouts and the identity of the mysterious Dr. Hemlock.

Before leaving for the mission, Tech ran into Phee, who said her goodbyes to the man that she fancied the most out of the members of Clone Force 99. The farewell between the two was bittersweet, as it somewhat seemed like the final time they would be interacting with one another.

phee and tech

The only way for them to learn more about where the Empire was detaining Crosshair and the other clones was to enter an Imperial compound where many of the most important big names, including Dr. Hemlock himself, were meeting together to discuss important Imperial matters. 

Saw Gerrera Meddles

When the Bad Batch got to the compound, things almost went smoothly, except that it was clear that someone had been messing up with the security of the Empire in that compound. It wasn’t even Tech or Echo responsible for disabling some of the security measures of the base, and that was what alerted the Empire that there were infiltrators in the compound.

Because the Empire was alerted of the presence of the infiltrators, the room where the big names of the Empire were meeting was secured. Meanwhile, the members of the Bad Batch learned that there were explosives in the base and that these explosives were set up by the rebel named Saw Gerrera, who was always an extremist in how he approached his rebellion against the Empire.


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Saw said that he planned to blow up the entire compound in the hopes of taking down some of the biggest names in the Empire. The Bad Batch tried to convince him to reconsider because killing the Imperial officers wouldn’t change a thing because the Empire would only replace them with other officers. They also tried to make him understand that it was better for them to gather intel instead of killing the Imperial officers. But Saw still decided to go with his plan of killing the Imperial officers as that was always his method of rebelling against the Empire.

Tech’s Sacrifice

Saw’s presence changed the entire mission outcome because it alerted the Empire of the presence of infiltrators and made what was supposed to be a stealth mission into an uphill climb for Clone Force 99, which had to flee the compound due to the Empire’s security measures. That was why they needed to get to the railcar that took them to the compound, as this was the only way for them to get back to the Marauder.

The problem was that the Empire sent starfighters after them to blow up the railcar, as it was the best way for Tarkin to deal with the infiltrators in a swift manner. That was when things turned the worse for the Bad Batch as the railcar had been damaged, with Tech still on the other side. Wrecker tried to get Tech on board their railcar, only for the smartest clone to tell him not to come any closer because shifting the weight of the railcar would only make things worse.

Because there was no other option available for him, Tech initiated Plan 99, which involved a member of the Bad Batch sacrificing himself to keep the other members safe. Plan 99 was named after the malformed clone named 99, who sacrificed himself back in Kamino when the Empire infiltrated the base of the clones.

tech falling

As such, Tech disconnected his railcar from the railcar of the rest of the Bad Batch, and his railcar plummeted beyond sight. Meanwhile, the railcar of the Bad Batch could get away from the Empire but had a bad crash that injured Omega. This forced Hunter and the others to try to get her to AZI, a surgical droid that worked for Cid over at Ord Mantell.

Cid’s Betrayal

In the previous episodes, Clone Force 99 had cut its ties with Cid because she was too selfish to the point that she always focused more on her own interests rather. However, the Bad Batch had no other option because AZI was the only one that could help Omega. And the droid succeeded in helping Omega, who woke up and remembered that they had just lost Tech.

Hunter told Omega that they would not let Tech’s sacrifice go to waste as he said they were now willing to put their weapons down for good so that they could honor their fallen brother’s death by living peaceful lives on Pabu. Omega gave the idea some thought and realized this could be their best option.


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After Omega’s emotional moment, Wrecker went to Cid for drinks. Meanwhile, Echo was on security because he was keeping his guard up in case the Empire were to arrive. The worst happened when Hemlock and his men did indeed arrive on Ord Mantell and even jammed the communications of the Bad Batch.

Wrecker realized that Cid was a little jumpy, and that was when he realized that their former ally had betrayed them. Cid was the one that told the Empire where to find the Bad Batch as she realized that Clone Force 99 had too much heat on them. She didn’t want them to ruin her business due to the attention they were getting, so she decided to sell them off to the Empire.

The Bad Batch’s Next Move

The arrival of the Empire placed the Bad Batch in a difficult situation, as Hunter told Omega to flee with AZI. Hemlock’s men outnumbered Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker, as it was clear that they had no choice but to put their weapons down. Hemlock demanded that they hand over Omega, only for them to find out that she had run away.

bad batch captured

But Hemlock used the Bad Batch as a bargaining chip because he knew that Omega would not leave behind her brothers after losing Tech. Omega confronted Hemlock, who used the members of the Bad Batch as a way for him to convince her to come with him. As she didn’t have a choice because she didn’t want to lose another brother, Omega was captured by the Empire.

When Hunter and the others realized what had happened, they tried to get Omega back by following Hemlock’s ship, only for them to fail. After that, they decided to get Omega back, no matter the cost. 

Omega’s Sister

Hemlock, whose main purpose was to unlock the secrets of Kaminoan cloning, took Omega back to his base so that she could reunite with Nala Se, who needed Omega with her as a condition for her to work with the Empire. While Omega did indeed reunite with Nala Se, the reunion was short-lived because she was taken to a separate room with an unconscious Crosshair and another woman.

omega and sister

Omega demanded to see Nala Se, only for the woman to wonder why she was willing to trust the Kaminoan more than her own people. That was when this mysterious woman working with Hemlock revealed that she was Omega’s sister. As such, it was clear that another female Jango Fett clone had been created. But unlike Omega, she was an adult.

At this point, we don’t know what is in store for Omega and her “sister,” but we do know that the Bad Batch is on its way to rescue Omega and, incidentally, the other clones that Hemlock detained. As such, the next season of The Bad Batch will explore the quest of the remaining members to get their sister back. And as for Tech’s fate, that might be revealed in the next season, as there is nothing conclusive about his death.

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