‘The Lincoln Lawyer’: Why Did Mickey Decide to Wear His Father’s Class Ring from Law School?

Mickey Lincoln Lawyer class ring

The central character in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer‘ is Mickey Haller, a successful defense attorney that got his nickname as he used to work mainly from his Lincoln Navigator. Mickey inherited the talent for practicing law from his father, a very successful criminal lawyer in his time. Hayley found a box that contained an old law school class ring that belonged to Mickey’s father, and Mickey eventually decided to wear it. But let’s see why that was.

Mickey wore his father’s ring because he was determined to fully concentrate on being a lawyer and win Lisa’s case. After Maggie breaks his heart after they spend the night together, Mickey decides to put all his effort into his work, and the ring demonstrates how proud he is that being a lawyer is part of his identity.

Legal Siegal and Mickey often talked about Mickey’s late father, and we learned that he was an exceptional criminal attorney with better tactics and moves than his son. However, Mickey Jr. often shows that the apple does not fall far from the tree. In more detail, Let’s see why Mickey put the ring on.

Hayley found her grandfather’s ring in an old box filled with other things

mickey ring lincoln lawyer jewlery

Mickey has been through a lot in the second season of the show. His determination to help the people around him got him into emotional and physical trouble. The first part of the second season ended with him being beaten up in a parking lot and ended in a hospital due to sustained injuries. There were several potential culprits for that deed, but it seems most likely that Lisa ordered someone to beat Mickey up so he would stop asking about her husband.

As soon as Mickey’s family and friends found out what happened to him, they started to visit him in a hospital and show him that they supported and cared about him. Sure, there were also some work-related conversations, but Mickey wouldn’t like it any other way. The one person who seemed to care the most about Mickey’s well-being was his first ex-wife, Maggie.

When Izzy drove Mickey home from the hospital, Maggie and Hayley were already there, determined to stay with him until he got better. Mickey noticed an old small box on the table as they prepared to eat. Hayley revealed that she found it by accident while looking for extra pillows. And in the box, among other things, was Mickey’s father’s old class ring from law school.

Hayley urged Mickey to wear it, but he did not consider it his style at first. The whole accident and the fact that Maggie and Mickey were again under the same roof only got them closer, and they spent the night together. Mickey hoped they would try their relationship again after that, but Maggie had other plans for her future.

When Mickey woke up the next morning, Maggie was already packed in the living room with her suitcases. She informed Mickey that she got a great job offer in another city and would take it. They never stopped caring for each other, but for Maggie, everything was overwhelming. So she decided it was time for her to move on completely this time.


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Mickey put his father’s ring on as a symbol of his identity and power


Mickey did not receive this news well and was concerned about what their daughter would say when she learned their parents had fallen out again. But Maggie informed Mickey that Hayley already knows about moving to another city. At that point, Mickey realized that he was losing Maggie again and his daughter. But the ex-spouses agreed that Mickey and Hayleye would continue to see each other whenever possible.

Maggie left, and Mickey turned to the one thing he had in life and knew how to do best: being a lawyer. He put on his father’s ring and drove in a convertible instead of his famous Lincoln Navigator. After everything that happened with Maggie, Mickey needed that to lift his spirit again. Being a lawyer was a huge part of his identity, so it is only natural that he found comfort in his job.

Mickey decided to put his father’s ring on as he was now all in to concentrate on Lisa’s case and determined to win in, as he could not take another loss after losing Maggie. The ring also represents power and a connection with his father. We witnessed on several occasions how much Legal Siegal and Mickey think highly of Mickey’s father. Legal often compare Mickey to him.


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A class ring from law school is a traditional piece of jewelry often worn by individuals who have graduated from a law school or completed their legal studies. These rings are typically worn to symbolize the academic achievement and accomplishment of earning a law degree. Similar to class rings from other educational institutions, law school class rings usually feature the school’s name, crest, or emblem, along with the graduation year of the wearer.

Wearing a law school class ring can symbolize pride in the one who wears it, so it is also possible that Mickey wanted to feel powerful emotions in the moments when his heart was broken.

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