‘The Lincoln Lawyer’: Who Is Julian Lacosse & What Did He Do?

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The ending of the second season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ left us craving answers. With the case of Lisa Trammel being successfully over, Mickey did not have to take long for a new interesting case to emerge since a troubled man left him a voicemail asking for help. That man is Julian Lacosse, and let’s see what he did and why he needed help.

Julian Lacosse is accused of murdering Glorya Dayton, a.k.a. Glory Days. He reached out to Mickey, hoping the Lincoln Lawyer would take his case and defend him since Julian claimed he was innocent. Julian knew Glorya under a fake name Giselle Dallinger, and she was the one who recommended Mickey as the best lawyer in town.

The circumstances under which Glory Days was killed and who did it are still unknown. We know that Julian is somehow involved in all of that; otherwise, he would not be accused of murdering her. Keep reading if you want to find out in more detail how the show’s second season introduced us to Julian and how he and Mickey meet.

The second season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ was filled with twists and turns

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The second season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is finished, but Mickey’s journey as a defense attorney continues. Predicting what would happen next in the season filled with drama, twists, and turns was hard. Mickey did his best and successfully proved Lisa’s innocence. And while she did not kill Mitchell Bondurant, it was obvious from the start that something was off about her and that she was hiding something.

Mickey later revealed that Lisa killed her husband eleven years ago and buried him in her garden. And that was the main reason she never wanted to move from there – Bondurant’s reconstruction of the place would easily discover Jeff’s bones in the garden.

When all of that was settled, a celebration was in order. Lorna and Cisco finally had their moment and their improvised wedding. And while everything seemed to be going alright in everyone’s lives, Mickey made new enemies during Lisa’s trial and became aware that he might be in danger. Alex Grant might be after him since there is a high possibility that he tried to run Mickey over with a car.


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However, Mickey had little to no time to deal with all that since Izzy informed him about a new potential client. Julian Lacosse was charged with murder and held in West Hollywood sheriff’s station. And even though Mickey initially decided to leave the case for the next day, he changed his mind and drove to the station to meet Julian.

Their meeting was strange at first. Julian was clearly upset, and Mickey was confused about why Julian chose him as his attorney. Julian claimed that he was a friend of Giselle Dallinger and that she recommended Mickey because she considered him the best lawyer in town. The main problem was that Mickey had no idea who Giselle was, even though it looked like she knew him well.

Julian Lacosse is going to be Mickey’s new client in the next season of the show


Giselle was killed, and Julian was the main suspect. He claimed that he would never do something like that. Giselle vouched for Mickey before she died, and Julian had no one else to help him, so the Lincoln lawyer decided to take this case. Mickey went down to the morgue to see if he could identify Giselle and possibly remember from where he knew her.

Mickey did not like what he found out there. The body was in the coroner’s office for a couple of days, and nobody identified the body still. Giselle’s ID was fake, so it was of no use. The police took her prints to identify her, but since they knew she worked as a prostitute, this case wasn’t their priority.

When the examiner took the sheet of a dead body, Mickey recognized the face immediately. It was Glorya Dayton, also known as Glory Days. Someone killed her, and Julian is the main suspect so far. Glorya helped Mickey at the beginning of the second season when he used her as bait to capture Rusell Lawson, and the next thing he knew about her was that she was going to visit her mother in Hawaii.


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The reasons Glorya was killed can be various, and they could have something with the fact that she was tied to Mickey, but not necessarily. Nevertheless, Mickey will take this case very personally, and Julian will have to clarify many things about how he met Glorya, why they even talked about Mickey, etc.

Julian’s meeting with Mickey and Glory Days’ murder set a solid basis for the third season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ Until then, we have to be patient.

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