‘The Lincoln Lawyer’: Who Is Mickey Haller’s Love Interest?

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The Lincoln Lawyer‘ welcomed us to the world of Mickey Haller, a criminal defense attorney with an unusual approach to solving his cases. And while this attorney proved on many occasions that his capabilities and talent for saving his clients are solid, he still has a lot to learn when it comes to picking women he dates. That being said, let’s see who is Mickey Haller’s love interest.

In the show, Mickey has unresolved relationships and feelings with his first ex-wife, Maggie, and he still cares for her. However, the second season introduced Lisa, a restaurant owner who is the main suspect in the murder of a notorious construction developer. Mickey is attracted to her but needs to be a professional during the course of a trial.

There is no doubt that Mickey is capable of getting himself out of any kind of trouble the world throws at him. However, he is still finding a way to balance his profession and private life. Until that happens, more trouble awaits him for sure. But let’s see what we know about his love interest in more detail.

Mickey has two failed marriages behind him

mickey and maggie

While Mickey might be a great defense attorney, he is sure no expert in keeping his marriages work. The Lincoln Lawyer has two failed marriages behind him, one with a prosecutor Maggie McPherson and the other with his paralegal, Lorna Crane. Mickey was married to Maggie first, and they have a daughter, Hayley.

Mickey remained on good terms with both of his ex-wives, and it was teased several times that he might even reconcile with Maggie. However, their relationship is complicated due to the nature of their work, where they are often on opposite sides. Mickey’s success was actually the reason for Maggie’s slight demise in her career.

Maggie and Mickey often spend time together, sometimes on purpose, regarding their daughter, and sometimes by accident. Their communication varies from serious conversations about different issues to reminiscing about the memories they shared in the past. It is clear that there is still some chemistry there, and Mickey still has feelings for Maggie. She, on the other hand, has mixed feelings about him, which is not necessarily a bad thing.


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The show’s first season hinted at the possibility of the two of them getting back together, and some of the moments they shared in the first part of the second season can also be interpreted in that way. However, Maggie is seeing someone, but it seems like it is not working out very well. On the other hand, Mickey has his hands full with Lisa’s case and the fact that he is also attracted to her.


As already mentioned, Mickey also had another wife, Lorna. While their marriage did not work, the two have a great work-office relationship, and it is fair to say that Lorna is trying very hard to keep Haller’s office in check while he is busy running elsewhere. There is no kind of romantic chemistry between them anymore, but they nurture a healthy friendship and are not afraid to confront each other when needed.

However, the show’s second season introduced Lisa into Mickey’s life, and many problems came with her.

Season two of the show introduced Lisa as Mickey’s newest love interest

After winning his last case, Mickey became very popular, earning him a place in many newspaper articles. With popularity, many people also recognized him, and the same happened when he entered Lisa’s restaurant. While he was having dinner with Maggie, complementary food arrived at their table in Mickey’s honor. Maggie left, and Mickey stayed and enjoyed the food alone.

That’s when Lisa introduced herself as a chef who prepared the food. The two of them did not waste any time, and Lisa made perfectly clear what she wanted from the start. They spent the night together and started bonding even more in the morning the Lisa opened up about her problems.

lisa tramell

Things got even more complicated when she was accused of murder. Mickey decided to defend her, meaning nothing romantic could happen between them while the trial lasted. They almost occasionally broke that rule but eventually agreed that they might give one another a chance after all the problems were over. However, with all the evidence incriminating Lisa, it is unclear whether their relationship will ever see the light of day.

There is also a possibility that Lisa is just using Mickey, and that was her plan from the start. It is still unclear if she is just pretending and wants to get away with murder or is genuinely interested in Haller. On the other hand, Mickey admitted to Lisa that he is attracted to her and tries his best to prove her innocence. The main problem is that the prosecution seems to have some incriminating evidence against Lisa, so even Mickey is starting to doubt her innocence.


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It will be interesting to see how everything will unfold. A part of me believes that Lisa is guilty and she’ll end up in jail or worse, and Mickey will most likely reconcile with Maggie. It seems like the two of them are just right for each other.

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