Is Perrin Aybara the Wolf King in ‘The Wheel of Time’? The Wolfbrothers Explained

Perrin Aybara as the Wolf King in The Wheel of Time

Perrin Aybara may not be the all-powerful Dragon Reborn of The Wheel of Time, but he is just as important to the saga as Rand Al’Thor. While Rand became the Dragon, Perrin met Elyas Machera, who helped him embrace his destiny as a Wolfbrother, a talent that Perrin never understood. Many Wheel of Time fans still want to know who the Wolfbrothers are and whether Perrin is the prophesized Wolf King.

  • Article Breakdown
  • The Wolfbrothers are men who possess the ability to communicate with the wolves. Although rare, the talent is also shared by some women who are, in turn, called Wolfsisters.
  • The most important Wolfbrother in the books is a powerful hammer-wielding warrior, the Wolf King, prophesized in the Karaethon Cycle.
  • Perrin Aybara is definitely the Wolf King, as he meets all of the characteristics mentioned in the prophecy.

Becoming the Wolf King will elevate Perrin’s role in the Wheel of Time TV show to match his character’s importance in the books. His skills as a leader, matched with the talents of a Wolfbrother, will make Perrin one of the most powerful characters in the show. However, much has to change before Perrin becomes the Wolf King, so let’s look at how it happens.

Who is the Wolf King?

Perrin Aybara Wolf King Fan Art

The wolf king is a briefly mentioned but unnamed Wolfbrother in The Wheel of Time book series associated with Perrin Aybara. The most significant mention of the wolf king in the books is in a prophecy in the Kaethon Cycle. “When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known,” the prophecy says.

Perrin’s journey to becoming the Wolf King starts when he meets Elyas Machera, who trains him to use his talents as a Wolfbrother. Only a few Wolfbrothers are mentioned in the books, with Elyas and Perrin being the most prominent. The books only stop short of naming Perrin as the Wolf King, as he meets all the characteristics of the character.


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After becoming the Lord of the Two Rivers on Rand’s behalf, Perrin leads his army to fight alongside Rand, making him a king in his own right. Perrin also forges a powerful hammer that he wields in battle after ditching the ax, making him the hammer-wielding king and wolfbrother, which pretty much ticks all the boxes of the Wolf King.

A Seanchan noble refers to this prophecy while jokingly addressing Perrin’s place in Rand’s army when he shows up to battle with the wolf banner and a hammer. So, while he is never directly named the Wolf King, Perrin Aybara is, by all accounts, the unnamed king because he fulfills every aspect of the character.

What is Perrin’s connection to the wolves?

Wheel of Time Perrin Hopper Wolfbrothers 1

Perrin was always a Wolfbrother, but his connection to the wolves only came when the wolves accepted him. Most Wolfbrothers never get to find out what they are because most of the abilities only manifest when a Wolfkin gets to spend time with the wolves.

As they spend more time with the wolves, Wolfbrothers connect telepathically with them. Eventually, the Wolfbrothers can feel how far the wolves are and even understand when the wolves communicate. That is why Perrin understood that one of the wolves in the pack that accepted him was called Hopper.

Being a Wolfbrother also results in physical transformation, starting with the yellowing of the eyes. In Perrin’s case, it would come temporarily at first, but with time, his eyes become permanently golden, which is how he becomes Perrin Goldeneyes.

Perrin also develops enhanced eyesight and a sense of smell, just like Elyas. He can feel what happened in a certain location before reaching it, an ability that allows him to sense danger and track enemies with a higher accuracy than a regular human.

However, being a Wolfbrother has its downsides, as warned by Elyas, including developing a taste for raw meat. Ishmael also warns Perrin in the show that the more he embraces his Wolfbrother abilities, the easier the Forsaken can control him. Elyas also warns Perrin that most Wlfbrothers end up isolated from society, which could cause them to become feral.

Does Perrin turn into a wolf?

Perrin and the wolf WOT s01

Despite Perrin’s fears that he would eventually turn into a wolf, Elyas assures him that being a Wolfbrother doesn’t cause one to become a wolf. The Wolfbrothers only share certain characteristics with the wolves while retaining their human form.

However, being a Wolfbrother physically allows Perrin to enter and manipulate the World of Dreams. These abilities are granted to Wolfkin, making them just as powerful in the Dream World as the Aes Sedai. Perrin becomes one of Rand Al’Thor’s most powerful allies in the battle against the Forsaken, who easily manipulate the Dream World.


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Perrin utilizes his ability to communicate with the wolves throughout the series to defeat the armies of the Dark by summoning his pack to his aid in battles. Being a Wolfbrother also increases his strength significantly, making him one of the best fighters in the battles against the Forsaken.

He, however, retains his human form and all of his senses, unlike Rand, who teeters on the edge of madness. Perrin’s personality doesn’t change in the books either. He remains the peace-loving warrior who seeks to protect and help rather than kill and destroy, making him a great leader in the Two Rivers.

Do Wolfbrothers use the One Power?

Perrin with Yellow Eyes in The Wheel of Time

Wolfbrothers don’t channel the One Power as their talents are believed to predate the One Power. Wolfkin are believed to have existed from the very early ages when humans used to control wolves. Perrin, therefore, doesn’t risk going mad from the taint of the Dark One like Rand Al’Thor.

Wolfbrothers are, therefore, not as powerful as those who can summon the One Power, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less potent. Perrin uses his abilities to defeat some of the most dangerous enemies of the Light in The Wheel of Time series, beginning with the Whitecloaks.


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Unfortunately, some people still treat Wolfbrothers the same way they do men who can channel, assuming they are also touched by the One Power. Wolfbrothers, therefore, tend to stay away from Aes Sedai and other channelers in general just to be safe.

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