‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Explained: Is Ciri a Witcher Now?

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After Geralt invoked the Law of Surprise after saving Ciri’s father’s life, destiny did its part. Little did the witcher know that the bond between him and the child promised to him would become so strong, and he would have no choice but to always protect and care for her. But that happened, and ever since Geralt met Ciri, he tried his best to prepare his ‘daughter’ for all the dangers that threatened her. Considering that Ciri went through vigorous witcher training at Kaer Morhen, does that mean she is now a witcher in ‘The Witcher‘ season 3?

Even though Ciri has decent fighting skills and knows how to wield a sword in a fight against monsters, she is not a witcher. She likes to consider herself one because that strengthens her and Geralt’s bond. However, she never underwent the Trial of Grasses and did not take the Witcher Mutagen, so she never became a witcher.

Ciri did train like a witcher and still does because she spends much time with Geralt. The two of them share an interest in monsters and how to kill them, making their relationship even more special. Let’s see what we know about Ciri being a witcher in more detail.

Ciri trained like a witcher and learned the witcher’s ways while in Kaer Morhen


The importance of keeping Ciri safe and alive is one of the most central aspects of the entire ‘The Witcher’ show. The fate of the entire Continent depends on the potential power stored in her, but eventually, it is up to her how she will use her potential and whether she will ever reach its full capacity.

Of course, Geralt is there to ensure she is safe and would not hesitate to sacrifice his own life if that meant saving Ciri’s. But even Geralt can’t deal with all the threats and dangers that are constantly lurking in the shadows. That’s why he decided to take Ciri to Kaer Morhen, the witcher’s stronghold, as he thought that was one of the safest places for her protege to be at the time.

At that point, Ciri was helpless and had barely scratched the surface of her powers, and she admired the strength and the abilities Geralt and the other witcher in Kaer Morhen had. Gradually, she started training in the witcher’s ways, and it is fair to say that she pushed herself hard. She progressed, and her skills, swordsmanship, and willpower grew.

When Vesemir discovered that Ciri had the Elder Blood inside her veins, he saw an opportunity to use her blood to create a mutagen which would enable him to create more witchers. This was the only way; the number of witchers was getting smaller since many died warriors’ deaths, and the Elder Blood was the only way to create more mutagen for new witchers.


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During her training, Ciri realized that she could never be on the same level regarding strength, speed, and reflexes as the other witchers simply because she is not a mutant. That’s why she allowed Vesemir to use her blood to create the mutagen, but only if she were the first one to use it.

As Ciri was about to take the mutagen, Geralt prevented the process from going any further because there were high chances that she would not survive the Trial of the Grasses. So, technically, she never becomes the witcher. Nevertheless, in the show’s third season, Ciri considers herself to be a witcher, so let’s see what it’s all about.

Ciri considers herself to be a witcher, and Geralt finds that amusing

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In the show’s third season, Ciri’s training continues, but she is focused on practicing with Yennefer to learn how to use magic and control all the power that is still dormant inside her. The training does not go as effectively as everyone hopes, and it is clear that something is holding Ciri back.

Yen knows that Ciri has great potential and her powers are immense, but talent is still something Ciri needs to work on hard. The only way for her to reach her full potential as a sorceress is to go to Aretuza and learn under the guidance of Tissaia.

And even though Ciri’s abilities in controlling and performing magic are still slim, it is clear that all that time spent with Geralt bore fruit. She became a fierce fighter and a sword wielder, capable of defending herself and confronting multiple attackers simultaneously. Ciri also showed great interest in fighting monsters and learning much about them.

This was obvious when the ferryman that was supposed to take Geralt, Ciri, and Jaskier to Aretuza refused to do so because apparently there was a monster in the water. Ciri immediately stepped up and said that should not be a problem since they are witchers, referring to herself and Geralt. Her father figure smiled and looked at her suspiciously but was proud that Ciri showed so much interest and wanted to confront the monster.


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And sure enough, when the sea monster, Aeschna, emerged from the water and attacked the passengers on the boat, Geralt and Ciri did what they did best. With team effort, they defeated the monster, and Ciri was the one who struck the final blow and killed the Aeschna.

So, even though Ciri is not a witcher in technical terms because she never absorbed the witcher mutagen that would turn her into one, she has a vast knowledge of all kinds of monsters and is capable of dealing with them. She considers herself a witcher, but that is only because it’s something he shares with Geralt, and he is very proud of her.

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