Thor MCU vs. Thor God of War: Which God Would Win in a Fight?

thor vs thor

There are many different versions of Thor in the world of fiction, as the Norse gods tend to be quite popular when it comes to different stories created by different writers. Two of the most popular versions of Thor in today’s world of fiction come from two different media. The first is the MCU version of Thor, while the second is the Thor we saw in the God of War video game. So, in a fight between Thor MCU and Thor God of War, which god would win in a fight?

It is likely that the MCU version of Thor would win in a fight against the God of War version of the Norse god of thunder. Both of them are just about as strong as one another, but MCU Thor has fought people who are stronger but was able to live to tell the tale. That gives him the edge over God of War Thor.

The difficult part about comparing the MCU and the God of War versions of Thor is that they are both scaled in different ways, and that makes it incredibly difficult to see who is more powerful. Of course, they both have their own advantages over one another. So, with that said, let’s look at who between MCU Thor and God of War Thor is stronger.


One of the powerhouses of the MCU is Thor, who we were able to see a lot of times squaring off against some of the strongest characters in the MCU. He is one of the few characters that can go toe-to-toe with Hulk in a fistfight, but he is able to gain the advantage over the green beast when he learns how to properly harness his thunder powers. Thor, at his peak shape, was also capable of defeating Thanos as long as he had a weapon that he could use against the Mad Titan.


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In God of War, Thor is the strongest and mightiest of all of the Aesir, and that’s why he is often called the God of Strength. His physical strength exceeds the strength of all of the Aesir gods, as he was able to kill almost all of the Jötnar or Giants singlehandedly. He is also one of the few gods in the game to be strong enough to actually match or even overpower Kratos. As such, it is likely that he is strong enough to level entire mountains.

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It is difficult to tell who between the MCU and the God of War versions of Thor is stronger. But the thing is that they are both powerful enough to defeat the Giants on their own. They have also fought godlike beings as well. This is why this battle is a tie.

MCU 0, God of War 0


While it wasn’t really clear in the MCU, Thor is actually very fast and is capable of moving a lot faster than most other MCU characters. We saw in the events of the first Thor movie and in Avengers: Infinity War how fast Thor was able to clear the battlefield, as this was a testament to his speed. He is even faster whenever he is flying, as he can travel from one city to another faster than most other ships or jets.

The God of War version of Thor may be overweight, but he is a lot faster than most people would think. In fact, he is actually very fast and he is one of the few characters in the entire franchise fast enough to keep up with Kratos’s speed. This allowed him to actually overpower the Ghost of Sparta, as Kratos mostly uses his superior speed against opponents that are stronger but slower than him.

thor kratos

Both the MCU and the God of War versions of Thor aren’t really the fastest characters in their own respective fictional worlds, but they are faster than what most people would give them credit for. As such, we can’t say for certain who between them is actually faster.

MCU 0, God of War 0


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One of the things that MCU Thor is known for is his durability, as many different godlike characters have tried and failed to kill him. He is capable of withstanding attacks from the Hulk and Thanos without showing any signs of injury. Thor was even able to survive the full power of the Power Stone and a point-blank blast from a dying star. In that regard, while he doesn’t have the same kind of invulnerability that the Hulk and Thanos have, he is still right up there when it comes to how durable he is.

thor star

Out of all of the characters we’ve seen battling Kratos in God of War, Thor is probably the most durable because he has showcased the ability to withstand attacks from Kratos without even showing any visible signs of damage, and that’s not something that any other god could do. He could even withstand attacks from all of Kratos’s weapons, such as the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos. Those feats prove that he is one of the most durable gods in the entire God of War franchise.

While we did see God of War Thor surviving attacks that not all gods are capable of surviving, MCU Thor took attacks from the Power Stone and a dying star. This gives him a slight edge over his God of War counterpart.

MCU 1, God of War 0

Powers and Abilities

In the MCU, Thor is shown to have the ability to command thunder and lightning, especially after he acquired Zeus’s Thunderbolt, which was powerful enough to allow him to use the same enchantment that Odin used on Mjolnir. He has the ability to fly whenever he has either of his weapons in his hand. There is also the fact that, on top of the fact that he could summon bolts of lightning, he could also use Stormbreaker to travel from one area to another at will.

While the God of War version of Thor is similar to the MCU version in the sense that he is capable of commanding thunder and lightning, his command over the elements seems to be greater because of the fact that he was shown to be able actually summon entire an entire storm that shook Kratos’s home. He is also capable of flying without having to rely on Mjolnir to propel him in the air.


Even though Thor in God of War doesn’t have the same ability to use the Bifrost at will, his command over thunder and lightning seems to be a lot greater because he doesn’t always have to use a conduit to summon thunder and use it to blast his opponent.

MCU 1, God of War 1

Fighting Skills

The thousands of years that Thor spent fighting a lot of powerful opponents, which include the likes of Loki, Malekith, Hela, Hulk, Thanos, and Gorr, have allowed him to develop fighting abilities that are on par with some of the best that the MCU has to offer. He doesn’t have the refined fighting abilities of Steve Rogers, but he is capable of holding his own against some of the strongest fighters in the MCU due to his experience and training as a superb fighter, with or without his weapons.

thor vs hulk

Of course, in God of War, Thor is basically the muscle that Odin sends out to deal with his problems, as he is skilled enough as a combatant to massacre almost the entire Jötnar populace. That means that he is the most skilled combatant we have seen in God of War, aside from Kratos himself. Still, the fact that he has become fat and overweight may have a bearing on his ability to truly excel in both armed and unarmed combat.


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Both the MCU and the God of War versions of Thor are excellent fighters, but the MCU version seems to have the advantage because of the fact that he has faced opponents that are stronger than him. It is this battle experience that ultimately allowed him to become very skilled.

MCU 2, God of War 1

Thor MCU vs. Thor God Of War: Which God Would Win In A Fight?

This was a very tough one to call because Thor in the MCU and in God of War is portrayed to be very strong and arguably stronger than almost any other god in these fictional worlds. But while the God of War version of Thor seems to be godlier in the sense that he has more control over the elements, the MCU version of Thor is more resilient and more skilled. As such, it is likely that the MCU Thor is stronger than the God of War, but the gap between them is so small that the fight could go either way, depending on the circumstances at play.

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