Wonder Woman vs. Thor: Which God Would Win in a Fight?

ww vs thor

We know for a fact that the main superheroes of both the DC and the Marvel Comics universes have gods on their side, as Wonder Woman has the blood of Zeus, while Thor is literally the son of Odin. As such, both of these gods are powerhouses in their respective universes and are strong enough to take on some of the toughest opponents that DC and Marvel could provide. But, in a battle between Wonder Woman and Thor, which god would win?

Wonder Woman is likely to win a fight between her and Thor. That’s because she has shown enough strength to match Superman and has fighting abilities that can match the greatest warriors in all of DC. We know for a fact that Thor is no slouch and has command over thunder and lightning. Wonder Woman is simply stronger.

It might be difficult to admit for Marvel Comics fans that the DC characters are actually scaled on different levels in terms of their powers and abilities. In that regard, while some fans might think that Thor is stronger than Wonder Woman, the Amazon princess has had a lot of different feats that prove that she is stronger. So, with that said, let’s look at this fictional battle between the two gods.


Wonder Woman is known for having strength levels that far exceed what’s normal, even among the Amazons, who are actually a lot stronger than regular human beings. The fact that Diana herself is related to Zeus means that her strength is incredible and is almost on par with the other Olympian gods, such as Hercules. But the thing is that, as seen in Injustice and a lot of different DC storylines, Wonder Woman is strong enough to match Superman’s strength.

ww superman 2

Thor is said to be the mightiest of all of the Asgardians in terms of his pure physical capabilities, and he has shown time and time again that he has enough strength that would allow him to lift more than a hundred tons on any given day. In fact, he can match the Hulk’s strength, and we all know that the Hulk is one of the strongest beings in Marvel Comics history. In that regard, Thor is actually strong enough to destroy entire cities or maybe even a planet when he is at his strongest.


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While Thor is said to be able to match the Hulk’s strength, Wonder Woman can match Superman’s strength. In that regard, there is no doubt that Wonder Woman is the stronger of the two, as Superman is scaled on an entirely different level in terms of how much he can lift.

Wonder Woman 1, Thor 0


Wonder Woman is an incredibly fast character due to the fact that she has the genetics of the Olympian gods in her veins. In that regard, her leg muscles are so strong that she can move and think at speeds that are actually supersonic. Of course, the true testament to Wonder Woman’s speed is the fact that the Flash said that she could run as fast as him when he is at his regular cruising speed. So, given the fact that one of the fastest speedsters said that Wonder Woman could run as fast as him, it is obvious that she is indeed quite fast.

ww speed

Thor is said to be able to fly at incredible speeds due to the fact that he can throw Mjolnir at speeds that are twice as fast as the speed of light. However, that’s in relation to how fast he flies and not how fast he moves. Thor is still incredibly fast due to his godlike musculature, as he has shown that he is indeed faster than the fastest regular humans. He can even move from one planet to another due to the teleportation abilities of Bifrost.

It might be true that Thor’s ability to travel from one place to another is better than Wonder Woman’s, but it is also true that he cannot match the speedster-like speeds that Diana can achieve whenever she moves. As such, in a fight, there is no doubt that Wonder Woman can speed-blitz Thor.

Wonder Woman 2, Thor 0

Powers and Abilities

Wonder Woman is often regarded as a simple powerhouse that doesn’t have a lot of powers except for her ability to exceed imagination when it comes to her physical strength and speed. However, she also has a lot of different powers and abilities that allow her to excel in a fight. This includes the ability to fly without the use of any equipment or paraphernalia. On top of that, Wonder Woman also has enhanced senses that allow her to see and hear things that people can’t sense under normal circumstances.

Thor is known as the God of Thunder, and that means that he is indeed a god that can command thunder. He has always been known to be able to call on thunderbolts and use his hammer or axe to channel his godlike powers and blast his opponents with lightning. In that regard, he has enough power to defeat beings that are also godlike in terms of their power level. Thor is also capable of a lot of other incredible feats of power after he becomes the All-Father.

Normal Thor might not be as strong as Wonder Woman in terms of his powers and abilities. However, when it comes to All-Father Thor, he might have enough power to blast through Wonder Woman’s defenses, especially because of his ability to command thunder and lightning.

Wonder Woman 2, Thor 1

Weapons and Equipment

While Wonder Woman was known to be an extremely skilled brawler, what many people forget is that she is also well-armed with a lot of different godlike weapons. Her most popular pieces of equipment are her bracelets, as these are capable of deflecting almost any kind of attack, such as Darkseid’s extremely powerful Omega Beams. Her lasso of truth is also popular but isn’t the most useful in an all-out fight. Of course, Wonder Woman is also armed with a sword and a shield that she has used a few times in a few comic book storylines.


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Thor is almost always associated with his hammer called Mjolnir, which is an extremely powerful weapon that allows him to channel his godlike powers and make them even stronger. There is also the fact that Thor is also armed with his axe called Stormbreaker, which is said to be stronger than Mjolnir and has the ability to call the Bifrost. Both these weapons are powerful in their own right and allow Thor to become even stronger as he uses them to amplify his ability to control thunder.


Wonder Woman’s equipment might be powerful enough to be godlike, but Thor’s weapons are god-level in terms of how powerful they are. There are only a handful of weapons in the fictional world that can match Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, and Wonder Woman doesn’t have any of those.

Wonder Woman 2, Thor 2

Fighting Skills

When it comes to the world of comic books, not a lot of characters are able to match Wonder Woman’s skills and ferocity in a battle. Even if she wasn’t incredibly strong and fast, Wonder Woman was always the most skilled among all of the different Amazons, as she mastered the art of combat to a level that had never been matched by any of her Amazon sisters. In fact, while Superman may be stronger than her, Wonder Woman is able to match him in a fight because she is the far superior fighter between them.

ww superman 1

While Thor is often seen as a brawler, he is a gifted fighter that has hundreds of years of experience and training under his belt. Thor was trained to fight at a very early age by some of the best fighters in Asgard. As such, he is a master of different forms of combat and can use his fists as weapons in a manner that is almost as effective as the way he uses his hammer and axe. He certainly isn’t a graceful fighter, but he knows how to get the job done.

Even though Thor is a skilled combatant, Wonder Woman is on a different level in terms of her fighting skills. There are only a few characters in DC that could match Wonder Woman’s fighting skills, and that says a lot because there are a lot of skilled combatants in DC.

Wonder Woman 3, Thor 2

Wonder Woman vs. Thor: Which God Would Win In A Fight?

Thor is indeed a true god in terms of his strength and power, but Wonder Woman is simply scaled on a different level compared to him. She is stronger and faster than the God of Thunder, and that’s because DC characters are often on different strength and speed scales compared to their Marvel counterparts. Nevertheless, this isn’t going to be a quick and decisive battle on the part of Wonder Woman, as we know that Thor has enough power to actually give her an extremely difficult fight.

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