Tokyo Revengers: Does Takemichi Die?

takemichi death scene

The Tokyo Revengers saga takes fans back and forth between the past and present, all attempting to alter the storyline’s progression and prevent many tragic deaths or unfortunate twists of fate on various levels. Still, considering that Takemichi Hanagaki is the leading star of the entire series, many anime lovers are eager to find out if Takemichi dies in Tokyo Revengers – and how his fate may change due to time travel.

Mikey stabs Takemichi with a katana while under the influence of his cursed Dark Impulses during Chapter 275 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series titled “Cold Hearted.” Although Takemichi appears to be on the verge of death, he ends up time leaping back over a decade just before he dies – with the chance of altering the hands of fate alongside Mikey himself.

Despite the fact that Takemichi does suffer a fatal blow at the hands of a dear friend rather than a classic villain, he still comes out on top and stops at nothing to save everyone he loves – in many cases, from themselves. Stick around to find out exactly what happens to Takemichi, if he really dies in Tokyo Revengers, and how he uses his awesome time leaping abilities to alter these events.

Does Takemichi Die in Tokyo Revengers?

The Tokyo Revengers storyline has seen its fair share of deaths, ranging from tragic twists of fate to untimely deaths due to mysterious circumstances – plus some unexpected plot changes that almost seem to be influenced by karma. A few characters have even seen multiple deaths, such as Draken, who has died many times on different timelines.

Still, considering that the entire Tokyo Revengers saga stars Takemichi Hanagaki as the primary protagonist, many fans were shocked to see Takemichi in an arguable state towards the end of Chapter 275 in the well-received Tokyo Revengers manga series. Many fans now wonder if Takemichi meets his demise due to these events. Although factoring in the time-traveling elements present in Tokyo Revengers, there may still be hope for our favorite sensitive and loving Crybaby Hero.

What Happened to Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers?

After reaching the conclusion of Chapter 275 within the Tokyo Revengers manga series titled “Cold Hearted,” Fans were pretty concerned, seeing Takemichi’s physical state after he gets into a brutal battle with the would-be villain, Mikey. This was a pretty shocking moment for many Tokyo Revengers fans since many expected Kisaki to be the culprit, especially considering that Mikey has been a fan favorite for quite some time – topped with the fact that Mikey is a dear friend of Takemichi.

mikey dark impulses

In this instance and timeline, Mikey begins to submit to his Dark Impulses, allowing them to take control over his actions and thought processes, overriding his sense of self and moral compass. Takemichi may be a pretty solid hero as a character overall, topped by even his arch enemy calling Takemichi a “Hero,” and Takemichi is definitely strong in his own special way – but there’s no arguing that he cannot take on Mikey in a fight.


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Mikey is pretty powerful, with some insane melee combat skills, sophisticated use of bladed weapons, and the capacity to take down multiple opponents with barely any effort. Takemichi initially encourages Mikey to let go of his Dark Impulses in an attempt to free him from them. However, he greatly underestimated how vicious, agile, and aggressive Mikey would become under this influence.

This curse had been tearing him apart for far too long by that point, and even Takemichi’s approaches did nothing to appease it. Takemichi became somewhat overconfident due to his ability to predict the future – which allowed him to dodge the vast majority of Mikey’s swift and sharp attacks as he unleashed his fury using Sanzu’s katana.

mikey curse

As the fight began to heat up, Harachiyo warned Takemichi about Mikey, stating that everyone who had tried to save him died instead. Many other characters died while trying to save Mikey from himself, including Draken, Shinichiro, and even Emma – all of which, sadly, died in vain at the time.

mikey stab takemichi

Only a few moments after Sanzu finished warning Takemichi of just how dangerous Mikey was, Mikey landed a finishing blow – stabbing Takemichi directly through his abdomen, possibly near his heart. Takemichi grabs Mikey’s hand, stating that he is the trigger, speaking about going back and doing it over and over again until he gets it right – all while a more aware Mikey realizes what just happened and tries to decipher Takemichi’s statements.

takemichi mikey time skip

Mikey doesn’t get the chance to truly process what he had just done, as all of the other characters gathered around the two friends begin to cry and mourn Takemichi’s loss – expecting Takemichi to be dead or on the verge of death. Takemichi then falls to his knees while bleeding on the floor, with the katana still protruding from his back, followed by Mikey holding Takemichi while screaming in desperation.

takemichi dying
takemichi dying 2

This tragic and complex scene left many fans on an understandably steep cliffhanger, as many were convinced this might actually be it for Takemichi. However, Takemichi’s statement about Mikey being the trigger proved to be the best shot at another do-over.

Does Takemichi Survive in Tokyo Revengers?

Spoilers alert, but the seemingly tragic end of Mikey and Takemichi’s battle does actually have a surprisingly positive outlook, as shown in Chapter 276 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series. Just upon the verge of Takemichi’s death, his time-leaping abilities seem to activate – apparently sparked on by Mikey’s touching change of heart.

mikey cry

This near-death experience does not get the best of Takemichi, as he takes Mikey by the hand while he begins losing his last life energy and his time leaping abilities start to activate. This ultimately results in Takemichi jumping back in time once more, after which he meets a young Mikey who is seemingly aware of the events that had transpired on different timelines.

takemichi wake up
takemichi time skip

Using the knowledge of potential outcomes and the possible fates of all their loved ones, Takemichi and Mikey work together to change the future of the Tokyo Revengers once and for all. As the years go by, some characters seem to be aware of how their fates were changed due to Takemichi’s actions, and they all ultimately show deep gratitude for the sacrifices he had made for this final timeline to be possible.

takemichi time leap

While this did lead to the Tokyo Revengers saga having a surprising ending, many fans were incredibly happy to see all of their favorite characters survive, including Takemichi. Over a decade later, the final closing scenes see Takemichi and Hinata getting married as their friends, and loved ones celebrate with them. Fortunately, Takemichi got the happily ever after that he worked so hard to acquire, both for himself and everyone around him.


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That’s everything there is to know about Takemichi’s supposed death in Tokyo Revengers, with all images thanks to Tokyo Revengers Manga. While Takemichi was definitely on the verge of death, having been stabbed through the abdomen by none other than Mikey under the influence of his Dark Impulses, he still manages to leap back in time once more – which ultimately leads to an unexpectedly happy yet equally controversial ending for the Tokyo Revengers saga.

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