Does Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers?

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There have been plenty of tragic deaths throughout the Tokyo Revengers saga, many of which have been due to unfortunate twists of fate or under odd circumstances. Considering that Tetta Kisaki is a major villain and a universally hated bad guy throughout the storyline, many fans are eager to find out if Tetta Kisaki dies in Tokyo Revengers.

Tetta Kisaki dies during the Tenjiku Arc in Chapter 185 of the manga series titled “Meet His Fate.” He dies due to being hit by a truck following a brawl with Takemichi, although the aspect of time travel still leaves room for Tetta Kisaki’s fate to be altered with the final time skip.

Despite the fact that Tetta Kisaki does die on one occasion, this may not be the end of the infamous villain. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Tetta Kisaki, how he ends up dying in Tokyo Revengers, as well as if he still manages to make it to this iconic anime and manga title’s closing scenes.

Does Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers?

Tetta Kisaki has been a major villain throughout the entire Tokyo Revengers storyline, although it may have gone unnoticed for the vast majority of the saga’s progression. He always appeared to be lurking and plotting within the shadows, controlling or manipulating other Tokyo Revengers characters in order to pursue his nefarious goals.


He does end up dying later on in the storyline, specifically in Chapter 185 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series titled “Meet His Fate” during the Tenjiku Arc. However, his death was primarily an accident. He was not intentionally killed on this occasion, despite being the predominant underlying antagonist in the entire series.

How Does Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers?

Tetta Kisaki was killed following a fight that he got into with Takemichi, although Takemichi was not actually the one to land the final blow. Much like the case for many other fallen heroes and broken characters, Tetta Kisaki’s death could have been avoided under different circumstances.

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Various events lead up to his death, many of which are introduced only a couple of chapters before in Chapter 183, titled “Lay the Plan,” – where Kisaki holds a gun to Takemichi while giving him a morbid prologue of his descent into darkness. He and Takemichi got into a brawl for some pretty understandable reasons, as he tells Takemichi that he was actually also a time leaper and had been the one to kill Hinata on multiple timelines.

While this was later proven to be a lie, Tetta Kisaki was the one who influenced Hinata’s death in different timelines. He revealed that he always had “loved” her but was angry and heartbroken that she always chose Takemichi over Kisaki. By Kisaki’s logic, this love triangle gave him the motive to kill Hinata, as he could not bare to see her happy with anyone else – of course, no need to point out how messed up this was on so many levels.

takemichi gun kisaki

Takemichi eventually kicks and strikes the gun out of Kisaki’s hand during the encounter, as Kisaki is distracted by his rising emotional state. Takemichi grabs hold of the gun, with the idea of simply killing Kisaki on the spot – with the intention of preventing Hinata’s death (alongside a flood of pain and suffering caused by Kisaki as well). At this moment, Mikey and Hinata arrive at the scene, convincing Takemichi not to pull the trigger.

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Kisaki decides to run instead (all while proclaiming that he will never stop and will never let Hinata go, stating that he can just start all over again with a brand new plan). He is followed by Takemichi, as Takemichi shouts back, saying he will never let Kisaki hurt Hinata and continue to time travel and that he will have to account for all the things he’s done.

takemichi chase kisaki

Upon hearing this statement, Kisaki stops the chase – after which he stands in the middle of a road while asking Takemichi if he believes Kisaki was really a time leaper. At this moment, an oncoming truck swerves in out of nowhere and hits Kisaki head-on, ultimately causing Kisaki to suffer some serious wounds – which is where Chapter 184 concludes.

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Yet, he still refuses to let it go in Chapter 185, trying to desperately get up while saying that he does not want to die. His body is visibly mangled and bloody after being hit by the truck, and he passes on shortly after the incident.

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For more info on the death of Tetta Kisaki, as well as the motives that led to his death, check out the video below by Serious Spark.

While Takemichi was not the one to kill Tetta Kisaki, the complex dynamic and ongoing feud between the two delinquents is what ultimately led to his death. Had Takemichi not given chase at that moment, the odds are that Kisaki would have gotten away – only to continue with his sick and evil deeds all over again.

Will Tetta Kisaki Come Back in Tokyo Revengers?

Despite the fact that the Tokyo Revengers creators do not hesitate to kill off loveable characters, ranging from budding protagonists to anti-heroes and everything in between, the inclusion of time travel elements adds far more complications to the mix since the entire Tokyo Revengers saga relies heavily on multiple timelines, as well as how the past impacts the present and future, many deaths in Tokyo Revengers may not actually be permanent.

Such is the case with many characters in Tokyo Revengers, such as the infamous Mikey, who has died multiple times, Draken, who died various times on different timelines, as well as the loveable Hinata – the initial motive for Takemichi going back in time to begin with. Of course, since the motion of time is multifaceted from any perspective, it is impossible to change events in the past without impacting the surrounding aspects of that reality.

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This is the case when it comes to Tetta Kisaki as well, who is as complex as he is villainous. Takemichi actually states that (had things been different growing up) Kisaki may have ultimately ended up being a very close friend of Takemichi or at least a friendly rival – a complicated dynamic that was highlighted by Kisaki calling Takemichi a “Hero.”

Spoilers alert, but Takemichi does end up changing the fate of Tetta Kisaki later down the line. In his final jump, using his time-skipping abilities, Takemichi ends up traveling back about 15 years alongside Mikey, the would-be villain, and they successfully manage to change everything for the better.

This time, Takemichi somehow prevents the most traumatic and devastating events that led the Tokyo Revengers characters to meet unfortunate and untimely fates – including Tetta Kisaki. Takemichi takes a completely different approach to Tetta Kisaki as well as the conflict surrounding Hinata’s affection, which seemingly pays off in the end.

tokyo revengers wedding

Ultimately, Tetta Kisaki’s death is avoided due to these changes in events and relationships. In the final timeline, Tetta Kisaki becomes a close friend of Takemichi – he can be seen standing alongside some other previously fallen characters as everyone celebrates Takemichi and Hinata’s wedding.

That’s everything there is to know about Tetta Kisaki’s death in Tokyo Revengers, with images thanks to the Tokyo Revengers Wiki. Although Tetta Kisaki may have been killed in one of the Tokyo Revengers timelines, he seems to have benefitted from Takemichi’s final time jump – along with many other characters seen in Tokyo Revengers’ happy yet controversial ending.

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