Undead Unluck: What Are Loops & How Do They Work?

Undead Unluck: What Are Loops & How Do They Work?

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Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. We have mostly written about the characters of Undead Unluck, but the series also has a series of interesting concepts that we can discuss and will discuss here on Fiction Horizon. One of the most intriguing and most important ones is definitely the concept of Loops and in this article, we have decided to tell you all you need to know about this aspect of the series’ role, which is essential if you want to understand Tozuka’s world completely.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the world of Undead Unluck, the cycles of life and death that constantly repeat themselves are called Loops. They always have the same outcome, but the manner of reaching it is different.
  • A Loop always starts at one point in time and ends with a Ragnarok-type event in which Sun, the sadistic god of Undead Unluck, arrives and destroys the world before restoring it once again.
  • The Loops are always full of pain and suffering, which is why the Negators want to stop them from happening. Currently, the series is in the 101st Loop.

The Loops are an essential part of how the world of Undead Unluck functions

As you’ve probably realized if you’re following the series, the world of Undead Unluck functions in a very specific way. In most ways, it is the world we know, but it is also very different in many ways and these small details make up for the manner in which the lore is so intriguing. So, what do we know about the world of Undead Unluck? Well, one of the most striking things is that the world seemingly revolves around Loops and that is definitely something that we need to explain properly because it seems to be the fundamental mechanism behind the world of the series.

A Loop in the world of Undead Unluck is a cycle of life and death of the world that starts at one point in time and always ends with a Ragnarok-like event that completely destroys the world, after which Sun, the sadistic deity of the world of Undead Unluck, recreates the world and starts another Loop. At the end of each Loop, i.e., at the start of a new one, a new Master Rule is added, thus becoming an essential aspect of the world in the new Loop.

When the series began, we were in the 100th Loop, and after the Ragnarok Arc, the series entered the 101st Loop, but more on that below. The thing with a Loop is that the people who are revived don’t really remember the previous Loop. They don’t even know that they are in just another Loop, which allows Sun to act sadistically and conduct his experiments once again. But, while most characters have no idea about the Loops themselves, some characters can remember them and are immune to the cycles, like Andy and Ruin, but we’ve seen that both Juiz and Fuuko (currently) know the secret of the Loops, which is a very important moment.


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The Loops are actually cycles of suffering and misery overseen by Sun and they are one of the main reasons why the Negators actually want to get rid of Sun, as they want to stop these sadistic cycles from repeating themselves. It is not known why the world advances in Loops and why the Sun does what it does, but the Loops are causes of suffering and are nothing good. They are also closely related to the UMAs and Apocalypse’s tasks, which are – of course – related to the UMAs. And that is more or less what we know about the Loops in Undead Unluck. They are very specific elements of the lore and are highly important, but there is still a lot we don’t know about them and this is a generalized overview that contains all the known information about the Loops in Undead Unluck.

How many Loops have there been so far in Undead Unluck?

As far as the number of Loops is concerned, we can confirm that the series is currently in the 101st Loop and that the Negators are working on making the 101st Loop the last one. The series started off with the 100th Loop, which ended with the Ragnarok Arc, and the 101st Loop started with Chapter 133, which was the first chapter of the Union Arc.

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