Venom vs Avengers: Who Can Venom Beat?

Venom vs Avengers: Who Can Venom Beat?

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While Venom hasn’t really been a part of the Avengers during his career (we’re not counting the Secret Avengers and the Savage Avengers), he has collaborated with individual members on several occasions. Now, let us see in more detail how he would fare against each individual member.

Venom can defeat Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Shang-Chi, and he would lose to Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, in the rest of the article, we will give a more in-depth look at how would the fight between Venom and Avengers end.

Venom vs Captain America

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Venom’s clash against Captain America would certainly be an interesting one. Both of them are relatively “normal” in terms of superpowers and rely on the usage of their strength and weapons, with Venom, of course, being the more creative one when the latter category is concerned. Captain America has his courage and his resilience, but is that enough to combat Venom?

We don’t think so. Now, this isn’t a sure bet as Captain America would probably manage to find a way to defeat Venom on one occasion or the other, but we think that Venom would win more and that is why we have Venom taking this one.

Venom vs Thor

Thor vs Godzilla Who Would Win in a Fight 05

Now, this one is pretty much a no-brainer, as the winner is absolutely clear. Venom is a great opponent if you’re a regular superhero, maybe even a slightly overpowered one, but if you’re the Asgardian God of Thunder, then Venom is just as insignificant as an insect. Not that the Symbiote couldn’t land a punch or two, but he wouldn’t really be a challenge.

Thor, even in his base form, is so much more powerful than Venom that we don’t really see a way for the Symbiote to do any serious damage to the God of Thunder, which is why we’re certain that Thor would take this one without many dilemmas.

Venom vs Iron Man


Venom fighting Iron Man would be a very interesting duel, that much is sure. Iron Man has a diverse arsenal up his sleeve and would certainly find something to counter Venom’s powers, especially since he can use both fire and high-pitched sounds, both of which are Venom’s weaknesses. On the other hand, Venom’s skills and techniques are so adaptable that he would certainly be able to mess with Iron Man’s suit.

Now, while we’d put this one down as a draw in our regular comparison, we have to state here that we’re certain that Venom would be able to defeat Iron Man; perhaps not every time, but he would be able to do it.

Venom vs Hulk

Who is World Breaker Hulk?

Like the one involving Thor, this one is a no-brainer, as the Hulk would be able to defeat Venom without much effort. Hulk, like Thor, is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters and Venom doesn’t really have anything to offer in this fight. While he may be powerful and resourceful, anything he’d throw at the Green Goliath would be, pretty much, useless.

Knowing what the Hulk is capable of, we’re certain that he would be able to defeat Venom with relative ease and that is why this match-up is so clear and simple. We’re not even sure that Venom would be able to bond with the Hulk, seeing how powerful the latter is.

Venom vs Black Panther

Black Panther Vol 7 3 Textless edited

Too bad Vibranium doesn’t kill Symbiotes, eh? Black Panther is a skilled fighter and a great superhero, and his fight against Venom would certainly be a thrill to watch. The thing is – Venom doesn’t care much for Black Panther’s suit and his Vibranium, which is why he would be able to defeat Black Panther in a direct fight.

As with Iron Man, Venom is not the dominant victor, in this case, not even close, but he certainly can defeat Black Panther in a fight and that is enough for us to give this one to Venom, despite it not being an overwhelming victory.

Venom vs Spider-Man


Aw, the eternal rivalry between Venom and Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s best. Venom holds a grudge against Spider-Man for rejecting him back during the Secret Wars saga, and Spider-Man, he, well, wants to stop Venom from killing people. Sure, Spider-Man usually wins because he is the hero of the story, but objectively speaking, Venom is the more powerful character among the two.

Now, since this article is only trying to establish whom Venom could beat, even just once, we’re certainly giving the Symbiote the points here, as there is absolutely no doubt that he could defeat Spider-Man in direct combat, as he already has on several occasions.

Venom vs Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Annual Vol 3 1 Textless edited

Stephen Strange, as the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, holds enormous power in his hands. The sheer number of his powers and abilities would be enough to merit a separate article. So, how would Venom fare against such a strong character? Not well, we assume.

Venom certainly is resourceful and the guy has proven himself adaptable to all kinds of situations, but what could he do against Strange’s magic? Very little, if anything.

Strange would be able to hit Venom even before the Symbiote approached him and although Venom can do long-range combat as well, Strange would simply use his magic to counter it easily. Venom might have a chance if he landed a surprise attack, but that would be difficult as well, seeing how experienced and slick Strange is.

This is why we can’t give this point to Venom, as we just don’t see a way through which he could do some serious damage to Doctor Strange.

Venom vs Black Widow

BlackWidow edited

This one’s fairly easy for Venom, to be honest. Namely, Venom is just too powerful for Natasha to handle. Sure, Natasha is a skilled fighter, she is a brilliant acrobat and she even has some superpowers, but none of that’s enough for her to defeat Venom.

Sure, she might have some fire-based weapon or a supersonic one, but Venom’s become much more resistant to these two elements, so even that wouldn’t be enough.

Venom would deal with Natasha with relative ease and there really isn’t much she could do against the powerful Symbiote, which is why this point clearly goes to Venom.

Venom vs Hawkeye

How Did Hawkeye Get His Powers and Abilities?

Now, this is one of the more interesting match-ups on this list. Namely, on a nominal level, Venom is far more powerful than Hawkeye, and they compare almost identically to Venom and Black Widow (see above).

In fact, Hawkeye is just a good shot and a good athlete, he doesn’t even have any basic superpowers as Natasha does, so Venom might be even more powerful than Hawkeye. But, there is a catch.

Namely, Hawkeye is such a great shot that he would easily find a way to harm Venom from a distance. He also has access to numerous different and interesting arrows, which makes his job easier in that aspect. He would fire a supersonic arrow with napalm at Venom from a long distance, and the Symbiote would have no clue what hit him.

Now, we wouldn’t go as far as to say that Hawkeye is stronger than Venom, but, here, we can only confirm that Venom would be able to defeat Hawkeye.

Venom vs Ant-Man

Scott Lang Dodging Bullets

This is another interesting match-up, but although Ant-Man would certainly give Venom a run for his money, we ultimately think that Venom would win. Ant-Man has some really interesting moves up his sleeve, with the size-changing being the most prominent one.

And while Venom certainly would have trouble dealing with giant Ant-Man or miniature Ant-Man, we cannot forget that Venom is a Symbiote and that he himself functions on a sub-atomic level.

Would that be enough? We certainly think so! Venom might have trouble locating Ant-Man or grappling onto him, but he would ultimately find a way to weaken him and that is why we have him as the winner here.

Venom vs Shang-Chi

The Legend of Shang Chi But Why Tho

Finally, how would Venom do against Shang-Chi? Without the Ten Rings, Venom would easily deal with the martial artist, who couldn’t really do much against Venom’s exceptional powers. With the Rings? The situation would be a bit more tense and interesting, but we still that Venom would find a way to win, really.

Namely, Venom is such a diverse character. He is resourceful and he can adapt to a lot of situations, and the Ten Rings aren’t really an Infinity Gauntlet-level weapon, which is why we give this point to Venom as well.

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