Vhagar vs. Arrax: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

Aemond with Vhagar and Lucerys with Arrax at Storms End by Rudolf Hima

We already know Vhagar is one of the most prominent dragons during the events of House of the Dragon, as it was a big deal that Aemond “stole” him from the Velaryons during episode 7. Of course, we all know that the other Targaryens and Velaryons have their own dragons, and that includes Lucerys, who was the one responsible for taking Aemond’s eye. Luke has his own dragon in Arrax, who he has had since his childhood years. So, who is bigger and stronger between Vhagar and Arrax?

Vhagar is undoubtedly bigger and stronger than the young Arrax, who was only around a decade old during the Dance of the Dragons. According to Fire & Blood, Vhagar was around five times bigger than Arrax, and that means that she is no undoubtedly bigger and stronger than the younger dragon.

As historians in Fire & Blood said, a battle between Vhagar and Arrax likely ended rather quickly because this was not even a fair match between the two dragons or even the two dragonriders. In that regard, there is no doubt that Vhagar would win over the smaller dragon at any given moment due to the fact that she has size, strength, experience, and speed on her side.

Vhagar History And Size

At this point, we already know a lot about Vhagar in House of the Dragon. We know for a fact that she is one of the three dragons that Aegon the Conqueror brought to Westeros when he conquered the Seven Kingdoms. At that time, Vhagar’s rider was Visenya Targaryen. Vhagar was already more than five decades old in Aegon’s Conquest and was the smallest of the three dragons that conquered Westeros.

vhagar kills luke

However, because Vhagar outlived Meraxes, who died quite early during the Targaryen dynasty, Vhagar continued to grow older and bigger. As such, she was the only dragon close to Balerion the Black Dread’s size. And that meant that she was the second-biggest dragon in the world.

After Balerion’s death, Vhagar became the biggest dragon in the known world, and that meant that there were no other dragons that could match her size. The only dragon close enough to Vhagar’s size was Vermithor, who was slightly smaller. However, Vhagar was still the gold standard in terms of how big she was. 


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During the Dance of the Dragons, Vhagar was the uncontested Queen of All Dragons due to her size and age, as she was already close to 200 years old. That is the reason why it was such a big deal that Aemond was able to claim Vhagar, as Otto Hightower believed that the eye that the boy lost was already payment enough for winning the largest and strongest dragon in the world.

However, as big as Vhagar was, she wasn’t the fastest dragon in the world. Smaller dragons like Meleys and Caraxes could outmaneuver her due to their agility. That is why Meleys was believed to have been capable enough to take on Vhagar on her own. Meanwhile, Caraxes proved to be a match for Vhagar when he and Daemon defeated the large dragon and Vhagar in the Battle Above the Gods Eye, as all four of them died in that epic encounter.

Arrax History And Size

During the time when Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen was still married to Ser Laenor Velaryon, she was accused of having an affair with Ser Harwin Strong, as none of her first three children were born with features similar to their official father. In that regard, King Viserys decreed that all three of Rhaenyra’s eldest sons (allegedly born to Harwin) would be given dragon eggs at their cradle so that they could bond with their dragons when they hatch.

As such, when Lucerys Velaryon, the second-born prince to Rhaenyra and Laenor, was still a baby, he had Arrax’s egg by his cradle. When Arrax hatched, they immediately bonded as Lucerys became the dragon’s rider. That also meant that Arrax was just about as old as Lucerys and was still a very young dragon during the time of the Dance of the Dragons.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Princess Rhaenyra sent her sons out to talk to the other lords all over the Seven Kingdoms so that they could get them to swear their allegiance to her and her Black faction. In that regard, Rhaenyra sent Lucerys to Storm’s End, as he rode Arrax to get there.

lucerys arrax

Of course, at that time, Arrax was still quite small compared to all of the other dragons in the Seven Kingdoms. Nevertheless, it was capable of maneuvering well enough due to how small and light it was.

Vhagar vs. Arrax: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

It was the encounter between Vhagar and Arrax over at Storm’s End that showcased just how big the disparity is between these two dragons. When Luke headed over on Arrax to Storm’s End, what he didn’t know was that Prince Aemond was also there. Aemond tried to start a fight with him while they were still in Lord Borros Baratheon’s hall. However, Borros prevented the two from fighting while they were in his home.


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As such, the moment Lucerys was allowed to leave Storm’s End, Aemond chased after him on Vhagar. The size disparity was clear in that fight as Fire & Blood says that Vhagar was around five times bigger than Arrax, who was still a very young dragon. Vhagar, being close to 200 years old, already had enough years that allowed her to grow to a gigantic size.

The historians said that if there had been a fight that happened right then and there, it would have ended almost instantly due to the disadvantage that Luke and Arrax had. Vhagar’s larger wingspan allowed it to catch up with the smaller dragon, who was flying in the middle of a storm. In that regard, Vhagar killed Arrax along with Luke, as Aemond was able to take revenge on his nephew for taking his eye back when they were still kids.

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