15 Weakest Superheroes of All Time (Marvel & DC)

weakest superheroes

Marvel and DC flaunt a seemingly endless list of unique and talented superheroes. But, while most fans immediately think of the most powerful heroes, there are quite a few brave but not-so-tough heroes that can feel comparatively underwhelming. We’ve gathered a list of the weakest superheroes of all time from both the Marvel and DC universes.

15. Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl made her first appearance way back in the early 1990s, and many fans may have never heard about her. She does have some pretty unique superpowers, which revolve around squirrels – as the name implies.

squirrel girl

While she may seem weak at first glance, she’s slightly tougher than one might expect. She can talk to squirrels, but she also has increased reflexes, speed, agility, retractable spikes, a semi-prehensible tail, and enhanced strength.

In fact, she has taken on some iconic characters like Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Deadpool, and even Thanos. Despite the fact that she hasn’t technically defeated these guys, the mere fact that she could even stand her ground against them means that she is far stronger than others mentioned on this list.

14. Hawkeye

Hawkeye has been seen as one of the lesser characters in the Marvel universe, but he’s definitely tougher than the other superheroes mentioned later on this list. He doesn’t flaunt any supernatural powers or mutant abilities, but he has some grade-A combat and tactical skills that can really help out his more powerful allies.


Like some of the other human heroes in the Marvel universe, very little is known about Hawkeye’s past. However, it is known that he gained quite a lot of his skills and abilities through S.H.I.E.L.D training – many of which give him an edge over plenty of bad guys and villains.


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He’s not quite the assassin Black Widow, who also doesn’t necessarily have superpowers, and he may only seem weak compared to his Marvel colleagues and allies. Still, Hawkeye has proven to be really useful in battle – he’s always there when you need him, and he never misses a shot.

13. Falcon

Sam Wilson, who goes by Falcon, is yet another valiant human that decided to take on crime using the aid of modern technology. He had unique military training with his special wing jetpack, which he uses to fly around and take on criminals alongside the main Marvel characters.


But, unlike Ironman’s semi-indestructible suit, Falcon’s wing jetpack suit is riddled with vulnerabilities and flaws – many of which make him an easy target. He doesn’t have any fancy weapons or abilities other than some pretty good combat skills, but despite his lack of mutant capabilities, he can still stand his ground.

All that he gains later down the line is a solid shield, which isn’t as tough and concrete as Captain America’s shield. While he has taken on plenty of threats and helped his allies in times of need, he just doesn’t stack up against some of the more powerful enemies that the Marvel universe has to offer.

12. Quicksilver

Quicksilver is one of those Marvel characters that fans haven’t really been able to analyze in-depth, as he isn’t featured in installations all that often. His powers generally consist of super speed, which can really make him a force to be reckoned with in quite a few cases.


But, he doesn’t seem to be that much of a threat for big Marvel players like Captain America – and, even Hawkeye. He’s more well-known for causing distractions and harassing main Marvel characters.

It’s definitely worth noting that his powers are pretty cool, and he may only seem weak since fans don’t see too much of him. But, with what fans have to go by, Quicksilver seems to be far more feeble than most Marvel characters.

11. Batgirl

Batgirl is definitely a classic, as she has been a favorite for quite a few fans over the ages. But, her name may imply that she’s up to par with Batman – which, in reality, she just isn’t. Much like many other superheroes in the DC universe, Batgirl’s story is rather tragic.

batgirl 1

Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Commissioner of Gotham City Police Department, does not flaunt any remarkable powers or abilities. She is definitely talented, however – she has some above-average strength topped with some incredible gymnastic skills and reflexes.


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What makes her truly special is her cognitive and academic abilities as she’s really gifted with cyber-related tasks, often overshadowing Batman in this department. While her strength may not be up to scratch compared to the rest of DC’s heroes, she has certainly proved helpful in a variety of cases.

10. Ant-Man

Ant-Man is technically quite powerful in terms of his superpower’s potential. He has the ability to shrink to the size of an ant with the strength of an ant – fun fact, ants are actually extremely strong! But, what makes him weaker than expected is his character and personality.

ant man

He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty in terms of fighting, and he’s generally quite a passive guy. He instead prefers to use his powers for more unique and tactical tasks, and he typically doesn’t like doing major damage on purpose – no matter how evil the bad guys are.

So, while Ant-Man is definitely tougher than many others on the list in terms of his raw power, the fact that he often neglects his strength leaves most of his potential untapped. His cheery nature also makes him more inclined to chat as opposed to fighting, which can make him less useful in many situations.

9. Johnny Thunder

Johnny Thunder, formally known as John Tane, is actually a completely ordinary human being – not to be confused with the other Johnny Thunder, who utilizes magical abilities. He has no special abilities or superpowers, but he does have a natural talent when it comes to handling a gun.

john tane

While he promised his mother he would never use violence against anyone, he was forced to use a gun to defend against villains at some point. After this occurrence, he decided to embrace the ‘superhero/ vigilante’ lifestyle by dying his hair black and changing his clothes.

Respect has to go to the fact that he has a noble heart with good intentions, although he is physically weak and possibly inferior to even the average human. Still, he’s got some sharpshooting skills to back up his flaws, and he adds some well-needed balance to a world filled with valiant mutants and supernatural beings.

8. Matter-Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad, formally known as Tenzil Kem, is quite a bland character compared to other superheroes in the DC universe. There really isn’t much to say about this character, other than the fact that he eats a lot – and, he eats absolutely anything.

matter eater lad

His story, however, is quite sad, as his abilities arose from quite dire circumstances. This hero originates from a planet that was extremely scarce on food sources – therefore, inhabitants had to evolve or perish.


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Many fans feel that Matter-Eater Lad is just one of those characters that didn’t need to be created in the first place. He offers little to no help in battle and has no additional benefits – like strength, speed, agility, or pretty much anything else.

All he can do is eat just about anything he’d like, which may be useful in very specific situations. But, all-in-all, Matter-Eater Lad’s character has generally been more comedic than heroic.

7. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy

Yes, that is really this character’s name – Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, and like his name would imply, his arm can fall off at will. This DC wannabe superhero has been seen as one of the most ridiculous superheroes of all time to date (spanning across many comic and superhero franchises other than Marvel and DC).

arm fall of boy

Apparently, he gained this ‘superpower’ because of his careless lifestyle, after he collided with an anti-gravity metal named Element 52. Even the supposed cause for this random ability seems odd and implausible, but this is his origin story.

He can pop his arm out of its socket, detaching it from his body – skin, joints, everything – and physically wield it as a weapon against bad guys. But, he can also perform this process with all of his limbs.

Understandably, Arm-Fall-Of-Boy was rejected by the Legion of Super Heroes, and he went into crime-fighting as a lone wolf. While his character is completely outlandish and face-palm worthy, it seems that his inclusion was always meant more for laughs.

6. Color Kid

Color Kid is another character that appears to be for added laughs, as he was also rejected by the Legion of Superheroes. Like his name might suggest, Color Kid can change the color of any object – any color, any object!

color kid

This one ability is not necessarily bad, it’s definitely unique and unlike the capacities of any main superhero to date. But, he lacks any additional advantages or abilities as well – no extra strength, no basic combat skills.

He can change colors on virtually any scale though, meaning he could potentially convert the colors of the land and the sky for a short timeframe – which would supposedly confuse enemies? While it is a somewhat cool power to have, it’s understandably useless on most occasions.

5. Stone Boy

The initial concept of this hero may imply that it’s a great idea – perhaps, this hero could take on the form of stone and use some rough and tough combat moves to smash foes to the ground! But, this just isn’t the case with Stone Boy – unless teammates decide to use Stone Boy as a projectile-type weapon.

stone boy

Stone Boy, formally known as Dag Wentim, is originally from a faraway planet named Zwen, a place where the inhabitants can transform their bodies into stone. Unlike what one might expect, this function is not for offense – it’s actually just to make their hibernation process easier.

He does go into a stronger version of himself when in his stone form, but he’s pretty much a solid, unmoving brick in this form, and he’s just your typical guy when he’s out of this form. He did eventually learn how to move around in his stone form, but this aspiring hero remains one of the weakest characters that DC has ever invented.

4. Rainbow Girl

Rainbow Girl may sound like a dream, even if she’s weak. But, she has proven to be an absolute nightmare, as her weaknesses greatly outweigh her ability to wield her powers.

rainbow girl

She does have some cool extra powers like telekinesis and the ability to fly, but, she instead focuses on her rainbow ability. For some reason, she can surround herself with a field of light that resembles a rainbow – but, this specific power doesn’t have many benefits.


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Rainbow Girl can wield the power of the emotional spectrum, but she is extremely susceptible to mood swings as a result. Anyone who’s watched or read Marvel or DC’s pieces would know that teamwork is absolutely crucial in just about any dangerous situation – mood swings do not have any place in such circumstances.

It is a shame that Rainbow Girl’s character was so heavily reliant on this rainbow field of light, as she may have been able to switch up her contributions to teams if she chose to work on her other skills. Sadly, Rainbow Girl just never got the chance to prove her worth and remains forever burdened as a result.

3. Mantis

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Mantis is probably the weakest of all superheroes in the entire Marvel universe. She joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, flaunting her empathetic powers to fans around the world.


Her powers generally revolve around emotion and telepathic-type connections, as she is able to influence others. However, her superpower’s effects typically only last for very short timeframes, meaning that she may only prove handy in very specific cases.

She got a chance to show off her powers when she temporarily put Ego to sleep, which does give insight into the potential for her abilities. But, while her powers are undeniably unique and respectable, they make her essentially useless when taking on most bad guys.

2. Zan

Zan is an interesting character, inseparable from his twin sister Jayna and quite possibly the most fragile superhero out there. But, at least he does actually have superpowers – Zan can turn into any form of water at will.


This power wouldn’t be so bad if he could control himself while in this form. But, he can’t really do that – in fact, he can’t really do anything at all. He can essentially choose between being a helpless puddle or a frozen ice block.

But, that’s not the worst part – Zan can’t go near heat as he can turn into steam. On top of that, he can only activate his power if he touches power rings with his twin sister. So, unless someone’s in dire need of a cool puddle on a hot summer’s day, Zan will likely remain one of the most useless mutants out there.

1. Dogwelder

Making it to the number one spot as the weakest (and possibly the worst) ‘superhero’ of all time is Dogwelder. One might think his name is vague compared to his ‘power’, but the name is actually spot on.


While his intentions are arguably good, his methods are downright insane, and so is he – sorry to disappoint you, but there’s really no other way to put it. This creepy wannabe hero hangs out in dingy dark alleys looking for stray or dead dogs to use as ‘weapons’.

This character then decides, for some unknown reason, that he will tackle bad guys and criminals by welding a dog to their faces. Some fans have found this character to be comical – perhaps that was the creator’s intention – but, most fans have found it to be outright disgusting, and nowhere near worth the title of a superhero.


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Technically, he isn’t even a vigilante, let alone a superhero – especially considering that most superheroes care about dogs and all living creatures. He’s actually an alcoholic who decided to team up with others in a weak and futile attempt to fight crime.

He wears a welders mask over his head at all times, so DC fans and teammates have no idea who he is. Other than his random will to begin fighting crime on the streets, he has no commendable skills such as strength, combat, or anything else.

This makes Dogwelder the weakest and possibly the least liked ‘superhero’ of all time. In fact, if anyone’s the hero here, it’s the dog. If this guy has to use a helpless and most likely unwilling little pooch to face criminals on his behalf, that really says a lot. It doesn’t get much weaker than that.

That’s all of the weakest superheroes of all time within the Marvel and DC universes, with images thanks to DC Database, and Marvel. While some of these ‘heroes’ feel like they’ve been created just for laughs, others have rather complex and respectable stories and can still be deemed admirable for some qualities. Either way, all heroes have added something unique to the melting pot – regardless of how powerful or weak they are.

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