What Are the Four Swords of Asta & What Are They Called?

What Are the Four Swords of Asta & What Are They Called?

We all know that Asta is the protagonist of Black Clover. Asta is a truly well-written character but aside from being very powerful, Asta is also unique to the world of Black Clover. We have already discussed Asta’s powers and demonic abilities in some of our earlier articles, and while we are going to talk about his powers and abilities once more, this time, we are going to discuss his weapons rather than his abilities per se. In this article, we are going to tell you about the four swords Asta has and their names.

Using the Anti Magic from his Grimoire, Asta is able to summon four Anti-Magic Swords, which he can use in a fight. They are the Demon-Slayer Sword, his first sword; the Demon-Dweller Sword, his second known sword; the powerful Demon-Destroyer Sword, his third conjured sword; and, finally, the Demon-Slasher Katana, the fourth sword he was able to use in battle.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Asta’s swords. We are going to tell you about these weapons’ powers and abilities, how Asta managed to summon them and how he uses them in battle. We are also going to answer some additional questions related to Asta’s swords. There are going to be some spoilers present in the article, so be careful how you approach it.

Asta’s four swords and their abilities

Asta is the protagonist of the Black Clover manga and anime and, according to shonen tradition, he is destined to become the series’ most powerful character who would go on to save the world from whatever evils might try to destroy it. But, the journey is a long and troublesome one, which is why, alongside his innate demonic powers and transformations, Asta also has to use certain accessories and weapons in battle. The most famous one is his Grimoire.

Asta owns a grimoire that features a five-leaf clover that he won from fighting Revchi Salik. The five-leaf clovers on the front cover of the grimoire are hardly visible due to deterioration and filth. Many people, including Asta, believe that the grimoire contains some strange magic because the sign is nearly invisible due to all the accumulated dirt that is hiding it, but that it is, in every other way, just an ordinary grimoire. In order to deploy his anti-magic, Asta can call a sword from his grimoire. It turns out that his grimoire is unique; in fact, it was created when Licht lost hope, at which moment his grimoire with a four-leaf clover became a grimoire with a five-leaf clover.

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Thanks to the grimoire, Asta is able to use Anti Magic, which is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful, we can debate that later) forms of magic in the whole series. This type of magic allows Asta to negate a lot of other spells and types of magic, thus making him a dangerous opponent and one of the strongest characters in the whole series. His Anti-Magic skills are varied and complex, which is why they manifest in a variety of ways. One of them is Asta’s ability to summon and use four different Angi Magic swords that we have seen in the series so far. They are:

  • the Demon-Slayer Sword, his first sword
  • the Demon-Dweller Sword, his second-known sword
  • the Demon-Destroyer Sword, his third conjured sword
  • the Demon-Slasher Katana, the fourth sword he was able to use in battle

In the remainder of this section, we will introduce each individual sword and explain why they are so special and powerful, as well as what Asta can do with them.

The Demon-Slayer Sword

Demon Slayer Sword edited

The Demon-Slayer Sword is an ancient Anti-Magic Weapon. The sword is called forth from an open grimoire, where it is kept as scriptures. It can be simply summoned by the user without using magic power. The Demon-Slayer Blade resembles a lengthy sword with much of its surface covered in rust. The gutter connects the blade and the guard while keeping them apart. The base angles inward and forms an angle with the hefty, pointed end of the blade.

The blade of the sword has the power to slice through magic and return it with its gutter or flat surface. The opponent may also sustain blunt force injuries. Even so, the blade’s tip is sufficiently pointed to cut deeply. By touching the target’s head with the sword’s hilt, magic protection spells restricting access to memory can be broken.

The Demon-Dweller Sword

Demon Dweller Sword

The Demon-Dweller Sword is an Anti-Magic Weapon. The sword is called forth from a grimoire that is open and contains it in the form of scriptures. Without using magic power, the person can effortlessly call them. The blade of Drainda has black scars on it, and most of its surface is covered in filth. The sword also features a sphere on the pommel and a spiral-shaped hilt with four sides that are lavishly ornamented. The edge of the sword can cut through magic, and it can also absorb magic power from other people.

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The black lines on the blade start to glow when a certain quantity of magic power has been absorbed. At that moment, if the user of the sword swings it, magic with an affinity for an elemental force akin to the magician whose magic power it had absorbed is unleashed. But when used to cut something else, it is just a dull sword that can strike the opponent with blunt force. It’s been reported that due to the sword’s ability to absorb adjacent magic, including the user’s own magic, it can only be utilized correctly by people who lack magic power. It was a weapon that could only be used or lifted by Asta due to her large build and the sword’s weight.

The Demon-Destroyer Sword

Demon Destroyer Sword

The Demon-Destroyer Sword is an ancient Anti-Magic Weapon. The sword is called forth from an open grimoire, where it is written and kept. Without using any magical power, the user can effortlessly summon the sword whenever they want. The sword’s edges can cut magic and spells, but they can also absorb magic and its effects by sending out tendrils of Anti-Magic that touch people who are under a spell’s influence. The sword’s blade turns black as the Anti-Magic then returns to it. This power is sufficient to render even Reincarnation Magic ineffective.

The Demon-Slasher Katana

Demon Slasher Katana

The Demon-Slasher Katana is an Anti-Magic weapon and Asta’s fourth blade. The Demon-Slasher Katana, in contrast to the preceding three swords, was owned by Yami Sukehiro and was never one of Sword Magic’s weapons. The open Grimoire of Anti-Magic, which is comprised of written texts, is used to conjure the blade. Asta doesn’t need to use magic power to call him. Slash appears as Yami’s Katana and is dressed in grime. Pourfenda has the power to choose what it slices on its own, safeguarding Asta’s family and supporters.

What is Asta’s strongest sword?

After analyzing each of the swords and consulting other sources, we can confirm that Asta’s third sword, the Demon-Destroyer Sword, is his most powerful one. Asta can do a lot of damage with it and it is even capable of negating Reincarnation Magic. The first two swords were not even near that level, while the katana did have a lot of power, but was inferior to the Demon-Destroyer Sword in terms of abilities. That is why Asta’s third sword is also his strongest one.

How heavy and long are Asta’s swords?

One of the questions that fans keep asking is related to the dimensions of Asta’s swords. Namely, all swords have a specific height, as well as a specific length. This is why it is quite natural that fans actually want to know how long and heavy each of Asta’s swords is, but sadly – we don’t have any news for you here. Namely, the official numbers related to the height and weight of Asta’s swords have never been revealed.

Some people online tend to speculate about the numbers, but they are always just estimates, as no official numbers have been released. Whether the author decides to give us the exact numbers is something that we can also only speculate on, but we are hopeful that some official numbers might appear in the future. As for now, we don’t have anything for you.

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Why are Asta’s swords rusty?

If you’ve noticed the pictures above and if you’ve paid attention during the anime, you’ll probably have noticed that Asta’s swords seem either dirty or rusty, depending on who you’re asking. This is actually true, and you’re not wrong, although we can confirm that it’s not any form of dirt – the swords simply look like that, which means that it is a form of rust. Now, since magical swords probably don’t rust when exposed to oxygen, like metals, there has to be some other explanation, and from what we were able to gather, it is because Asta’s Anti-Magic was channeled through them.

Namely, it seems that when Asta uses his Anti-Magic on these swords, i.e., when they come into contact with Asta and his Anti-Magic, they develop a sort of magical rust, which is what you’ve seen in the series. This doesn’t seem to harm them in any way, it just makes them look like they do.

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