What Did Arisu See in the Hot Spring in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

arisu and usagi hotspring

Alice In Borderland has always been meant to be a thriller series that involved a lot of death among the different characters that are in the storyline. While that may be true, we did see a heartwarming moment between Arisu and Usagi when they were both bathing in a hot spring that they found in the middle of the Borderlands. They were initially shocked when they saw elephants there but another sight horrified the duo. So, what did Arisu see in the hot spring?

Arisu and Usagi saw a dead body trapped underneath some debris in the hot spring. That’s because the hot spring was the product of the Boiling Death game, which was the first game that Akane Heiya was involved in when she got to the Borderlands. This meant that they were bathing in waters that killed people.

The fact that Arisu and Usagi were bathing in a hot spring responsible for killing a lot of people ruined what was supposed to be a great moment for the duo, as they haven’t had a silent and peaceful moment for a very long time. On top of that, they hadn’t had a bath in a while already. But it was that sight that allowed them to realize that there were no days off for them in the horrible world they were in.

What Did Arisu See In The Hot Spring?

Ever since the very first episode of Alice In Borderland, Arisu and his friends struggled to survive in this parallel world called the Borderlands, as they had to toil their way through every single day just to make sure that they won’t end up dying. This carried into season 2, which was even more difficult due to the King of Spades, who constantly hunted down the players to make sure that no one could ever catch a break.

Of course, Arisu and Usagi continue to fight through the different games that they played. After they cleared the Queen of Spades game, which proved to be a tough one that showed just how determined Usagi was, they found their way into a body of hot water. This prompted the duo to try to take a bath there as it had been a long time since they had a bath. On top of that, they had just finished a tough game and were looking to catch a break in the middle of the hellish world they were in.


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While they were there, Usagi was shocked to see that there were elephants in the world. They both theorized that they escaped from a zoo but it was possible that nature had begun to take over the world, especially due to how fast time moves in the Borderlands. The elephants eventually left, and the duo was left to have a romantic moment in the hot spring. They made out to show that they truly cared for one another.

However, after sharing a sweet moment with the person that he loved, Arisu was shocked by a sight that he saw. Of course, we aren’t talking about the elephants here. So, what did Arisu and Usagi see when they were in the hot spring?

dead body

At first, the image wasn’t clear due to the poor lighting. However, if you look closely at the image, which we edited to adjust the brightness, it is a deformed body of a person. This horrified both Arisu and Usagi, who had already been used to seeing dead bodies at this point in the storyline. But that sight allowed them to understand that a moment that was supposed to be romantic turned out to be a horrifying product of the world they were in.

That meant that Arisu and Usagi weren’t supposed to be taking days off in the world like this as anything in the Borderlands could kill or have killed people. This included the hot spring that they were in. Of course, we’ll get to that part shortly.

Why Was There A Hot Spring In Alice In Borderland?

As mentioned, both Arisu and Usagi were shocked to see a dead body in the hot spring that they were bathing in. Before that, they were both shocked to see that there was a hot spring in the middle of the city. So, why was there a hot spring in Alice In Borderland, and why was there a body of a dead person there?

In case you don’t remember, a good part of episode 5 allowed us to see the backstory of Akane Heiya, who was one of the new characters introduced in season 2 of Alice In Borderland. Akane is a skilled archer that fought and traveled alongside Aguni. They also worked together in their attempt to kill the King of Spades.


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Episode 5 allowed us to get to know more about her backstory, as we learned that Akane was a high school student and a member of the archery club before she found herself in the Borderlands. When she got to the Borderlands, she woke up in the middle of a stadium where she and the other players were forced to play the Seven of Spades game, which was called Boiling Death.

boiling death

This Boiling Death game had relatively simple mechanics. It simply required the players to survive what was about to come. But they didn’t think that boiling water would be rushing out of the ground to form geysers that could burn people to death. Akane managed to survive the boiling waters sprouting out of the ground but found herself in a difficult situation in the ruins of the stadium, as this was the event that infected her leg and forced her to give herself up to a doctor that amputated her leg.

Akane was the only one to survive that game, as it was clear that the boiling water that destroyed the stadium turned into the hot spring that Arisu and Usagi found. The fact that this game took so many lives was the reason why Arisu and Usagi saw a dead body within the vicinity of the hot spring. As such, they realized that they were bathing in waters that were responsible for the deaths of so many people. 

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