Does Ann Die in Alice in Borderland Season 2? Here’s What Happens to Her

ann dead

One of the characters that became part of Arisu’s group of friends in Alice In Borderland is Ann, who was an executive under Hatter in the Beach but was actually a forensic police officer in the real world. In that regard, she worked hard to not only work together with Arisu and the others to solve certain games but also to find out what was happening in the Borderlands. However, she and the rest of the group saw a tough enemy in the form of the King of Spades. So, does Ann die in Alice In Borderland season 2?

Ann does not die in Alice In Borderland season 2. She ended up getting fatally wounded by the King of Spades when their group ganged up on him. However, Kuina made the decision for her to decline to stay in the Borderlands as she was brought back to the real world, where she was successfully revived in the hospital.

While we all initially thought that Ann died in the series, the good thing was that she was revived during the time when she and the other survivors were being treated in the hospital in the real world. As such, while she may have died in the Borderlands, she was still taken back to the real world where the doctors saved her. In that regard, let’s look at what happened to Ann in Alice In Borderland season 2.

What Happened To Ann In Alice In Borderland Season 2?

During the events of Alice In Borderland, one of the characters that we got to know more of was Ann, who was introduced in season 1 as one of the executives working under Hatter in the Beach and was one of the more important characters that ended up working together with Arisu and his friends. Ann was actually a forensics specialist back in the real world, and it was that fact that allowed her to excel in the Borderlands.

Of course, in season 2, Ann got separated from the rest of the group during the initial attack by the King of Spades on the players of the Borderlands. While Arisu and the others continued to play the games and beat the Face cards, Ann did her own thing as well and also played games while researching more about the nature of the Borderlands. In fact, she and Kuina ended up working together during the middle portion of the series, as they cleared Face card games together.

ann and kuina

In episode 7, the group was finally reunited (sans the injured Chishiya) during the final attack of the King of Spades, who was one of the two Face cards left. Ann and Kuina reunited with Arisu and Usagi just before Aguni and Akane joined up with them. They all decided to work together to defeat the King of Spades, who was obviously a seasoned mercenary or soldier and was strong enough to take on a lot of players all on his own.

The goal was for them to distract the King of Spades long enough and try to lure him over to the drugstore while Arisu filled the entire store with gas to create an explosion big enough to defeat their opponent. Considering that Arisu was physically the weakest out of all of them, he had to be the one to go to the drugstore. Meanwhile, Ann and the others fought the King of Spades. Ann herself used her training as a police officer against the King of Spades.


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Despite their best efforts against the King of Spades, Ann and the others were no match for him. After he fatally shot Akane at point-blank range with his assault rifle, an angry Ann tried to take him on with her handgun. However, the King of Spades had better reflexes and skills as he shot Ann several times with his pistol.

Kuina and the others were also fatally wounded, as only Arisu and Usagi were in a condition good enough to be able to take on the Queen of Hearts in the final Face card game. Aguni killed the King of Spades but ended up getting fatally wounded. Meanwhile, Kuina and Ann were lying on the ground together as Ann seemingly succumbed to her wounds and died.

Does Ann Die?

While we did see that Ann apparently died due to the gunshot wounds she suffered at the hands of the King of Spades, there’s actually more to that. Of course, she actually died in the Borderlands right beside Kuina. But she was lucky enough that the wound she suffered in the Borderlands was not grave enough to kill her in real life.

Arisu and Usagi successfully cleared the Queen of Hearts game, and that meant that all of the Face cards were now defeated. Upon the defeat of the Queen of Hearts, all of the remaining survivors in the Borderlands were made to choose if they wanted to stay there as permanent residents or if they wanted to go back to the real world. Kuina declined permanent residency in the Borderlands but Ann was not in a position to decline the offer. That was when Kuina held her hand and declined the offer in place of Ann.

In the real world, we learned that the people in the Borderlands were sent there when they became victims of a meteorite that crashed in Shibuya. The wounds they suffered in the Borderlands reflected the wounds they suffered in real life due to the meteorite crash. In that regard, the Borderlands were possibly the realm that lies between life and death, as those who die in the Borderlands die in real life, whereas those who survived up to the end of all of the games get to return to the real world.

ann operation

Arisu and the others that were still alive to decline the invitation were allowed to return to the real world without any memories of what happened in the Borderlands. Meanwhile, in Ann’s case, her consciousness returned to the real world but she had to be resuscitated due to the wounds she suffered from the meteorite crash. The doctors in the hospital successfully operated on her, and that allowed her to survive her wounds.


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This means that the gunshot wounds she suffered in the Borderlands were reflections of the wounds she suffered from that meteorite crash. While the wounds were initially enough to kill her, she was revived and brought back to life due to the diligent efforts of the doctors that operated on her after she was brought to the hospital. 

In that regard, Ann survived her wounds and was able to return to the real world after initially dying in the Borderlands when she was fatally shot by the King of Spades. It’s kind of complicated because she never declined the offer to stay in the Borderlands but it makes sense when you think about the fact that the wounds she suffered were not similar to the ones that killed all of the other players in the Borderlands.

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