Who Is the Queen of Spades in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

queen of spades

The second season of Alice In Borderland allowed us to meet a lot of different new characters that matter to the storyline. Of course, arguably the most important new characters were the Face cards because of how they needed to be defeated for Arisu and the others to find a way to escape the Borderlands and return to their world. One of the Face cards that they defeated along the way was the Queen of Spades. So, who is the Queen of Spades in Alice In Borderland? 

The Queen of Spades is named Lisa, who is a physical powerhouse that’s incredibly fit and is a skilled fighter. Her game is called Checkmate, which involves a modified real-life version of chess, where both teams take turns trying to tag opposing players and win them over to their side.

It was the Queen of Spades game that allowed us to see Usagi’s resolve in Alice In Borderland, as it was her that found a way to defeat the Queen of Spades. In that regard, we saw how strong and determined Usagi was to defeat not only the Queen of Spades but also protect the people she cared about. Now, let’s look at the things that we know about the Queen of Spades.

What Is The Queen Of Spades Game?

We all know that season 2 of Alice In Borderland involves the fight against the Face cards so that the characters would have a chance at getting out of the Borderlands to return to the real world. Of course, the Face cards themselves are represented by actual human beings that Arisu and his friends need to defeat in a Face card game. And one of the Face card games that he and Usagi participated in was the Queen of Spades game.

As a Spades game, the Queen of Spades game is actually a physical one that requires the players to be physically fit and even know how to fight when necessary. That is why it was expected that the Queen of Spades game relied more on the fitness of a player, even though this game was a lot easier and was not as deadly compared to the King of Spades game.

The Queen of Spades game is called Checkmate, which is basically a team game that relies on two different teams playing a modified real-life version of chess. Both teams have kings on their side. Meanwhile, all of the other players are pawns that need to go around the venue to tag opposing teams whenever it is their turn to hunt. Every team is given a turn to hunt the players of the opposing team, and tagging the back of the player will convert them to a pawn of the other king.


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The game had a total of 16 rounds, as each team was given eight rounds to try to chase the members of the opposing team. All of the members of the opposing team, except for their kings, can change sides. And the team with the greatest number of players at the end of 16 rounds would win, as the members of the losing team would all die.

In essence, the game actually sounds simple, especially when you think about the fact that the opposing members could just simply allow themselves to get tagged back by their friends. However, the twist came when the Queen of Spades won opposing players over to her side by telling them that they were allowed to stay with the Queen of Spades forever without even worrying about having to die at the hands of the King of Spades outside the venue of this game.

As such, a lot of players were willing enough to convert over to the side of the Queen of Spades due to the fact that they felt that it was more convenient for them to stay alive in the Borderlands forever instead of trying to find a way out of that parallel world. 

Who Is The Queen Of Spades?

When the Queen of Spades game was about to start, Usagi brought a child that she met along the way after she got separated from Arisu. That’s because this child didn’t have enough time left on his visa, and the only way for him to stay alive long enough to find a way out of this seemingly simulated world was for him to participate in another Face card game. And Usagi promised to protect the boy.

usagi and the child.jpg

Meanwhile, Arisu arrived just in time when he thought that Usagi would join a physical game. They both joined up together in the hopes of beating this game and protecting the child so that they could return to the real world together.

The Queen of Spades, of course, was the one getting in the way of a possible exit for Arisu and Usagi. Her name was Lisa, and she chose herself as the king of her team. And the twist was that she was the one who chose the king of the player’s team, and she happened to choose the child because she knew that the kid would not be able to chase grown adults around.

While Lisa started out at a disadvantage because she only had a few members on her team as opposed to the 16 players on the players’ team, she eventually converted the other players to her side because she sold the idea that they were going to be able to stay alive indefinitely if they were going to win while on the side of the Queen of Spades.


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In that regard, whenever Lisa or any of her teammates would convert a member from the players’ team to their side, those converted members tried to avoid getting converted back because they knew that their best chance to stay alive was to stay with the Queen of Spades.

When it was only Arisu, Usagi, and the boy that was left on the players’ team, Lisa launched an all-out attack because she wanted to convert Arisu over to her side. Usagi, of course, tried her best to protect Arisu from Lisa despite the fact that she was no match for the Queen of Spades. But she showcased her resolve when she tried her best to protect the people that she cared about.


Of course, it was also Usagi that found a way for them to win. When it was their turn to convert players, she used her voice to convince a few players from the Queen’s team to convert back to their team because doing so would give them a chance to return to their loved ones in the real world.

Finally, Arisu used himself as bait because he knew that the Queen of Spades wanted him on her team. As such, when Arisu attracted a host of players from Lisa’s side, Usagi and the rest of their teammates converted the members and gave them the advantage at the end of the game. In that regard, the Queen of Spades was defeated, as she saw how strong Usagi’s resolve was to protect the ones she loved in a world where survival was more important to other people than anything else.

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