Who Dies in Alice in Borderland Season 2 on Netflix?

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The release of season 2 of Alice In Borderland marked a new series of games for Arisu and the other players to try to clear so that they could get one step closer to the truth behind what the Borderlands are and why they are playing those games. In that regard, we saw more people taking up different challenges that determined whether they lived or died. Of course, we also saw prominent characters dying. So, who dies in Alice In Borderland season 2?

A lot of named and nameless characters died in season 2 of Alice In Borderland. However, the most prominent characters that died in season 2 of Alice In Borderland were Tatta and all of the Face cards. There were characters that had fatal injuries but were able to survive them up to the end of the Queen of Hearts game.

Of course, a lot of characters died in the events of season 2 of Alice of Borderland, considering that this storyline has always included plenty of deaths. But season 2 allowed us to see a lot more characters dying in this series, especially at the hands of the King of Spades. Now, with that said, let’s look at who dies in Alice In Borderland season 2.

Who Dies In Alice In Borderland Season 2?

Alice In Borderland is a series that follows players that were sent to a place called the Borderlands, which is a parallel version of Tokyo and exists to allow players to determine whether they live or die by playing a series of different life-and-death games. In that regard, season 2 of the series allowed us to see more deaths happening in the storyline. So, who died in Alice In Borderland season 2? That’s something we are here to look at.

A Lot Of People

Season 2 of Alice In Borderland had an explosive start when Arisu and his friends were seen running away from an unknown assailant that killed anyone in their path. That was why several people were seen dying from gunshots and even an anti-tank weapon. This assailant was later revealed to be the King of Spades.


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The nature of the King of Spades game was that the entire Borderlands was the arena and that the King of Spades could kill anyone without remorse or hesitation. That is why a lot of people died during the events of Alice In Borderland season 2, as the King of Spades could simply appear out of nowhere at any given time to kill any player. We can’t count how many people died at the hands of the King of Spades, but we are sure that he was responsible for most of the deaths that happened in the Borderlands.


Shitara was one of the players that played on the team of Kyuma during the King of Clubs game. He was the best friend of the King of Clubs, but he had to sacrifice his life for the sake of his team when they launched an all-out attack on the player base during the King of Clubs game. Shitara died when Tatta tagged him while he was touching the player base, as Shitara’s points went down to zero. Shitara was killed right then and there.

Kyuma, The King of Clubs


Kyuma is the King of Clubs and is a respectable and honorable person that cares about all of his friends and teammates. He was someone who regarded all of his friends as equals, and that was the reason why his team was able to take an almost insurmountable lead in the King of Clubs game. However, Tatta’s sacrifice and Arisu’s trickery allowed the player team to win the King of Clubs game, as Kyuma was killed with his head high.


Kanzaki was one of the people that played on Kyuma’s team during the King of Clubs game. 


Kisaragi was a teammate and bandmate of Kyuma during the King of Clubs game.


Like all of the players that played on the side of Kyuma during the King of Clubs game, Maki was also killed after their team lost.


The most painful and touching death in season 2 of Alice In Borderlands was Tatta’s demise. After we saw his backstory, wherein he was seen as a useless person that couldn’t do anything right, he sacrificed his hand to take his bracelet off during the King of Clubs game so that Arisu could use it to trick Kyuma into thinking that he didn’t have a lot of points. After Arisu’s team defeated Kyuma’s team, Tatta died due to blood loss, as he finally redeemed himself by proving that he wasn’t useless.

Enji, The Jack of Hearts

jack of hearets

Enji Matsushita was the Jack of Hearts during the Jack of Hearts game. Unlike the other Face card games, Enji’s identity was a secret as it was part of the entire game. The Jack of Hearts game required the players to find out who the Jack of Hearts was. Thanks to Chishiya’s analytic mind, he was able to find out who the Jack of Hearts was, as Enji was killed when he was tortured for information by the duo of Banda and Yaba.


Kaito Kameyama was introduced as a character that was filming the events of the Borderlands using a vintage camera. He was shown as someone that tried to find out the truth behind the events while he was interviewing some of the players that he encountered along the way. It was through his footage that Arisu and Usagi were able to find out more about the true nature of the Borderlands. Kaito died from the wounds that he suffered during the attack of the King of Spades on one of the settlements of the players just outside of Tokyo.

Lisa, The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades was a young woman named Lisa. Her game was called Checkmate, which was a real-life game of chess where the players needed to tag opposing players to absorb them into their team. While Lisa was successful at convincing some players to join their side when they learned that they could survive the entire Borderlands by staying on her team, Usagi’s efforts to convince a few players to continue living allowed the player team to defeat Lisa, and that led to the death of the Queen of Spades.

Kuzuryu, The King of Diamonds

We already met Kuzuryu during the first season of Alice In Borderland when he was an executive on the Beach. However, he was secretly a Face card the entire time. His game was called Beauty Contest, which was a complicated numbers game that required players to be analytical and lucky. He killed himself when he chose to lose on purpose to Chishiya because he didn’t want to be the one to determine the value of Chishiya’s life, as he died holding on to his principle that all lives had equal value.

Shirabi, The King of Spades

king of spades


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Shirabi was the toughest out of all of the different Face cards because of the fact that he was allowed to kill anyone in the Borderlands due to the nature of his game. As the King of Spades, he was the most physically gifted and skilled in the entire series, as he had the training and skills of a seasoned soldier and mercenary. The King of Spades was responsible for a huge chunk of the deaths in the season and managed to fatally injure everyone else except for Arisu and Usagi. He died due to the efforts of Arisu and Aguni, who was responsible for killing him by shooting his head at point-blank range.

Mira, The Queen of Hearts

Mira was the final Face card of season 2 of Alice In Borderland and had the easiest game in the entire storyline. She faced Arisu and Usagi in her game. But because she drugged Arisu, she nearly convinced him to quit the game. Thanks to Usagi’s efforts, Arisu snapped out of his hallucination and managed to play through the rest of the game to defeat Mira, who died after the conclusion of the Queen of Hearts game.

What Happened To Those Who Died In Alice In Borderland?

It was at the end of Alice In Borderland season 2 that we learned what truly happened to the characters that were sent to the Borderlands. It was suggested that the Borderlands was a place between life and death and was the area where people clinging to life but on the verge of death were sent. The goal was for them to play games in the Borderlands to determine whether or not they could continue on with their lives in the real world.

In that regard, the players that were sent to the Borderlands and were killed there died true deaths. That’s because dying in the Borderlands allowed them to actually accept death. Meanwhile, Arisu and the other ones that survived the games of the Borderlands were given a second chance at life in the real world upon the completion of the games.

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