What Did Itachi Say to Sasuke in Naruto: Shippuden Before He Died?

What Did Itachi Say to Sasuke in Naruto: Shippuden Before He Died?

One of the most iconic battles from the whole Naruto franchise is the final clash between Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha in Naruto: Shippuden. It wasn’t just an epic fight per se, it also had enormous emotional weight, as it deepened the stories of both Sasuke and Itachi, especially the former, whose already great presentation became even better. There are only a few more important moments in the history of Naruto and in this article, we are going to honor the importance of this fight by revealing what Itachi said to Sasuke in Naruto: Shippuden.

After losing to him, Itachi gives Sasuke a head bump, which was a symbol that he no longer saw Sasuke as a child, but as an equal, which was a big moment for Sasuke. He also told Sasuke that he wanted no forgiveness and promised that he would love Sasuke no matter what he decided to do. After that, Itachi’s body disappeared.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the final clash between Itachi and Sasuke, a very emotional and important moment from the whole Naruto franchise. We are going to give you all the details on their final clash, as well as tell you what exactly Itachi said to Sasuke before ultimately dying. In case you haven’t seen the show, we have to warn you that there are spoilers ahead.

What did Itachi say to Sasuke before he died?

In order to answer this question, we are going to give you some details on the final fight between the two During the climax of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Itachi is seen by Sasuke, and Sasuke starts chasing after him for explanations. Even so, Itachi does not respond or stop, so Sasuke, increasingly impatient, attacks him with the arm of his Susanoo, to which Itachi performs the same movement, but breaks a branch so that it falls on Sasuke.

Still, Sasuke uses the same arm to stop him, and, seeing the Susanoo, he realizes that it really is Itachi. There, Itachi is surprised that Sasuke can use that technique. Then, Sasuke tells him to stop so he can answer his questions, but Itachi doesn’t stop walking, so Sasuke follows him while telling him that he has come to him with the same eyes as his brother and tells him that he knows the truth and that this is what prompted him to make the decision to destroy Konoha.

Hearing this, Itachi says that he has changed and that he is responsible for his lies, that he was wrong to sow and develop that hatred in him and, therefore, he left the village and became a criminal. Seeing that he is already close to Kabuto, he uses the Summoning Jutsu to summon some crows to entertain Sasuke. He steps forward and smashes through a wall to see Kabuto.

Then Sasuke appears and sees his brother and Kabuto (whom he first mistakes for Orochimaru). Kabuto tries to convince Sasuke to join him, and when he asks whose side he’s on, Sasuke throws some shurikens at him, but Itachi blocks them and tells him that he’ll talk to him later, but in return, they’ll first defeat and kill him without any trouble whatsoever. Itachi says that he intends to stop his jutsu, using the Tsukuyomi.


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Kabuto says that his jutsu has no weaknesses, and Itachi replies that his weakness is himself. Sasuke tells him to at least keep his promise this time and Itachi tells him that he’ll keep it, both preparing to fight. He then watches as Kabuto uses his snakes to attack, being informed by Sasuke that they use them to detect chakra and prevent Genjutsu.

Itachi calls his brother the “snake doctor”; then he sees how Kabuto enlarges his snakes to attack and, together with his brother, uses his Susanoo to defend himself and fight back. Finally, Sasuke grabs Kabuto. However, it was only his cloak, and Kabuto was hiding under a snake which, along with the others he summoned, are attacked by the Uchiha brothers.

Kabuto, after being attacked, claims that he was able to gain the abilities of all Taka members: becoming fluid like Suigetsu, having high stamina like Karin, and the ability to absorb natural energy like Jugo. After this, he claims to have gone to Ryūchi Cavern. Kabuto tries to materialize his body, but is attacked by an arrow from Sasuke’s Susanoo bow.

However, Orochimaru’s disciple dodges him and finishes materializing, saying that he is a Sage. Kabuto casts his Sage Art: White Rage Technique, which nullifies Itachi’s and Sasuke’s vision and hearing. Then, Kabuto takes the opportunity to attack Sasuke, who is protected by Itachi’s Susanoo. Kabuto asks how he could have foreseen his move and Itachi replies that it is because he knows exactly what he is thinking, and imagined that he would try to capture Sasuke first.


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As Kabuto compliments Itachi, Sasuke launches a surprise attack to no avail. Itachi asks Sasuke if he remembers going with him to take care of Inoshishi (a giant boar) years ago, and he says yes. So, they use the same strategy they used to defeat the boar, although this time it was with their Susanoo and against Kabuto, but it didn’t work.

Kabuto takes Sasuke’s sword and runs it through Itachi, but it turns out to be a genjutsu and Itachi only manages to cut off one of its horns. Itachi tells his brother that “now, facing a boar as big as that is easy for you”, and Sasuke replies that instead of facing a giant boar, the priority is to face that snake, to which Itachi nods.

After the argument, Kabuto tries to persuade Sasuke, giving him illusions of brotherhood, as he reminds Sasuke of the trouble he caused in Konoha, betraying his comrades, and what he could do if he joined him. Then, Sasuke remembers a time when, undercover with Tobi, they listened to the conversation of two ninjas from Konofa village; hearing that they spoke of his brother as a Class S criminal, he got angry, but Tobi told him to calm down, because even if he told the whole truth, not even the Hokage herself would believe it.

Itachi tells him not to believe him and to not pay attention to what he said, since Kabuto was a better liar than him. Then, Kabuto makes a comparison of Sasuke’s life with his own, and Itachi says that he is still a Konoha ninja. Itachi mentions a way to defeat Kabuto, which would extinguish the light from his eyes (make him blind).

Sasuke asks if it was the Izanagi, and he replies no, that he is the essential mate of the Izanagi, who can determine destiny. At this, Kabuto attacks, but Itachi releases the Izanami. After this, Kabuto says that no matter what technique they’re going to use, it won’t work against him. Immediately, Kabuto attacks Itachi with the Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation.


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When Itachi noticed him, he used his Susanoo to protect Sasuke, but he failed to protect himself, severely damaging him. After Sasuke freed his brother after using his Amaterasu to avoid one of Kabuto’s attacks, they listened to Kabuto’s speech about the fact that he is now the protagonist of the war and that he is the person who is closest to the Sage of the Six Paths, declaring that the Uchiha are nothing compared to him.

Itachi stops him and tells Kabuto that he reminds him of himself in the past, and that is why he is going to lose. Although Kabuto replies that he is not going to lose, Itachi declares that those who are unable to see themselves and recognize themselves are destined to fail, as he did. Kabuto replies that he doesn’t know anything and begins to remember his childhood and how he joined Orochimaru.

Following Kabuto’s memories, he extracts from his body a DNA replica of Sakon and Jirōbō, which he uses to move Amaterasu’s flames. After that, he brings out a replica of Kidoumaru to launch a giant web to catch them. So, the Uchiha brothers use the Amaterasu to burn it. But he appears from behind and begins to surround them with a large number of bones that began to come out of the ground, thanks to Kimimaro’s DNA replica.

Itachi and Sasuke knock down the bones and webs with their Susanoo. When Kabuto casts a genjutsu at them through Tayuya’s DNA replica, they are immobilized and Kabuto then brings out an Orochimaru DNA replica figure to defeat them. But Sasuke and Itachi use genjutsu against each other to break out of Tayuya’s clone’s genjutsu. Thanks to this, they stopped Orochimaru’s replica.


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As Itachi was about to do the Izanami, Kabuto comes out of Orochimaru’s mouth and rips Itachi in two. Once cut in two, Itachi tricks Kabuto into activating the Izanami without him noticing, repeating Kabuto’s same attacks at Itachi up until the moment the latter releases the Izanami at him. After a while, Kabuto says that this is like “déjà vu” and that he is going to end the battle, to which Itachi replies that he has his fate in his hands.

Kabuto attacks with Orochimaru’s white snake and Orochimaru stops it with his Susanoo, but Kabuto comes out of the white snake’s mouth and cuts off Itachi’s arm with his mouth, but Itachi uses his crows and disappears by cutting off a horn.

This sequence of events had already happened, and Kabuto realizes that he has fallen into Itachi’s technique, and casts the Izanami again and Kabuto impales him with a sword, to which Itachi disappears again with his crows and returns to cut off Kabuto’s horn itself, stating that Kabuto cannot escape from that loop.

After locking Kabuto in the infinite loop, Itachi proceeds to deactivate the Impure Reincarnation, but Sasuke stops him, telling him that if he does, he will disappear. Itachi replies that he has already done a lot in this world and that, from now on, he will not be the one to change it. After extracting from Kabuto the information on the seals required to dispel the Impure Reincarnation, Itachi manipulated him into carrying them out while he continued in the infinite loop.

Hearing Sasuke say that he couldn’t forgive Konoha for what they had done to Itachi, before the Impure World Reincarnation was released, Itachi turned to his little brother, stating that he could still tell the truth before his consciousness completely faded, so Itachi uses his Sharingan on Sasuke and shares his memories and the truth of what had happened about the coup his clan had planned.

After showing him this, Itachi told Sasuke that it would not be necessary to lie to him anymore and contemplated if things would have been different if he had told him the truth of what had happened, as he reached out to touch Sasuke’s forehead with his fingers, as he used to do when he was a child. Itachi told his little brother that he didn’t have to forgive him, but no matter what he did from that point on, he would always love him, resting his forehead on his little brother’s. After saying his last words, Itachi’s soul manifests outside of his immortal body and then returns to the pure world, causing his body to turn to ash.

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