‘What If…?’ Season 2: What Is Dr. Strange’s New Demon Form? Explained

strange supereme demonic form

The Season 2 finale of ‘What If…?’ marked the end of Strange Supreme’s journey within the ‘What If..?’ Universe. Despite the initial failure to save Christine and the loss of his own universe, Strange appeared to have found a renewed purpose in safeguarding the Multiverse. However, as the final episode unfolded, it became evident that grief had not fortified him but had, instead, engulfed him, giving rise to a terrifying and unfamiliar transformation. Let’s explore what we understand about Strange’s ominous new demonic form.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Strange’s profound grief materialized as a demonic entity that not only consumed him but also served as the driving force behind his willingness to sacrifice everything for his objectives.
  • Remarkably, it seemed that Strange Supreme’s demonic manifestation conferred even greater power compared to his regular form. This newfound strength allowed him to withstand assaults from some of the most formidable weapons in the Marvel Universe.
  • The transformation into this demonic state brought about noticeable physical changes. Strange’s stature heightened, accompanied by the emergence of potent energy-manipulating abilities. Additionally, he acquired a pair of horns and leathery wings, further emphasizing the formidable nature of his altered form.

The Season 2 finale of ‘What If…?’ unfolded a literal transformation into a monstrous entity

Upon Peggy Carter’s reunion with Strange Supreme at Episode 8’s conclusion, Strange outlined a task for her, promising her to return to her own time once completed. Little did Peggy anticipate that the ultimate antagonist of the Multiverse would be none other than Strange himself.

Following the capture of Kahhori, it became apparent that Strange had divergent intentions. He devised The Forge, a mechanism where villains and superheroes were sacrificed to reconstitute his decimated universe and, in turn, resurrect Christine. His scheme progressed smoothly until Peggy and Kahhori intervened to disrupt and halt it. Initial success eluded Strange Supreme when Kahhori and Peggy wrested control of some of the Marvel Universe’s most potent weapons, triggering a palpable sense of desperation within him.

strange supreme near the forge

How powerful is Demonic Doctor Strange?

In a moment of profound desperation, as he faced the relentless assault from Captain Carter and Kahhori, Strange underwent a transformative shift into his demonic self. This demonic manifestation, seemingly an embodiment of his inner greed materialized in physical form, showcased an astonishing level of power.

The stature of Strange Supreme altered significantly, heightening as he assumed his demonic form. With the emergence of a third eye, horns, leathery wings, fangs, and a resilient covering of thick black barbed skin, he became the epitome of demonic incarnation. Unyielding, Demonic Doctor Strange proved to be exponentially more potent than his standard counterpart. He wielded the newfound ability to unleash formidable and destructive beams of energy reminiscent of infernal fires. His durability was equally remarkable, allowing him to endure the onslaught of the universe’s most powerful weapons and artifacts.

doctor strange demon form

However, the only force capable of restraining Demonic Strange was the might of the Infinity Stones. Their formidable power compelled him to revert to his human form, marking a brief pause in the reign of the formidable demonic entity.

Was Doctor Strange under the influence of a demon?

The existence of two distinct entities within Doctor Strange, coupled with instances where he referred to himself in the plural, led to speculation about demonic possession. However, it wasn’t a conventional demon in play. Instead, Strange Supreme externalized his grief through his powers, physically giving rise to a demon as a coping mechanism.

The internal struggle for dominance within Strange endured for an indeterminate period. Ultimately, he managed to assert just enough control towards the conclusion to make a sacrificial decision, putting an end to the internal conflict. While his sacrifice bore fruit — empowering the Forge to recreate his universe and Christine — the caveat is that Strange met his demise permanently and won’t experience rebirth within it.

strange and demon

Despite the potential perception of a futile sacrifice, one might argue that Strange Supreme, wherever he may be, finds solace in knowing that Christine is alive and thriving in a prosperous universe. If you have additional insights, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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