Where Is Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon? Why Isn’t He in the Show

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Episode 6 of House of the Dragon allowed us to meet the teenage and pre-teen versions of the kids that would end up becoming important parts of the Dance of the Dragons, as we saw the children of both Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. However, the problem was that Alicent was missing one child throughout the entire episode and even in episode 7. We are talking about Daeron Targaryen, who is supposed to be her youngest. So, where is Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon?

It seems that Daeron Targaryen has been cut from the show or is simply yet to be revealed. There is a possibility that he has been sent somewhere by his parents during his childhood years, but it is also possible that the showrunners just didn’t deem him too important that they would actually include him.

Even though House of the Dragon is supposed to be adapted from Fire & Blood, we do know that the series version has never been entirely faithful to the source material, as that was what also happened in Game of Thrones when several changes were made. That means that it is quite possible that Daeron Targaryen won’t be in House of the Dragon at all.

Who Is Daeron Targaryen?

We all know that King Viserys Targaryen remarried after the death of Queen Aemma, who was the mother of Princess Rhaenyra. He went on to marry Alicent Hightower as it was the duty of the king to produce more heirs and to further the bloodline for generations to come. As such, it was only natural for him and Alicent to have children, as that was one of the duties of the king during the Targaryen dynasty.

Eventually, we saw the birth of Aegon Targaryen, who we first saw in episode 3, as Queen Alicent was pregnant with her second child, Helaena. Then, we saw an infant Helaena an episode later, as she eventually slept with the king again, and we can only presume that this was the event that bore Aemond. In episode 6 and after the ten-year time skip, we finally got to meet not only the children of Viserys with Alicent but also the children of Rhaenyra with Laenor Velaryon (allegedly Sir Harwin’s bastards).

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But while we were delighted to see Alicent’s children growing up with Rhaenyra’s own boys, there was one child that was obviously missing during episodes 6 and 7. We saw all of the children in their teenage and pre-teen years, but the one that was missing was Daeron Targaryen. So, who is Daeron?

In the book Fire & Blood, Viserys didn’t stop with three children in his marriage with Alicent because this union actually bore four children. We know that the first three children are Aegon, Helaena, and Aemond. However, the fourth and youngest of their children was Daeron, who was born a few years after Aemond.

Daeron, while not as prominent as his brothers during the dance of the Dragons, still had his own role to play. He was 16 when he was the one who rescued his great uncle, Lord Ormund Hightower, in the Battle of the Honeywine. Ormund was losing the fight before Daeron arrived on his dragon, Tessarion. It was this moment that made Ormund admire the boy and began calling him “Daeron the Daring,” as it was clear that he was one of the most daring Targaryens at his age.


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While Daeron was allied with the Greens during the Dance of the Dragons, considering that he was the fourth child of Alicent and the younger brother of King Aegon II, he was a lot more well-loved by the smallfolk and the other nobles alike because he was a lot gentler than any of his brothers. He was the most popular of the three boys born to Alicent because he wasn’t only clever but was also quite respectful to other people. However, because he grew up in the shadow of his brothers, he wasn’t the most prominent out of the three Targaryen boys born to Alicent, and that means that he was more accustomed to following orders than actually leading.

Daeron was an important part of the Battle of Tumbleton during the time of the Dance of the Dragons, as he was actually supposed to be named Prince of Dragonstone and was nearly crowned the new king of the Seven Kingdoms following the fall of King’s Landing to Rhaenyra and the disappearance of Aegon II and the death of Aemond during the Battle Above the Gods Eye. During the entire time, he remained with Lord Ormund’s army.

However, during the Second Battle of Tumbleton, Daeron died and was never even identified at all. His death was mysterious as there were different versions of his death. And because his body was never identified, many pretenders actually rose up to claim that they were Daeron during the reign of King Aegon III. All of those who claimed to be Daeron was proven to be pretenders by the maesters.

Why Isn’t Daeron Targaryen In House Of The Dragon?

At this point, you probably already know a thing or two about Daeron Targaryen. But the one thing you may be asking is why he hasn’t shown up in House of the Dragon. You may even be wondering if he will ever show up at all. So, why isn’t Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon?

It is more than possible that the series has decided to cut him out of the storyline completely, as this tweet from the official House of the Dragon Twitter page shows that Alicent only has three children in the series.

Then again, it is possible that this family tree tweet only shows the children that have been revealed so far, as Daeron probably hasn’t been revealed. At this point, he should have been revealed already because he was born just around the same year as Jacaerys, who is Rhaenyra’s eldest son.

But because we know that Daeron Targaryen is quite close with his great uncle, Ormund Hightower, who is the Lord of Hightower, it is possible that he was never revealed at this point of the series because he is actually with his great uncle in Hightower or Oldtown to learn and grow as a possible heir to Hightower. Viserys and Alicent could have sent him to Ormund instead of allowing him to grow up in King’s Landing.


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That means that there is still a possibility that Daeron will be revealed in the second season, considering that he wasn’t entirely useless and pointless as a character in the books. It depends on how the next season will be written.

Still, the possibility of him never appearing in the series is still really our top guess as of now. Daeron may have played a big role in the Dance of the Dragons, but he wasn’t as important as any of his brothers or even his sister. And we all know that the showrunners of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon have changed a few things from the books to make the series more interesting on screen.

That means that Daeron getting completely written off the adaptation of Fire & Blood is still a huge possibility at this point. But this remains to be seen in the next season of House of the Dragon, as we are quite sure that Daeron probably won’t be appearing in the first season. 

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