Where To Find Fire Giant In Elden Ring & How To Beat Him?


Elden Ring is a game that’s challenging and full of difficult monsters and creatures that you may or may not need to defeat. One such monster that is important to defeat in the game is the Fire Giant. But the problem is that there are players who can’t find the Fire Giant or have trouble beating him, even if they do find him. So, where do you find the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, and how do you beat him?

The Fire Giant is at the top of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Defeating the Fire Giant is important in the story so that you can access the Forge of the Giants. The best way to defeat the Fire Giant fair and square is by attacking his legs to chip away at his health and to distance yourself from his large-scale attacks.

One of the things that players should know is that every boss in Elden Ring is different in the sense that you need to study them carefully to understand their weaknesses and to see some openings. In that regard, the Fire Giant is a difficult opponent, but he shouldn’t be impossible to beat as long as you know what to do. And this is where our guide comes in.

Where To Find The Fire Giant In Elden Ring?

There are plenty of different bosses that you can find in Elden Ring, as the fact that this game has difficult and challenging monsters and creatures is what makes it a great game. That said, a lot of the difficult bosses you can find in the game tend to be optional in the sense that you don’t need to fight them to progress through the game.

But the problem is that there are plenty of difficult bosses that are actually required if you want to move on with Elden Ring’s story. One such boss is the Fire Giant, who you need to defeat so that you can get to the Forge of the Giants.

The Fire Giant is the last known remaining survivor remaining from the war against the Giant race before the events of the game. This is a massive creature that looks human but is much larger than most other regular beings in the game. But where can you find the Fire Giant?

You can find the Fire Giant at the top of the Mountaintops of the Giants, which is a place that you need to go to if you want to complete the game. The only way for you to access the Mountaintops of the Giants is for you to acquire the West Haligtree Secret Medallion so that you can teleport to this area. The West Haligtree can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Once you are in the Mountaintops of the Giants, the Fire Giant can be seen at the top of the area. This area isn’t particularly huge, and that means that you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the Fire Giant once you get teleported to this area.

How To Beat The Fire Giant In Elden Ring?

If you have found the Fire Giant, be ready for a very tough battle that you may want to be strong enough before attempting to defeat this massive creature. We recommend that you fight it at around level 80 or so, but it never hurts to be more than ready for it by going for level 90 or so. But if you believe enough in your skill level, then you may be able to take him on at a lower level.


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In the fight against the Fire Giant, we have two methods that we are going to discuss. The first is the conventional way of defeating him, and the second is the cheese way of beating this creature. And we’ll discuss those methods one by one.

How To Beat The Fire Giant The Conventional Way?

Defeating the Fire Giant the conventional way is like any method of defeating any boss in Elden Ring. That means that you need to know its movements and assess its habits so that you can find an opening that you can take advantage of.

  • In a lot of instances, the Fire Giant will use his shield to launch a wave of snow from the ground. The moment you see him thrusting his shield in the ground, run or roll behind him so that you’ll be far from the range of the attack. Don’t stop running or rolling to his side because this attack covers a large area.
  • True to his name, the Fire Giant can cause flame eruptions by taking out a ball of fire from its chest. He will slam it to the ground to cause flame eruptions that will hurt if you get hit. But don’t worry because you can dodge this attack when you start to see the ground becoming orange. Simply roll away from the orange area. You can also get away from the area if you’re not sure how to dodge the flames.
  • There will be cases when he slams his shield to the ground. The Fire Giant’s shield is massive, and that means that you need to be able to cover a wide area to dodge this attack. But this attack should be a lot easier to dodge compared to his snow wave.
  • Like a lot of different bosses that are enormous, the Fire Giant has a stomping attack. As soon as you see him raising his feet, quickly avoid it by running towards his other foot.
  • There will be instances when he will actually try to get away from you by rolling. This is supposed to be an evade attack by the Fire Giant, but you can still get crushed by it if you’re not careful.

When his HP is close to 50%, that’s when phase 2 of the fight begins. Like any major boss, he will be much more difficult to handle in the second phase.

  • When you see the Fire Giant kneeling, that means that he’s about to spew fire on the ground. There will be eruptions that will happen, and that could spell your doom if you don’t dodge the eruptions. However, if you time it right, you can steal a few attacks during the eruptions, especially if you’re using a ranged weapon. But don’t get too greedy because there’s still a chance that the eruptions will make their way to you.
  • Another attack that you should always avoid is its fireball. He will throw massive balls of flame at you, and they can cause significant damage if you get hit. Evading the attack should be easy but make sure you avoid the area where the ball landed because it will erupt.
  • Basic enough is its flamethrower attack. Just make sure to dodge to the side when he does this.
  • Since you’ll be attacking its legs most of the time, it’s crucial that you watch out for its side roll. When you are too close to his legs, the Fire Giant may roll to the side to damage you.
  • There will be instances when he will launch smaller but faster fireballs at you. These are a bit more difficult to avoid, and that means that you need to be vigilant enough to dodge the attack.
  • One of the most amazing but painful attacks in the Fire Giant’s arsenal is the meteor attack. He will breathe fire into the air and will do so thrice before meteorites fall on the ground. Keep running around to avoid this attack.


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General Tips

  • When attacking the Fire Giant, focus on the shackles on its feet because breaking them will stagger him. This is effective during phase 1 when you are still trying to chip away at its health.
  • During the first few tries, make sure to learn his moves before truly attempting to beat him. He is a slow and bumbling giant but will cause tons of damage if you get hit.
  • Try to stay close to him because a lot of his attacks tend to cover areas in front of him. Stay on his side and attack his feet.

How To Cheese The Fire Giant?

The good news is that, for the less-skilled players or for those who don’t want to spend time, the Fire Giant can be cheesed. But it’s going to be a method that can be tricky to do.

  • To cheese the Fire Giant, go to the edge of the map and make it jump twice from the large rock there. Lure him to that edge. 
  • Make it climb the left rock and then the right rock. From there, jump from the right rock that’s higher than the left one. Doing this will damage the Fire Giant and will begin the second phase.
  • It’s better to be on your horse because you can use the double jump when you are jumping off the cliff.
  • You can do the same method when he is in his second phase, but it can get trickier because he is slower in phase 2. But once you do make him jump, it’s going to immediately kill him. And you don’t even have to throw a single attack.
  • This can be extremely tricky to do, and that’s why you can check this video out:

What Do You Get By Beating The Fire Giant?

Beating the Fire Giant will allow you to progress through the story. On top of that, you will be awarded 180,000 runes. You will also get the Remembrance of the Fire Giant, which you can trade with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

You can trade the Remembrance of the Fire Giant for the Giant’s Red Braid, a whip weapon, or the Burn, O Flame! Incantation.

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