Star Wars: Who Is Ahsoka Tano’s Love Interest?


One of the most unique characters in the Star Wars storyline is Ahsoka Tano, whose journey as a Jedi and an outcast is something many fans can relate to. Of course, due to her youth, Ahsoka was also one of the characters that younger audience members could easily love as she ended up having to experience some of the things that teenagers normally go through. We are talking about romance, which we know is forbidden among the Jedi. So, who is Ahsoka’s love interest?

As of this writing, Ahsoka doesn’t have a romantic interest in Star Wars as she has re-devoted herself to the life of a Jedi. However, we all know that Ahsoka was once linked with Lux Bonteri when she was younger, as he was the one that took her first kiss. Ahsoka, in the novel, also had romantic feelings for a girl.

The thing about Ahsoka is that she embodied the everyday teenage girl in the sense that she went through many things during the earlier part of her life while trying to juggle the different emotions that she felt for the people around her. In that regard, it was quite normal for Ahsoka to feel romantic emotions for other people. Now, let’s talk more about Ahsoka’s love interest.

Who Is Ahsoka in Love With?

Even though Ahsoka Tano wasn’t the most popular character in Star Wars: Clone Wars when she was first introduced, she was one of the characters that fans were quick to relate to because the entire Clone Wars storyline was able to flesh out her growth as a headstrong and young Padawan to a true Jedi in every sense of the word.

In that regard, she quickly won fans over to her side because she is so relatable as a character. And it was because she was relatable. She allowed younger fans to see themselves in her due to the many things she went through as a teenage girl in the middle of a galaxy in turmoil.

ahsoka tano

That means that part of the things that Ahsoka experienced as a young Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars was romance. Because Ahsoka was just a child when she was taken to the Jedi Temple to become a Jedi, she hardly understood what it meant to be romantically involved with anyone. So, when she became a teenager, she went through many different experiences that made her question her emotions. And we all know that the Jedi are often forbidden to “explore” their emotional side because doing so could lead them to the dark side.

Still, Ahsoka had a unique experience when she met Lux Bonteri, the son of a former senator for the Separatists. While Lux was trying to navigate through the entire political landscape of the galaxy, he was also trying to seek justice for the death of his mother, who Count Dooku murdered. In that regard, he was also going through a few things.


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During one of Lux’s personal quests, he got Ahsoka involved in his shenanigans, as they ended up infiltrating the Death Watch to obtain sensitive information. Ahsoka had to pretend to be Lux’s betrothed because we all know that the Mandalorians of Death Watch aren’t too fond of Jedi. So, to ensure that the Mandalorians of Death Watch would not suspect that they were lying, Lux Bonteri kissed Ahsoka Tano while in a tent.

ahsoka lux kiss

This was Ahsoka’s first and only kiss in the Star Wars storyline, as we all know that the Jedi are prohibited from experiencing such things in their lives. Ahsoka formed romantic feelings for Lux but knew that pursuing her feelings would be a mistake. Years later, Lux admitted that he also fell in love with Ahsoka in the past as he said that his first love was a Jedi, even though he eventually moved on from Ahsoka and got married.

Does Ahsoka Tano Have a Girlfriend?

Even though Lux Bonteri was often portrayed as Ahsoka’s love interest during the events of the Clone Wars, there were certain instances wherein fans were speculating that Ahsoka could be lesbian or, at the very least, bisexual. That’s because Ahsoka ended up living with the Martez sisters after leaving the Jedi Order, as she had a pretty good relationship with Trace Martez. But while some fans thought that they were in love, this was nothing more than a close friendship.

Then, after the events of Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, Ahsoka went into hiding to escape the wrath of the Inquisitors that Darth Vader sent out to hunt the remaining Jedi that managed to survive the destruction of the Jedi Order. Ahsoka hid in a rural planet called Raada, where she formed a relationship with a female farmer named Kaeden. This storyline was told in EK Johnston’s Ahsoka novel, which had a passage that read:

“‘I could kiss you.’ Ahsoka stopped in her tracks. The look she shot Kaeden was mildly confused. ‘Not now, I mean,’ Kaeden said. She wanted to laugh for the first time in weeks but thought that might just be the hysteria setting in. ‘My timing is terrible and you have all those Jedi hang-ups. I just wanted you to know in case we die.'”

However, Johnston quickly said that she never meant for Ahsoka to be lesbian or bisexual because she realized that this character was never hers to label, as Ahsoka was a creation of Dave Filoni and George Lucas. Johnston said:

“Since Ahsoka isn’t mine to label, I tried to write her in such a way that anyone who wanted to see themselves in her, could. I know how much she means to the queer community, and because I couldn’t be specific, I went as general as possible.”

In a tweet, Johnson also said that Ahsoka did have feelings for Kaeden. But Johnston also clarified that her feelings were never genuine because she didn’t have the best experiences managing her feelings because she had the worst mentors in emotions back when she was with the Jedi Order. As such, Kaeden was never Ahsoka’s girlfriend.

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But while Johnston’s novel allowed fans to see a queer side of Ahsoka, this was all changed in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, which allowed us to see the contrasting experiences and decisions of Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. In the final part of Ahsoka’s story, we saw the same events in Raada outlined in Johnston’s book. However, Kaeden was more of a close friend and a sister to Ahsoka instead of a potential romantic interest for Ahsoka.

As such, it was clear that Filoni changed a few things from EK Johnston’s Ahsoka novel. Of course, Filoni is one of the creators of Ahsoka’s character, which means that he has the authority to decide whether or not Ahsoka is lesbian or not. Filoni chose to make Ahsoka less of a romantic character by allowing her to stick to her conviction as a Jedi that stays away from romantic relationships. And we saw this during the events of Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett, where Ahsoka was clearly single.

Did Ahsoka Romantically Love Anakin?

As close as Ahsoka was to Anakin Skywalker when she was training under him as his Padawan, there was never an instance wherein Ahsoka showed any romantic interest toward him at all. Ahsoka deeply cared for Anakin because their bond was incredibly strong. But the relationship between them was more Platonic than some people would think.


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After all, the Jedi were always taught to make sure that they didn’t form attachments with other people. The goal of allowing Anakin to train a Padawan was for him to learn how to let go of attachments. But that backfired because he learned to care for Ahsoka as if she were his little sister. At the same time, Ahsoka also learned to care for Anakin as if he were her older brother.

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