Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

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Couples of the Naruto series were always part of the discourse amongst Naruto fans – we all remember discussions on forums and Tumblr about which pairing is better, Naruto and Sakura or Sasuke or Sakura. We know which one prevailed, and there are still fans out there arguing one thing or another. Of course, the Boruto series is not a stranger to that as well, and even though we still see, some of them, now canon pairings together in the anime, some well-known characters from Naruto are getting in the center of attention, and one of them is Konohamaru. In this article, we will discuss who is Konohamaru dating, and is it Hanabi or Moegi?

At the moment of writing this article, Konohamaru is not dating anyone. Even though that has been the case for the whole Boruto series, Hanabi and Moegi became his potential love interests in the series. All three of them are leading their genin teams, are really good friends, and hang out with each other often in the bar after work.

We will discuss further Konohamaru’s relationships, potential love interests, and if he really dating one of the two of his jounin colleagues. We will also his potential love interests and see if there is a possibility of this happening in the anime. If you are interested, stick with us until the end of the article.

Konohamaru’s Potential Love Interests

Sarutobi Konohamaru is a well-known character in the Naruto series. He was one of the first admirers of Naruto in the first series and wanted so badly to become like him. That did continue to his adulthood, and still speaks of Naruto very fondly. Konohamaru is also a grandchild of Sarutobi Hiruzen, Third Hokage, whom he loved very dearly.

Even though he loved his grandfather very much, Konohamaru did not like the spotlight and pressure that was put upon him from an early age. Sarutobi clan was a very respected clan in Konohagakure – besides the Third Hokage, his late uncle Asuma is a strong jounin that led one of the Konoha’s 11 genin teams, Ino-Shika-Cho. On the other hand, he liked that he was not held responsible for his mischievous feats done in the village, and everyone threatened him like royalty. Naruto did not, and that’s why Konohamaru respects him so much.

That is why the Team Ebisu genin team and overall support from his friends, Moegi Kazamatsuri and Udon Ise mean a lot to him. These two with Naruto were Konohamaru’s biggest support, and that continued to his adulthood.

Generally, Konohomaru’s love life was not shown in the Naruto series, since he was a kid trying to become a great shinobi. In the Boruto series, this is a different story, and fans started speculating. This means we need to mention Moegi as Konohamaru’s potential love interest. Which, frankly, is obvious since she is one of his oldest friends. She has seen him at his lowest, obviously knows him very well, and is his best friend.

Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

The other one is not that interesting but builds a good case for herself, and Konohamaru was hinted to have a crush on her in the Boruto series – Remon Yoimira. This young courteous young woman stumbles upon Konohamaru and Boruto while running away from her bodyguards. Boruto suggests sightseeing to Remon and Konohamaru tags with her on the stroll through the village. They develop an obvious attraction to each other. However, when they meet again, Remon acts cold towards Konohamaru.

Later it was revealed that Remon needs to perform a special marriage ritual since her curse seal of losing memories is getting weaker. She needs to marry a blood descendant of Kuen, her predecessor to stop the curse of weakening and releasing a spirit called Sōma which erased people’s memories.


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The fighting occurs, but to defeat the spirit Remon needs to lose her memories, like her predecessor Kuen to defeat it. Konohamaru reluctantly helps her and seals the spirit again. Even though Boruto tried to convince Konohamaru to say something to Remon, he responded that not everything needs to be said by words.

Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

On the other side, Remon is having dinner with her fiancee, when she suddenly starts crying, subconsciously remembering meeting Konohamaru. This part of the series was called Konohamaru’s Love Arc, and now we know why.

And the last potential love interest is definitely Hanabi Hyuga. They share a lot with each other, Naruto’s family, both are jounin, friends, and the fact they are both part of the notable Konoha clans, they can understand each other on multiple levels. Also, they are quite similar in their personalities.

Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

Unfortunately for shippers of these pairings, Konohamaru is not dating these ladies at all. His duty as the protector of future generations of Konoha is taken really seriously.

However, that does not mean Konohamaru will not be paired with any of these women in the Boruto series in the future. If Masashi Kishimoto sticks with his usual pairing “rituals”, and decides Konohamaru is going to date someone from the Konoha, we can expect it will be one of Hanabi or Moegi. Masashi Kishimoto has a track record of being obvious and dropping not-that-discreet hints about the canon pairings in the Naruto series.

Who Is Konohamaru Dating, Hanabi or Moegi?

Let’s take a look at ones from Konoha 11 – Temari and Shikamaru, Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, and Ino and Sai were obvious pairings that were obviously hinted at or more subtly of their finality in the Naruto series. There is a track record there, and for example, Konohamaru and Hanabi are closely reflective of Naruto and Hinata since they are somewhat (metaphorically) mirroring their idols and siblings respectively.

On the other hand, Moegi can be compared to Naruto and Sakura pairing that was shipped a lot on in the Naruto fandom over the years but never become canon. Moegi and Konohamaru are teammates and one of the oldest friends, just like Naruto and Sakura were. The only difference is that Sakura was much more aggressive with Naruto than Moegi was with Konohamaru.


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To conclude, Moegi and Konohamaru love and respect each other a lot. They have been friends since academy days, even before the genin teams were formed. Moegi and Konohamaru endured a lot of obstacles in their young lives that stem from attacks on villages by dangerous foes to the Fourth Shinobi World War which left a lot of scars on our characters. There is a possibility of them happening in the future, but we will wait for what series runners do about it.

Hanabi and Konohamaru are also likely to happen if the series runners decide to go with that route – they shared a few moments together where they were drunk of their minds and expressed love towards Boruto and his family. For that connection alone, they are a possibility, but when you consider they are both jounin who lead their genin teams, come from the famous villages clans, bear huge responsibility, and are compatible in their personalities, Hanabi and Konohamaru could also happen.

In the end, we still do not know, and I personally doubt Masashi Kishimoto will dwell on Konohamaru’s love life that much at this point in anime. However, that important time-skip is going to happen in the series soon, and there is a possibility Konohamaru will finally have someone next to him.

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