Is Lady Nagant Dead in MHA? Here’s What Happened to Her

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The Dark Hero arc of My Hero Academia has been one of the most exciting storylines in recent memory because it allowed us to see Deku teaming up with the top three pro heroes to try to round up the Tartarus escapees. In that regard, Lady Nagant was hunting Izuku Midoriya down to bring him to All For One. But episode 134 of My Hero Academia allowed us to see Deku overcoming the powerful assassin to defeat Nagant, who exploded due to a Quirk given to her by All For One. So, is Lady Nagant Dead?

Lady Nagant is still alive, albeit barely clinging on to her life. After she suffered an explosion that All For One triggered remotely, Lady Nagant suffered bad burn wounds that would have killed her if it weren’t for the quick response of Hawks and the other pro heroes. In the manga, she had a role in the Final War arc.

Death would have been a far too simple way for Lady Nagant to redeem herself, which is why she was allowed to live. As a former hero who became a villain, Nagant was not entirely evil but only became a villain out of necessity after she lost hope in the Hero Commission. In that regard, she has to endure her injuries to still redeem herself for what she did when she was both a hero and a villain.

Is Lady Nagant Dead in My Hero Academia?

One of the things that we know about My Hero Academia is that it has its fair share of complex characters that became villains for reasons that can be quite understandable but not excusable. Lady Nagant, the main antagonist of the Dark Hero/Tartarus Escapees arc, is one of those characters that became a villain for a reason that can be quite understandable.

When Deku teamed up with the top three pro heroes and All Might to track down the escapees and find a way to locate All For One’s location so they could defeat him before he could act, Lady Nagant entered the scene. She was the hired gun of All For One, who wanted to get his hands on Izuku Midoriya so that he could take One For All from him. As such, Nagant was given the Air Walk Quirk to use in conjunction with her Rifle Quirk and sniping skills to find a way to defeat Deku.


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Midoriya struggled against the experience and skills of Lady Nagant, who revealed that she became a villain when she saw how evil and corrupt the Hero Commission was during her time as a hero. The truth was that, while she maintained a façade of a true hero, she was an assassin that killed villains and vigilantes behind the scenes so that the Hero Commission could maintain peace and order. But when she was told to kill fellow heroes that the Commission thought could betray them, she killed the hero Commission president as she was taken to Tartarus to serve time there.

But while Deku struggled in his fight with Nagant, whose experience and skills were too good against someone who still lacked the experience and refinement of a pro hero, he eventually evolved to learn how to use the Quirks he possessed. After initially suffering a backlash when he tried to use all of the different Quirks quickly, Deku learned that it was best for him to use only three Quirks in quick succession.

This allowed Midoriya to use a combination of One For All 45%, Blackwhip, and Fa Jin to create an effect that allowed him to deliver an attack that resembled a full-power blow from One For All. He called this attack the Faux 100%, as he disarmed Lady Nagant after she tried to distract Deku by aiming for Kai Chisaki. The Faux 100% allowed Midoriya to move faster than a bullet to rescue Kai, and he still had enough power in his legs to deliver a blow that destroyed Nagant’s rifle.

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Of course, Lady Nagant was defeated in that attack by Izuku Midoriya, as she was useless after Deku destroyed her rifle. Midoriya understood this as much as he told Nagant to give up and join them to become a hero again. He noticed that she never actually aimed properly at Chisaki and had held back one of her shots that she could have used to disable Deku. Suddenly, she exploded out of nowhere, to Deku’s surprise. But did Lady Nagant die?

Lady Nagant survived the effects of the explosion but was left with a badly burnt body. She was about to fall from the sky due to the explosion but was rescued by Hawks, who used his speed and limited flight capabilities to save her. Meanwhile, Deku used Blackwhip to catch both of them, as Hawks safely landed with Lady Nagant in his arms.


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When Midoriya said that Nagant knew All For One’s location, Hawks tried to wake her up by telling her that he was her successor in the Commission and that she could still be a hero by revealing All For One’s location. That was when it was revealed that Nagant had survived the explosion as she told Hawks where she was supposed to rendezvous with All For One.

What Happened to Lady Nagant?

As mentioned, All For One gave Lady Nagant the Air Walk Quirk to contend with Deku’s speed and mobility. However, he secretly gave her a self-destruct Quirk that only he could control. This Quirk was All For One’s contingency plan to make sure that Nagant wouldn’t betray him, and that was why she exploded when Deku was about to convince her to join their cause and become a hero once more.

But while the explosion was meant to kill her, Lady Nagant survived but was badly injured. The timing of the arrival of Hawks and the other pro heroes allowed Nagant to survive her wounds, as Hawks told the others to contact an ambulance so that she could receive medical attention.

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Lady Nagant recovered while in the hospital, albeit badly injured. She was supposed to die if the pro heroes didn’t arrive just in time to call an ambulance. As such, she could live through the explosion even though she was too injured to do anything. And the fact that Nagant survived meant she could atone for her sins and properly redeem herself, as death would have been an easy way out for her.

During the Final War arc, Lady Nagant was still too injured to be useful to the pro heroes. However, she got up from her bad against the wishes of the doctors in the hospital so that she could make herself useful. Deku’s resolve fueled her as a hero, so she helped him by taking out Tomura Shigaraki’s arms with her Rifle Quirk before she collapsed due to exhaustion.

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