Who Is Reze from Chainsaw Man? Her Abilities and Devil Explained

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is Reze, one of the series antagonists. A lot of people already know what her role is in the series and what exactly she does, but there are also lots of newcomers trying to understand who is Reze and what are her abilities and which devil she has in Chainsaw Man.

Reze is one of the antagonists of Chainsaw Man and is a hybrid just like Denji. She has the ability to turn herself into the Bomb Devil. She is originally from the Soviet Union and was sent to Japan with the objective of getting her hands on the heart of Chainsaw Man. She was first introduced in the Bomb Devil arc as she befriended Denji to get ahold of his heart.

Reze is a fan-favorite character because of her involvement in the story and how she was first introduced. Since she is so adored, it might be interesting to dive a little deeper into her character and find out what exactly is she capable of.

Who Is Reze From Chainsaw Man?

Reze is one of the most iconic and likable villains from Chainsaw Man and was originally introduced in the Bomb Devil arc. She tricked Denji by faking an interest in him and romantically hitting on him, just so she could get his attention. Reze was doing this to Denji because she was sent by the Gun Devil to capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart.

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At first, Reze was actually one of the children that the Soviet Union took and trained under a top-secret experiment in order to make invincible soldiers that would serve their country. Reze was under extremely strict training and many scientific experiments so that she could become a superhuman. Somehow, a part of the Bomb Devil was inserted into Reze, which turned her into a hybrid, a human with devil powers.

At the end of the series, she is also defeated by Makima and is later controlled by her to serve as one of her minions and attack Denji once again. After these events, Reze is supposed to be alive, but we do not hear from her again.


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What are Reze’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man?

As previously said, Reze has undergone severe military training in the Soviet Union and is quite strong in her human form, capable of doing great damage to anyone. She even has already broken a man’s arm and choked him without any effort whatsoever. She is also unbelievably fast as she has attacked Denji many times without him being capable of reacting.

Reze is also extremely capable of fighting in unarmed combat because of her training and she has an incredible way with knives, which we see her use multiple times.

Reze’s Devil Powers

Since a piece of the Bomb Devil was implemented into Reze when she was undergoing training in the Soviet Union, she now has the powers of the Bomb Devil since she is a human-devil hybrid. Just as any other hybrid, she is capable of quickly recovering by drinking blood, she is even able to regenerate full limbs.

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When transforming into her Devil form, she explodes and is capable of doing many incredible things and acquires a lot of powerful abilities like the ones listed below:

•Headless Decoy

When in her Devil form, Reze is capable of taking her head off her body and using it as a bomb, while the rest of her body is able to move on its own and act as a decoy while the head does its work and explodes.


Reze is able to pull the pin out of her neck just like a grenade and create an explosion powerful enough to destroy almost everything. Even when she explodes, she does not harm herself. She can also use these explosions to further improve her attacks since the explosions might be used to make their blows faster, thus making them hit harder. In addition to it, she uses these explosions to propel herself and go as fast as possible toward her objective.

•Long-Range Explosions

Reze is also capable of creating explosions from a long distance. She is able to launch a spark that will explode when it enters into contact with anything. This ability is strong enough to deal severe damage and even kill people. This is Reze’s way of fighting from a long-range standpoint.


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•Remote Explosions

Reze can take off any of her body parts and use them as bombs, which she can make them explode on command and act like a remote bomb. Taking off her own limbs does not cause her any type of damage and she grows them back instantly without having the need to drink any amount of blood.

•Torpedo Limbs

Any of Reze’s limbs can be turned into torpedoes, as a result, her attacks are even more powerful and explosive. Just like with her other abilities, Reze does not seem to take any damage from using her explosions,

Reze is not only one of the fan-favorite characters, but she is also one of the most creative and strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man series. She was already really popular when the manga was released and she will soon be even more when she gets a chance to appear in the anime adaptation.

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