Why Is Pochita so Powerful in Chainsaw Man? Explained!

Why is Pochita so Powerful in Chainsaw Man? Explained!

In the world of Chainsaw Man, Devils are a race of supernatural creatures that appear all over the world. Devils are born in Hell, and each of them is born with a name that correlates with something that exists and is feared; they manifest according to the collective consciousness that surrounds their names. The Chainsaw Devil embodies the fear of chainsaws, a very natural fear, but Pochita – the embodiment of the Chainsaw Devil in the human world – seemed to be quite cute and not very dangerous at all. Yet, the Chainsaw Devil was the most feared Devil of them all within the Devil community. Why is that so? In this article, we are going to explain why Pochita is so powerful.

Despite looking like a cute puppy, Pochita actually has an un-weakened Devil form, its actual true form, that looks quite menacing. Because the Devil is composed of chainsaws and thus has enormous powers, the Chainsaw Devil is definitely one of the most powerful Devils in the series, if not the most powerful one. It is certainly the only Devil feared by all other Devils and its buzzing is the only thing that the Devils remember from Hell.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Pochita, a.k.a. the Chainsaw Devil. We are going to tell you about its history, as well as its powers and abilities. Since a lot of those have yet to be revealed in the anime series, this article is going to contain a lot of spoilers, which is why you should be careful how you approach it if you don’t want to know anything beforehand.

Why is Pochita so feared in Chainsaw Man?

In order to properly answer this question, we have to go back to Pochita’s history before it met Denji and became a part of his body as a replacement for his heart. The little that is known about Pochita’s past was given by Makima and other Devils, although it is still mostly veiled in mystery. Already in Hell, he was referred to as the Chainsaw Man and had the extraordinary power to consume Devils, as well as to destroy them and their names. This method of exterminating Devils rendered them incapable of reincarnation and eliminated the fear they actually represented, which made Chainsaw Man a menace to Devils everywhere. This earned him the monikers “The Devil that Devils fear the most” and “The Hero of Hell”.

In spite of being repeatedly killed by Devils due to his notoriety, he always managed to rise back up and continue fighting. His strength was both a source of admiration for some Devils, who followed him and a source of dread for others, who fled in an attempt to avoid him. This eventually led to a battle between him, the Four Horsemen, and the Weapon Devils, where he was severely hurt and, according to Makima, reduced to a “completely changed near-death form” (his dog form on Earth has been implied to be that form), before dissipating and ending up on Earth.


Is Pochita Dead in Chainsaw Man? Here’s What Happened

Denji is subsequently discovered by Pochita while grieving at his father’s grave. The Devil initially appeared hostile toward him but immediately collapsed to the ground as a result of his wounds. Denji, feeling sorry for the little guy, offered Pochita his blood to help him heal from his wounds, but only under the condition that the two of them become partners and friends, which made sense because Denji was quite lonely at the time. Pochita would then continue to live and travel with Denji, helping him in his Devil hunting work, as well as his tree-cutting efforts while surviving on the little food and everything else that Denji could afford.

Pochita returns in his true form2C the Chainsaw Man

The Zombie Devil and his zombie-turned-Yakuza attack them both one day, leaving them both fatally injured. Pochita then fused with Denji’s body, taking on the function of his heart while repairing Denji’s injured or missing organs and body parts. Pochita speaks with Denji internally, telling him that in exchange for being his heart, he wants him to show her more of his dreams. And while Pochita’s story with Denji ended with a sad smile, the remainder of Pochita’s history explains why he was so feared among the other Devils.

Namely, Pochita behaves like a dog and communicates solely through barking, unlike the majority of Devils, which is why it doesn’t seem too menacing. Despite this, Pochita showed a lot of wisdom and started communicating with Denji through his mind after merging with Denji. He urges Denji not to open the door multiple times in his dreams by sending him signs. Despite Devils having a difficult time connecting with humans, Pochita had a strong affection for Denji when he spared him from death. He readily opened his heart to Denji in order to help him achieve his goals.

But, when Pochita assumes his real Devil form, his personality becomes much more unstable; as a result, he promptly slaughtered anybody in the diner who displayed even the slightest hatred against him. He subsequently admits to Denji that despite his extraordinary strength, he had always fantasized about holding someone. This enables us to draw the conclusion that negligence and an inability to restrain force are to blame for the deaths in the diner.

Why is Pochita so powerful in Chainsaw Man?

Now that we have explained why Pochita is so feared among the other Devils, we think it’s time to say why he is so powerful. This will, of course, corroborate what we have said about the character in the previous section. The fact that Kishibe was ignorant of historical events like the Holocaust, the Nazis, and even the nuclear bomb indicates that the Chainsaw Devil at some point consumed each of their respective Devils.

This causes the fear they symbolize to disappear from public consciousness while also erasing their physical existence. A chainsaw-like appendage that protrudes from Pochita’s skull may be used like a genuine chainsaw when the cable on her tail is tugged. He is a full Devil with chainsaws on all four of his arms.

Pochita is able to capture more than one opponent by detaching her chainsaw chains from him and using them to wrap around their bodies and draw them closer to him. Beam asserted that the Chainsaw Devil could move swiftly by snagging structures with his chains. He launched his heart from space and recreated his entire body as a full Devil using only that.


Why Does Makima Want Pochita in Chainsaw Man? Explained

Later, Denji used this power to free Pochita from his physical confinement and allow Pochita to mimic him. The Chainsaw Devil was known for its amazing speed, as Beam noted. He was also effortlessly able to attack Makima and the Hybrids before they could even defend themselves. He is so fast that he can move almost instantly, giving the impression that he is teleporting enemies away from him.

The Chainsaw Devil’s body is very tough and can withstand atmospheric entrance burns, explosions, piercing assaults, powerful concussive blasts that can launch it into space, and sonic whips with little to no noticeable effects. Even though weakened by public devotion, he was able to survive Makima’s Thousand Year Spear strike, albeit he was in serious condition thereafter.

Pochita admitted that the Chainsaw Man was so powerful that he was unable of engaging in common social activities like giving or receiving hugs. Even though he was battling hybrids, Quanxi and the Longsword hybrid were easily dispatched by his strong onslaught, which also easily leveled multiple structures.

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