20 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters (Ranked)

20 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters (Ranked)

Chainsaw Man is one of the most talked-about series at the moment, which isn’t a surprise knowing how great and popular the manga was when it initially appeared. The anime adaptation was one of the most anticipated events of the season, along with the return of Bleach, and that is why we are talking about the series at this moment. In this article, we are going to analyze the characters from the series and will bring you a ranked list of the 20 strongest Chainsaw Man characters, including Devils and non-Devils. Enjoy!

20. Himeno

Himenocl edited

A Devil Hunter from Special Section 4, Himeno is a young woman with an eye patch. Secretly in love with Aki, she will never stop trying to convince him to give up the profession of Devil Hunter to live quietly. The Ghost Devil dwells in her right hand and allows her to immobilize someone or eat part of a target she is aiming at. She will sacrifice herself by giving herself completely to her Devil to save the members of the Section.

19. Galgali / Violence Fiend


Galgali, the Violence Fiend, is the next character on our list of the most powerful Chainsaw Man characters. Despite being nicknamed the Violence Fiend, he is extremely polite and direct. He apologized to Beam after beating him up in self-defense and told the Spider Devil to evacuate the area when he mistook her for a human lady.

He still has a significant portion of his human brain, which is unusual for a devil, according to the Violence Fiend. He declares his passion for both peace and love and recalls numerous specifics from his prior existence as a human. He claims that his mask prevents him from eating, but he enjoys treating others since it allows him to enjoy food through his reaction to it.

18. Aki Hayakawa

chainsaw man aki anime

Aki made a contract with the Curse Devil that grants him a blade that resembles a nail. Aki would have to significantly reduce his life in order to use it. Aki directs the nail at an arbitrary part of his foe’s body. The Curse Devil’s hand then materializes and flicks the nail’s back end to cause harm once he whispers the word “fire.”


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By stabbing his enemy three times with the nail, Aki is able to summon the Escape Devil, which grabs the enemy and deals massive damage, killing him in the process. After losing the Fox Devil’s favor, Aki was taken to the Future Devil, who is held captive by Public Security, and managed to get a contract to use his abilities if he lets the Future Devil live in his right eye.

17. Power

power chainsaw man3

In her original form as a devil, Power claimed to be so feared that other devils would flee from her scent, but this is probably just Power boasting. Power can freely manipulate the blood in her body to make weapons. She can also manipulate other people’s blood through direct contact and prevent them from bleeding out, though she admits this is difficult.

Power can also warp her target’s regeneration abilities by mixing in her own blood. Power, a Fiend, may restore her health by ingesting blood. She can also regenerate from little amounts of blood due to the powers of the Blood Devil, simply by ingesting the blood of a more powerful Devil after she dies. Pochita used this talent to absorb herself after Makima defeated Chainsaw Man, by fusing her blood with Denji’s body. Power is deserving of a place on this list, even though she isn’t as high as the other protagonist.

16. Akane Sawatari

Snake Devil eating Ghost Devil

Akane Sawatari was a former civilian devil hunter working with the Gun Devil and she had a contract with a Snake Devil. Not much is known about her and her powers aside from what’s been seen in the series, but this was more than enough to put her on this list. Her Snake Devil is quite powerful and menacing, making Akane an exceptionally strong and powerful opponent.

15. Hirofumi Yoshida

Octopus Devil Arm

Hirofumi Yoshida is a Private Devil Hunter. He is considered by Makima a high-class bodyguard specialist. Hirofumi is also a member of an organization that tasked him with keeping Denji safe during the first part of the manga. It has been revealed that he has a contract with the Octopus Devil, which allows him to summon tentacles at will. Aside from that, he is a hand-to-hand combat specialist, which earned him a place on this list.

14. Curse Devil

Demonio Maldicion

The Curse Devil appears as a huge two-headed skeleton with horns, when called upon; while its left skull has three eye slits and longer teeth, the right skull appears human. The hands and ribcage of the Curse Devil are covered in claws. When the Curse Devil speaks to someone, it appears as a monstrously big mouth or as a pair of sinister lips floating in the shadows. The Curse Devil would materialize, grab the target’s crossed arms, and gravely hurt them by biting their shoulders and neck while squeezing their arms when his contractor repeatedly stabs his target with the nail.

13. Cosmo / Cosmos Devil


Cosmo, the incarnation of the Cosmos Devil, doesn’t exhibit many emotions aside from her usual smiling and seemingly calm demeanor. The Cosmos Devil does not speak except to repeat the word “Halloween” and, like the rest of Quanxi’s girlfriends, follows Quanxi and seems to have a crush on her and is under her command.


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When Cosmo uses her powers on the Master, another version of herself appears during the conversation, which probably happened in the Master’s mind or in her mind, implying that this is her true personality. While she retains her happy demeanor, she is shown to be calmer and able to speak normally, conversing with Master about what is going on. Nevertheless, she is one of the most powerful Chainsaw Man characters.

12. Katana Man

Katana Man

The unnamed grandson of the leader of the yakuza who employed Denji is also on our list because this menacing character is better known as Katana Man, one of the most dangerous and deadliest antagonists of the first part of the manga. Wanting to avenge his grandfather’s death, he is employed by Akane Sawatari to retrieve the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

He hides a blade in one of his hands and turns into the Katana Man. In that form, he is a deadly and powerful swordsman and also a skilled marksman, which is why he deserved a spot among the strongest Chainsaw Man characters.

11. Reze / Bomb Devil


Reze can detonate herself and change into a Hybrid form by pulling a pin on her collar that is similar to a grenade. She can also utilize the same technique to blow her head off and leave a fake version of herself to confuse her foes rather than simply changing. Before Reze shows herself, this decoy can hold and toss its own head, which will then explode like a bomb along with the rest of its body.

Reze has the ability to produce explosions and strengthen her physical strikes by igniting her own skin on the arms. Reze has the ability to detonate them so they explode by ripping them out. She can also fire them by releasing her grip on them. The Bomb Devil’s punches and kicks are more potent since she can turn her exploding limbs into torpedoes. Reze’s explosive force increases her movement by enabling her to set off explosions around her at will. She is also capable of flying in the air with a series of continuous explosions.

10. Angel Devil


The Angel Devil is considered the second strongest agent of Division 4 after Captain Kishibe, but his laziness holds him back. The Angel Devil’s wings are strong enough to deflect gunfire and can be used as improvised shields. The Angel Devil can absorb the life span of humans through physical contact.

If they touch long enough, the affected human will eventually be killed painlessly. This happened when Aki briefly grabbed his hand, to which the Angel Devil estimated that Aki lost two months of his lifespan because of that. The Angel Devil can convert the drained lifespans into weapons with supernatural properties, such as Aki’s katana, which can cut through the normally intangible Ghost Devil.

9. Santa Claus

Doll Devil

Santa Claus is one of the assassins sent after Denji and is one of the more intriguing characters from Chainsaw Man, as well as one of the most powerful ones. Introduced as a German old man, it is later revealed that Santa Claus is a designation for various people. The real body is a Russian woman referred to as a “teacher” by his student Tolka, whom he also turns into a body for her. The teacher has a contract with the Doll Devil and has the ability to turn people into dolls under her control, which becomes part of the mind of Santa’s hive.

Santa Claus enacts a plot to send Denji and several hunters to Hell as sacrifices to the Darkness Devil in exchange for the power to kill Makima. A burning Denji defeats her, and her mind is destroyed by one of Quanxi’s lovers, the Cosmos Devil.

8. Quanxi

Quanxi cl edited

Hirofumi Yoshida has said that Quanxi has a degree of strength that is beyond what is humanly conceivable. She can chop through dozens of people and toys with her swords without slowing down, stopping only when the force of her own attacks has rendered her weapons useless.

Aki Hayakawa and the Angel Devil were both rendered helpless with just one deflected strike. Quanxi has extraordinary speed even in her human form. She was able to cut through an army of puppets made by the Puppet Devil before the initial five Devil Hunters knew they had already been killed by simply racing through them at lightning speed. She did this while remaining hidden from the five Devil Hunters’ sight.


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Quanxi is a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat, and Kishibe considers her one of the best in the world. She is highly specialized in the use of kicks. Within moments, she was able to put Denji, Tamaoki, and Kusakabe out of action using only kicks. Quanxi is a very intriguing Hybrid and the fact that she is in the upper half of our list of strongest Chainsaw Man characters speaks enough about her strengths.

7. Kishibe

csm kishibe

According to Makima, Angel Devil and Kishibe are the two members of Tokyo Special Division 4 with the most strength. Kishibe has described himself as the strongest devil hunter. At least three devils who have been deemed to be “very dangerous” are under contract with Kishibe. Kishibe proved strong enough to defeat two of the devils working for Quanxi by himself, despite being initially disregarded by them as nothing extraordinary.

Knives are an extremely effective weapon in battle for Kishibe. After evading Denji’s strike, he repeatedly stabbed Denji in the back before severing Power’s throat and driving the knife through Denji’s jaw and into his brain. He also possesses remarkable aim, as seen by the skill with which he threw his knife across a narrow space and struck Denji in the head.

6. Gun Devil


The next character on this list of strongest Chainsaw Man characters is the Gun Devil, one of the major antagonists of the first part. The Gun Devil is incredibly fast, capable of killing 1.2 million people in various countries around the world in five minutes. The Gun Devil can shoot bullets from various weapons that are part of his body with great precision and speed.

The Gun Devil is extraordinarily quick and was able to kill 1.2 million people in different nations worldwide in just five minutes. It moved with such speed that parts of its flesh burnt off the body. The Gun Devil can quickly and accurately fire bullets from a variety of weapons that are a part of its body. He can shoot a bullet through the heart of every living thing born in the months of January, February, March, May, June, August, September, and November, or December, as well as through the head of every adult male within a radius of about 1,000 meters, every child up to the age of 12, and every living thing within a radius of about 1,500 meters.

The Gun Devil can discard his own flesh, which resembles bullets due to its own speed and power. When Devils of any kind consume pieces of the Gun Devil’s flesh, the Gun Devil’s power is greatly increased. These bullet parts attract each other and fuse together when touched and will attempt to rejoin the Gun Devil’s main body to regenerate.

5. Hell Devil

Hell Devil

When he manifests, the Hell Devil can appear as a huge hand with six fingers that extends from a portal in heaven that connects to a gate in Hell. This enables the Hell Devil to assign particular people to Hell. The Hell Devil has the ability to send victims from Hell back to the world of the living. As a devil, the Hell Devil can regain his vitality by ingesting blood. After being decapitated by the Chainsaw Devil, a Devil hunter fed him his blood, allowing him to send the Chainsaw Devil to Hell. The Hell Devil is practically immortal because he can be killed and then reincarnated in Hell. These are all general Devil powers, but we don’t really know much about this Devil at the moment.

4. Asa Mitaka / War Devil

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The War Devil is a new addition to the series and it proves to be a very powerful one. Namely, moments before Asa Mitaka’s death, the War Devil made a contract with her where they jointly share control of Mitaka’s body. To make this possible, the War Devil left only one-half of Asa’s brain intact, which, however, does not cause any special problems for the girl. Apparently, the transfer of control over the body can only occur at the request of the War Devil.

The War Devil also has the ability to read Mitaka’s mind, but it doesn’t seem like the girl can do the same for the Devil. When one of them controls the body, the other remains to observe what is happening as an outside observer and is felt only by the controlling side, while not being able to physically interact with the environment.

The War Devil can turn those she has “possessed” into a variety of weapons. It seems that a person must have some level of attraction to a War Devil in order to join her. The War Devil must specify the kind of weapon it wants to make as well as the name of the person he has chosen.

3. Makima / Control Devil

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As expected, the main antagonist of the first part of the manga is going to be – Makima, i.e., the Control Devi. Makima is a girl with a serious but at the same time calm personality, which is denoted when she explains the current situation in a slow and orderly manner, without getting excited. She is always seen maintaining a sympathetic air, at least with Denji when he settles in. On the other hand, she is also very cunning and manipulative.

She threatens Denji with annihilation if he disobeys her while enticing him with the prospect of a romantic or sexual relationship. The Control Devil obviously wants greater power and will do anything to get it. She is cruel and ready to take innocent lives and cause harm to others if it will help her.

Makima is an extreme fan of Chainsaw Man, the “hero from hell.” Fascinated by his ability to remove the embodied concept of a Devil when she eats them, her stated that her goal was to bring Chainsaw Man under her control, using his power to create an “ideal” world without fears, and if she doesn’t, be eaten by Chainsaw Man, as she thinks that it would be an honor for her to be a part of the Chainsaw Devil.

Although Makima never explicitly expressed it, her ultimate desire was to spend the rest of her days with Pochita and be happy with him because she had trouble building close relationships with others who were similar to her, such as her own Control Devil. The Control Devil returns in Part 2 after Makima’s passing, although it’s unclear whether this new incarnation will be as powerful.

2. Darkness Devil

Demonio de la Oscuridad 28manga29

Darkness Devil has one of the most grotesque and disturbing appearances seen in Chainsaw Man so far. This is why we have placed him so high on our list and why he is such a dreaded figure, even among the Devils.

The Darkness Devil is composed of several human bodies joined together, two of which serve as his legs and four others as his torso. Each of these bodies has a distinctive face: the one directly below the neck has no eyes, no nose, and a vertical mouth; the second head has open eyes and its mouth is stitched shut; the third has no nose; its mouth is still open and its eyes are stitched shut; and the fourth has no eyes and retains a grim expression.

His head resembles a pterodactyl’s, complete with curved horns. The first human body is holding what appears to be a robe of darkness with its arms extended. Except for the fact that he will attack anyone he considers as a threat and that he can simply make the limbs of his victims vanish at his whim, very little is known about thisthr Darkness Devil.

1. Denji / Chainsaw Man / Chainsaw Devil


As expected, the most feared among the characters in the series, the one whose motor is the only thing that all Devils remember from Hell, is the Chainsaw Devil, who is currently residing in Denji, known as the Chainsaw Man. Due to his great poverty, lack of education, and improper upbringing as a youngster, Denji is cheeky and ignorant. As a result, he comes off as unpleasant and harsh in a childlike way. Nevertheless, despite his shortcomings, he has a strong sense of empathy for other people and is eager to help those who are in trouble whenever possible.

Despite not necessarily having the finest intelligence, the Chainsaw Devil can devise cunning plans to destroy other devils, as when he once set himself on fire and used light to make Santa Claus vulnerable enough to be killed. Denji is confused about what he wants out in life after achieving his fundamental necessities and becoming a Public Safety Devil Hunter. He regrets the transitory nature of his dream’s realization and worries that he may lose his capacity for empathy, attachment, and even emotion.


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Denji’s need to love and be loved and his emotional damage become more and more apparent as the story progresses. As a coping technique, Denji becomes emotionally dependent on Makima, even expressing to her that his wish was to be her dog without sense. Due to this psychological instability, Denji decided not to kill Makima but to unite with her instead and allow himself to be victorious, which is why he consumed her at the end of Part 1.

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