Who Is Supersonic in The Boys: Meet Miles Gaston Villanueva’s New Character Drummer Boy


The Boys season 3 had a lot of new revelations early on in the series as we were able to meet new characters that added some color to the overall plot of the new seasons. Of course, these characters had a reason for being around in season 3. One such character that we were able to meet quite early was a supe named Supersonic, who ended up playing a somewhat big role in the story. So, who is Supersonic in The Boys?

Supersonic is a supe that joined American Hero, a reality competition that was looking for the two new members of The Seven. It was revealed that Supersonic used to be a member of supe boyband and was formerly Drummer Boy. During his younger years, he also dated Starlight, who is one of the hosts of American Hero.

The addition of Supersonic to The Boys was a welcome one because we needed a fresh injection of superhero talent on the series. Supersonic has also shown himself to be quite the stand-up guy because he doesn’t seem like an asshole like all of the other stuck-up supes. So, with that said, let to know a little more about Miles Gaston Villanueva’s new character on The Boys.

Who Is Supersonic In The Boys?

Season 3 of The Boys has just been released, and it has already kept up with the tradition of introducing new characters to the new season. Of course, these new characters aren’t there for the heck of it because they actually have roles to play in the new season. And some of these new characters are actually supes themselves.

One of the new characters that were introduced quite early in the new season was Supersonic, who went on to have a role that was quite important in Starlight’s character development in the new season. But who is Supersonic in The Boys?

In The Boys: VNN (Seven on 7), Supersonic’s backstory was introduced and explored quite extensively in a short period of time. His backstory was also mentioned in the earlier part of episode 1 of The Boys after the characters attended the premiere of the movie Dawn of The Seven.

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Supersonic, whose real name is Alex, was one of the finalists for the reality competition show called American Hero, which was created for the purpose of recruiting the final two members of The Seven. As his story was told, Supersonic was shown to be quite the capable hero. He has been around for a while as he started off in a boyband group of superheroes, where he was called Drummer Boy. This band released a lot of different singles as Supersonic himself sang one of them during Homelander’s birthday special.


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However, after spending his time with his boy band, he eventually decided that he needed to go solo, and that was when he became Supersonic. It was also explored in his backstory that he actually dated Starlight at one point in the past during their younger years. Hughie also got to learn from Supersonic about some of what Starlight did when they were still young. 

Considering that he was Starlight’s first boyfriend, he was also the one who took her virginity, and that fact didn’t sit well with Hughie at all, especially when he saw that both Alex and Annie were still quite close with one another. There were also instances when Alex and Annie were already borderline flirting with one another.

Supersonic’s exact powers were never shown onscreen in the first three episodes of season 3 of The Boys. However, we do know that he is very strong because he was bicep curling a heavy barbell at one point in the first episode. And while it is yet to be shown, he could also clap his hands and create a sonic boom with it.

What Happened To Supersonic In The Boys Season 3?

At the very beginning of The Boys season 3, Supersonic was introduced as one of the finalists of American Hero, which is a show that is co-hosted by both Homelander and Starlight. Throughout the series, his appearances were all related to the reality competition show that he joined so that he could actually have a chance at joining The Seven.

However, there were also moments wherein he was borderline flirting with Starlight as well, especially considering that they used to date. His close relationship with Starlight actually caused a few problems with Annie and Hughie.

When Annie realized that Homelander was getting more unhinged and mentally disturbed, especially when he didn’t seem like he was fazed when she threatened to release the video of the passenger airplane that he himself destroyed, she met up with Supersonic and told him that he should reject the offer to join The Seven because she didn’t want him to get caught up in the mess that Homelander was stirring up.

However, Supersonic told Starlight that he wanted to join The Seven because he wanted to be there in case Annie needed him. As such, Starlight was quite thankful that she had someone to lean on in The Seven.


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In the filming of the final episode of American Hero, it was announced that the first remaining slot for The Seven would go to Supersonic while the second slot would go to the returning hero, The Deep. Right then and there, Homelander also made the unilateral announcement that he and Starlight were in love as Annie had no choice but to go along with it because she feared what he might do.

Considering that Supersonic is now a member of The Seven and that he is aware of how unstable Homelander is, it is possible that he will be one of Starlight’s allies in the internal conflict she has with the powerful and unhinged supe. And that could also mean that there is a big chance that he would end up dying at the hands of Homelander at some point in the future of season 3 of The Boys.

Who Plays Supersonic In The Boys?


The one portraying Supersonic in The Boys is an actor named Miles Gaston Villanueva, who has been around for a while already despite being relatively young. He has been acting since 2007 and has since been appearing in TV shows.

Miles Gaston Villanueva first appeared in 2007 in a short film called Stricken as an extra. After that, he played another small role in The Mystic (2011) before appearing in a few episodes of a 2014 TV show called Days of our Lives. Villanueva also played a part in The Young and the Restless, a TV series that ran from 2013 to 2016, and in Jane the Virgin in 2016.

It was later in the 2010s that he had bigger roles in TV shows that were more popular than the ones he appeared in earlier. He played the role of a young doctor in the medical drama show called The Resident. After that, he played a supporting role in the 2020 fantasy horror version of Nancy Drew. Finally, he landed the role of Supersonic in season 3 of The Boys, which is arguably the biggest production he has been on in his entire career.

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