Why Did Usopp Fight Luffy in One Piece? Explained!

Why Did Usopp Fight Luffy in One Piece? Explained!

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga has brought us a series of amazing and memorable fights. Most of them involved Luffy fighting his enemies, but one fight among them all stood out because it was a truly heartbreaking one, both because of the reasons behind it, and the characters involved. Namely, at one point in the story, Usopp decides to fight Luffy, knowing that he was nowhere near Luffy’s level of power. The fight ended just as you’d expect it, which is why we are not going to do a comparison of the two characters in this article, but rather explain why the fight happened.

When Luffy tells him that the crew is going to separate from the Going Merry because she has become irreparable, Usopp does not accept this decision and decides to leave the crew by challenging Luffy to a battle with the Going Merry as a reward. The beginning sees Usopp overpowering Luffy, but he is eventually beaten in a single blow. After his defeat, Usopp is left alone on the Going Merry and gets kidnapped by the Franky Family.

The rest of this article is going to answer several crucial questions. You’re going to find out all the details related to the fight between Usopp and Monkey D. Luffy, which you will see presented in the form of a retelling of the events that led to the fight, as well as the fight itself. Everything you ever wanted to know about this fight will be available in our article and that is why this article is going to contain a lot of spoilers so be careful how you approach it.

Why did Usopp fight Luffy in One Piece?

The story behind the fight between Usopp and Monkey D. Luffy actually concerns the Straw Hats’ first ship, the Going Merry, a ship that everyone adored, but also a ship that, at one point, had to be replaced by the current ship, the Thousand Sunny. So, what happened to the Going Merry that caused such a crack in the relationship between Usopp and Luffy? Let us see!

During the Skypiea arc, the ship reaches the White Sea, where she is attacked by Wiper. The ship’s Klabautermann appears during one night to repair the vessel. Usopp and Chopper later return to the Going Merry carrying Robin, frozen by Aokiji, and try to melt the ice by using hot water in the bathroom. Nami also comes aboard shortly after and helps unfreeze Robin, which they do after Zoro and Sanji also melt the ice on their limbs into the sea. The two then run to the rescue of Luffy, left to face the admiral alone. Later the two return to the ship bringing back the captain, who is also completely frozen.

The vessel remains anchored in Long Ring Long Land for four days before setting sail. On the morning of the third day of sailing, the ship reverses course as Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Chopper intend to chase a freestyle swimming toad. However, they stop when they hear a strange sound, reversing course again just in time, as a train hurtles by the ship. The latter is then docked at the Shift Station to allow part of the crew to disembark and obtain information. She resumed sailing shortly after, reaching Water Seven.

Arriving at a promontory, the crew drops anchor, but while they are lowering the sails, the main mast breaks. All the crewmembers disembark around the ship, except for Zoro, who remains on the ship to rest. Shortly after, several members of the Franky Family come aboard, but the swordsman easily defeats them all. Later Kaku gets on the ship to check the damage, from which he gets off after deducing that it is not repairable, reporting it to Zoro.


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Sanji and Chopper later return aboard and the swordsman updates them on the matter. At that point Nami returns and informs the companions that the Franky Family stole their 200,000,000 Berrys after beating Usopp, indicating where to find the latter and the Franky House. The Navigator then remains alone on the ship to protect the remaining 100,000,000 Berrys. Luffy, Zoro, Chopper, and Sanji return carrying Usopp.

Recovered, Luffy tells him what happened and the decision to change ship, which leads the two to argue. The sniper gets off the ship and Chopper follows, but then returns when Usopp chases him away. At ten o’clock in the evening, Luffy disembarks to fight against Usopp, who had challenged him to get the ship. Once defeated, the crew removes all belongings from the Going Merry, which is left by the Straw Hat to the sniper, who goes back to it after treating himself. He then begins to repair it.

Given the imminent arrival of the Acqua Laguna, Franky decides to transport the ship to the warehouse under the bridge. Here Usopp continues with the repairs, but the cyborg uproots a piece of the hull just fixed to make it clear to the pirate that the ship can no longer sail. However, the sniper does not give up, however shortly after Kaku crashes the ship into the sea. The Going Merry runs aground on the coast of Water Seven.

The ship’s Klabautermann manages to get in touch with Iceburg, asking whether they will allow him to sail one last time. The Going Merry thus reaches Enies Lobby, where she takes the crew and Franky to safety so that they are not captured by the Navy. The ship’s bow breaks off on the return journey to Water Seven. Luffy thanks her for taking them to that point and then sets them on fire.

Usopp vs. Luffy: Who won?

Usopp makes his way back to the meeting spot at 10 p.m. as promised to fight Luffy. No matter what happens, Luffy advises him not to look back with regret. Usopp responds that he is prepared to overcome Luffy since, unlike their previous adversaries, he is fully aware of his abilities. He invites Luffy to come prepared with everything.

Usopp uses his Ketchup arsenal to simulate spitting blood when Luffy fires a Gomu Gomu no Pistol at him. Concerned, Luffy halts in his tracks at this. Usopp mocks him for showing compassion for his adversaries, blinds him with a dial, and then shoots rotten eggs at his former captain with his slingshot. Usopp is urged by Luffy to treat their fight seriously.


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As Usopp throws shurikens at him, entangling them in chains, and telling Luffy that he won’t give him a chance for vengeance, Luffy is forced to move backward to avoid being hit. He is surrounded by smoke. Because of the bad eggs, Usopp claims that the smoke is coming from the Breath Dial. A large explosion caused by Usopp’s explosive ball causes the ship to be thrown back to land. Luffy pauses to contemplate the landscape while recalling previous encounters with Usopp.

When Luffy attempts to employ a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, Usopp blocks him with a dial impact, turning him against him while absorbing the carry of Luffy’s punches and hurting him in the recoil. Usopp had fired his final shot. He stays there because of sheer stupidity and utilizes the Gomu Gomu no Bullet to strike him in the chest, knocking him out and taking the victory.

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