Demon Slayer: Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow? The Anomaly Explained!

Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow? The Anomaly Explained!

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the most intriguing characters in the whole Demon Slayer series. Seemingly a coward, Zenitsu has actually proven himself to be a very capable and powerful Demon Slayer, but also a troubled one, as he feels constant guilt for not being able to stop his master from committing suicide. The events from his past had a very clear influence on his personality, and in this article, we are going to explore that. It is a known fact that every Demon Slayer gets a Kasugai Crow for communication, but Zenitsu is the only one who got a Kasugai Sparrow and in this article, we are going to explain why that is.

The sparrow symbolizes someone gentle and good-natured, which is quite compatible with Zenitsu and his personality. As he is the timidest member of the group, it is befitting that he received a sparrow instead of a crow. But, as Zenitsu has a tougher side, so does the sparrow, especially when it is encouraging Zenitsu, which is why the sparrow is also a reflection of Zenitsu’s personality.

The rest of this article will provide you with more information about Zenitsu, his personality, and his story within the Demon Slayer series. We will explain how his personality is related to the fact that he received a sparrow instead of a crow. We must warn you, though, that this article might contain some spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

What are Kasugai Crows in Demon Slayer?

Kasugai Crows

The Demon Slayer Army uses crows called Kasugai Crows largely for communication. They are each paired with a Demon Slayer. To the members they have identified, they deliver missions. These crows are unique because they have a limited vocabulary and may communicate in loud, complex sentences. Except for Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Ukogi, which is, in reality, a sparrow instead of a crow and can’t truly speak, and the crow paired with Muichiro Tokito, which has feminine eyelashes and can, most of the time, speak normally, they all generally look and sound the same.


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Why is Zenitsu’s Kasugai Crow a sparrow?

No official reason why Zenitsu was paired with a sparrow instead of a crow was given. All known Demon Slayers had a crow, and Zenitsu is the only known member of the Corps who was paired with a different bird species. Therefore, we do not know if this is an anomaly or if other bird species are also present in the series, as the series never discussed this problem further. But, based on what we know about Zenitsu, the sparrow may symbolize his personality.

Namely, in Japanese folklore, a sparrow symbolizes “the soft demeanor of deep thinkers,” i.e., a person who is kind, gentle, and timid. That this fits Zenitsu is illustrated by the fact that the kanji for “goodness” and “virtue” (善) is seen in Zenitsu’s name. But, aside from that straightforward symbolism, Zenitsu’s personality is also completely befitting of the symbolism that the sparrow represents.

Zenitsu is known as a huge coward who constantly complains that his time in this world is running short because he is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, which he considers a dangerous job. Zenitsu, despite his incredible strength, has a very low sense of self and finds it hard to believe he killed a devil. Instead, he thought it was Shoichi, who was too young and unable to kill a devil. Zenitsu constantly cries and tries to flee when she sees danger since he is so terrified. He asserts that he prefers to lead a quiet, regular life to that of a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.


Zenitsu strives to uphold all of the standards and expectations that the other characters have set, despite his flaws. He always gives his all when it counts. He respects and even admires his fellow soldiers. He also thinks highly of Jigoro Kuwajima, his late teacher. If he finds himself in a tight spot, his desire for vengeance always helps him put his timidity behind him.

This first part definitely fits the symbolism of the sparrow as a timid and gentle bird. Still, like Zenitsu, his sparrow had a very brave side and was also, like Zenitsu, prone to tantrums, especially when quarreling with Zenitsu himself. In this aspect, the sparrow is thus not just a symbolic representation of Zenitsu’s personality. It is the very embodiment of that personality and the layered nature of Zenitsu as a character. It seems small and weak, like Zenitsu, but it actually has a very brave side and is willing to help others when needed.

As you can see, Zenitsu is quite a layered character with a lot to explore when he is concerned. Initially, he was introduced as a failed “womanizer” and a major coward. Still, as the series progressed, while he did remain a failed “womanizer” and a major coward, layers are added to these traits. Zenitsu becomes a much more intriguing character than just the two-dimensional chicken we’ve seen when we first met him, adding some extra meaning to the symbolism of his sparrow.


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With the revelation of his background and history, a lot has been added to his personality, and he became a three-dimensional character with space for improvement. And that aspect was executed brilliantly because, as the series progressed, Zenitsu changed for the better, and by the time the story ended, although he did not change completely, he was a much better and nobler character than he was at the very beginning. And with this, we have explained the symbolism of Zenitsu’s sparrow and why he has that species of bird and not a crow like all the other Demon Slayers. It is a very fitting symbol as far as Zenitsu is concerned and a great piece of character development on the author’s side, as he managed to make Zenitsu stand out in more ways than one.