Why Is Kakashi Called the Copy Ninja?

Why Is Kakashi Called the Copy Ninja?

Although not one of the principal protagonists, Kakashi Hatake was nevertheless one of the best and most beloved characters from Masahi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise. The guy had a very specific approach to life. Because of his great relationship with the protagonist trio, Kakashi has become a fan-favorite character, so fans always ask questions about him. Kakashi Hatake is known as Copy Ninja Kakashi, and in this article, we will tell you why he received that nickname in the series.

Kakashi Hatake received the nickname Copy Ninja Kakashi because he supposedly copied over a thousand various techniques, making him one of the most skilled shinobi in the series. This arsenal is something that Kakashi was able to build thanks to his Sharingan, which enabled him to effectively copy all of these techniques.

The rest of this article will focus on Kakashi Hatake and his powers and abilities, focusing on the Sharingan and how it enabled Kakashi to become so powerful. You’ll find out how the Sharingan helped Kakashi and how powerful and skilled the shinobi is. Kakashi Hatake’s importance for the series is difficult to overstate, so he deserves a solo article.

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most powerful characters in the series

The main thing with Kakashi Hatake is that he is exceptionally skilled, with probably, the most versatile set of powers and abilities in the whole series. The fact that he has so many techniques earned him the nickname Copy Ninja Kakashi, as he is – supposedly – able to use more than a thousand techniques that he has been able to copy with the help of his Sharingan, the one he received from Obito. Now, since there is no real story behind this nickname save for what we have told you, we are going to tell you just how powerful Kakashi really is because this article is almost exclusively about that segment of this intriguing character.

Kakashi is a natural genius, evidenced by the fact that he graduated from the Ninja Academy at the age of five, became a Chūnin at six, and a Jonin at thirteen, in addition to having had a long career as ANBU. During his career as a ninja, he has learned more than a thousand techniques (mainly by copying them through the Sharingan), being a Konoha expert in said field.

His chakra level experiences a large increase between the first and second parts, increasing the number of times he can use Raikiri per day (six times), with the addition that he has enough Chakra left to use his Mangekyō Sharingan. He is frequently entrusted with important tasks (such as keeping an eye on Naruto in case the Nine-Tailed Fox’s seal begins to fail), eventually rising to assume the position of Hokage.


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Kakashi relies heavily on his mastery of Ninjutsu, of which he has a vast arsenal due to his Sharingan, of which Kakashi has been said to have copied a thousand techniques. With this arsenal, he can attack or defend against his opponents in numerous ways.

He has also shown to have impressive skills in Genjutsu. He has shown to be very skilled in Taijutsu, which, combined with his impressive speed, is able to effectively catch his opponents off guard and evade attacks. His Taijutsu skill has great level, thus being able to be on par with Hidan, defending himself only with a Kunai and without receiving a single scratch, knowing that Hidan was a member of Akatsuki, who had Taijutsu as his main form of combat, in addition to the fact that Kakuzu supported him.

Interestingly, Kakashi’s Sharingan, which we mentioned as the source of his copying ability, is a gift from Obito Uchiha. It allowed him to copy any jutsu, see through any Genjutsu, perform Genjutsu, and predict the opponent’s moves. However, because Kakashi has no Uchiha blood, he cannot deactivate the Dojutsu and loses a large amount of Chakra when using it.

For his great mastery, he has received praise from other expert users, such as Obito and Sasuke, who acknowledged that despite being a borrowed power, he has completely mastered it. Kakashi further enhanced his Sharingan by developing his own Mangekyō Sharingan in the original Naruto series. He awakened the visual jutsu on par with Obito Uchiha right after he impaled his teammate Rin when Kirigakure ninjas surrounded them.

In addition, he has managed to master a jutsu of his new Sharingan, called Kamui. This eye technique can manipulate space and is able to suck in targets or even rip off parts of a target and send them to another dimension, as well as being able to use this technique on itself to teleport from one place to another in an instant.

He masters both taijutsu and fūinjutsu. His taijutsu is, according to Naruto, as good as Lee’s. He also fought on equal terms in a taijutsu fight with Hidan and his scythe. His knowledge of Fûinjutsu is also recognized by Orochimaru because Kakashi knew how to stem the cursed mark of Sasuke. Despite all of his powerful techniques, combat experience, and intelligence, his greatest flaw is his limited chakra reserve as he himself admits.

However, do not believe that he does not have many, far from it, but compared to Naruto or Sasuke, he pales in comparison. During the war, he seized Zabuza’s sword and used it to face the seven sword ninjas. He reinforced his with lightning chakra, which allowed him to literally slice Kisame’s master in half.


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And this is a general overview of Kakashi’s abilities. We have explained why Kakashi received his nickname, that of the Copy Ninja, and this article gave us a brief overview of some of his powers and abilities, but this is only a small segment. As we have said, he has acquired more than 1,000 techniques, and not even the canon manga revealed absolutely all of them. But we think that this overview will provide you with enough information to get an idea of how powerful Kakashi actually is.

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