Who Are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man?

Who Are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man?

The plot of Chainsaw Man is still evolving and while we thought that Makima was the biggest threat in the series, Part 2 revealed that there are much more dangerous foes waiting for Denji in the upcoming characters. The characters we are going to talk about today have already been mentioned in the world of Chainsaw Man, but we did not know much about them until Part 2 began, not long ago. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the Four Horsemen from Chainsaw Man. Let’s find out who are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man.

The Four Horsemen were a group of four powerful Devils who represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Christian mythology. There are many implications that Makima was affiliated with the Four Horsemen and was present during the Four Horsemen’s battle with the Weaponized Devils against Pochita. The other Horsemen are the recently-introduced War Devil and the currently unknown Death and Hunger Devils.

In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce the Four Horsemen from the world of Chainsaw Man. We are going to tell you about their history and their members, so you know who they are and how powerful they are. We still don’t have all information available, so this article is surely going to be updated in the future.

Who are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man?

The Four Horsemen are shrouded in mystery they are a group of four powerful Devils, even Makima’s past is largely unknown, with very little information provided by Makima herself. The Four Horsemen and the Gun Devil once engaged in a brutal battle against Pochita in Hell, but at the height of the battle, Pochita disappeared and was reduced to a completely different form, near death, and somehow ended on earth.

Making the Four Horsemen unable to find him. Makima reveals the existence of the Four Horsemen, describing how she, the Horsemen, and the Weapon Devils all fought Pochita before the battle suddenly ended after Pochita suddenly disappeared. With the Hybrids present, she announces that the interrupted battle can finally end, and orders the Hybrids to attack Chainsaw Man.


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After seemingly succeeding in defeating Chainsaw Man and taking control over him, Makima is suddenly cut down by Denji with a chainsaw. Through a loophole, Denji annuls the Devil’s contract Makima had with the Prime Minister of Japan that gave him almost nil immortality and kills her by eating her entire body. The Control Devil soon reincarnates as Nayuta, a young girl from China.

Kishibe finds out and has her taken back to Japan, where he leaves her in Denji’s care, believing Denji to be the best choice to take care of Nayuta. The Four Horsemen are the only individuals who still remember the names of the Devils that were devoured by Chainsaw Man and ceased to exist in the world, such as “Nuclear Weapon”. However, this may be valid until their death and reincarnation, as their memories are also reset every time they incarnate, as shown in the case of Makima and Nayuta.

Who are the members of the Four Horsemen?

In this article, we are going to introduce the known members of the Four Horsemen and their powers. The members of the Four Horsemen are:

1. The Control Devil (Makima / Nayuta)


Makima due to her being The Control Devil has been shown to control any being she believes to be inferior to her, even being able to force them to make contracts with her or another Devil, appearing to cause the victim to subsequently lose their memory. Also, she can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through a chain connected to her body, even those of deceased people can be controlled in this way.

Makima has shown that she causes her target to be crushed by an invisible force, but she requires a higher place, the target’s name, and a human sacrifice. Makima has been shown to kill her targets if she looks at a person, apparently being crushed from within; she deals damage to targets she points at with her and her index finger.


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She can remove the heads of nearby targets from close to medium range using a sword. These abilities are similar to those of the Darkness Devil and the Gun Devil, though it is unknown if Makima gained them. Makima has been shown to transmit her voice to others by placing her hand on their head, even if the person is dead; she uses this to command Devils that the person is currently contracted with.

Makima has been shown to control a large number of rats which allows him to travel using them; these rats can then group together to form the shape of a human being and thus allow Makima to be transported to that location instantly. Makima borrows the hearing of rats, birds, and other lower life forms to listen in on conversations remotely, seemingly anywhere on the planet and possibly stretching all the way to Hell itself. Nayuta’s powers are still unknown.

2. Death Devil (Unknown)

At this moment, we have absolutely no information about the Death Devil, save for the fact that he exists as a supposed member of the Four Horsemen. More information about the Death Devil is certainly going to be revealed later in the series.

3. War Devil (Asa Mitaka)

War asa

Asa Mitaka is shaping up to be the next villain of Chainsaw Man. Moments before Asa’s death, the War Devil made a contract with her where they jointly share control of Mitaka’s body. To make this possible, the War Devil left only one-half of Asa’s brain intact, which, however, does not cause any special problems for the girl. Apparently, the transfer of control over the body can only occur at the request of the War Devil.

The War Devil also has the ability to read Mitaka’s mind, but it doesn’t seem like the girl can do the same for the Devil. When one of them controls the body, the other remains to observe what is happening as an outside observer and is felt only by the controlling side, while not being able to physically interact with the environment.

With Chainsaw Man destroyed, the contract will be terminated and Mitaka will regain control of his body. Up to this point, the War Devil can completely take over Mitaka’s brain and guide her body alone, however, she considers such an outcome undesirable and is ready to resort to it only as a last resort. When the War Devil replaces Mitaka, the girl gets scars on her face and the characteristic eyes of the War Devil.


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In this state, Mitaki exhibits the traits of a fiend: she has a deformed head and no control over her body. After they change back, the resulting appearance attributes disappear. It is unknown if they exist in reality or only in Mitaka’s mind. In “hallucination” form, the War Devil appears as Mitaka with flowing hair, demonic eyes, and facial scars; in the same form, Mitaka’s appearance does not change in any way.

The ability to observe what is happening as a “ghost” while the Devil controls her body did not appear immediately for Mitaka. Apparently, she was absent during the murder of the head girl and the school teacher, but at home, she remembers this event after being reminded by the Devil.

The War Devil is able to easily create all sorts of weapons from people she has “possessed”. In order for a person to belong to a War Devil, they must apparently experience some degree of sexual or romantic attraction to her. To create a weapon, War Devil needs to name the type of device desired and the name of the selected person.

Asa Mitaka (War Devil) has created the following weapons so far:

  1. Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword: A curved long sword with a massive blade at the end. Made from Tanaka’s spinal cord, torn out along with his head. Sharp enough to cut through flesh effortlessly. It is worth noting that this metamorphosis did not lead to the death of Tanaka, and he was in agony for some time. Tanaka was considered the property of the War Devil, as he was attracted to Asa.
  2. Flesh Hand Grenade: A hand grenade crafted from the severed hand of a girl who made a contract with the Justice Devil. To create this grenade, the War Devil did not need to name the girl. Perhaps the head girl’s severed arm was treated as a separate item from her, making it unnecessary for the War Devil to possess the girl.

As a Devil, she can make contracts with humans. She can also regenerate her health by consuming blood. As a Devil, after dying on earth, she is reborn in Hell, making her effectively immortal. The War Devil can possess the bodies of dead people and is proficient with all forms of human-made weapons.

She has shown skills in swordsmanship, as, with the help of a sword, the War Devil easily defeated the girl who made a contract with the Justice Devil. The War Devil can also handle hand grenade-type of weapons with ease.

4. Hunger Devil (Unknown)

At this moment, we have absolutely no information about the Hunger Devil, save for the fact that he exists as a supposed member of the Four Horsemen. More information about the Hunger Devil is certainly going to be revealed later in the Chainsaw Man series.

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