Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Is Sukuna Interested in Megumi?


Ever since the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, we have seen how resistant Yuji Itadori is to the possession of Ryomen Sukuna, who is known as the King of Curses. Despite the fact that he ate one of Sukuna’s fingers and was supposed to get taken over by the evil cursed spirit, Yuji retained control over his body but sometimes allowed Sukuna to take over, especially in tough situations. Sukuna, however, fought Megumi Fushiguro after taking over Yuji’s body but didn’t kill him due to how interested he was in Megumi. So, why is Sukuna so interested in Megumi?

It is yet to be revealed why Sukuna is interested in Megumi, but the possible reason why Sukuna is so interested in Megumi is due to his power. Megumi possesses the Ten Shadows Technique, which allows him to summon shikigami in battle. It is possible that Sukuna wants Megumi to perfect this technique so that he can possess a shikigami.

The fact that Sukuna is so interested in Megumi is such an important part of the future of Jujutsu Kaisen because it allows Megumi to have a possible role in the development of the storyline involving Sukuna and Yuji. It is even possible that Megumi is the key ingredient needed for the eventual return of the King of Curses. Now, let’s look at the reason why Sukuna is interested in Megumi.

Is Sukuna In Love With Megumi?

During the beginning of the Jujutsu Kaisen storyline, we saw that Yuji Itadori was willing to do anything for other people when he ate Sukuna’s finger despite the fact that Megumi tried to tell him otherwise. Eating Sukuna’s finger allowed him to obtain cursed energy, which allowed him to defeat the cursed spirit that attacked his classmates. However, instead of getting taken over by Sukuna’s spirit, Yuji showed unusual tolerance to the King of Curses as he was still able to have full control over his body.

Of course, the very reason why they wanted to make sure that Yuji wasn’t going to get taken over by Sukuna was the fact that he is the most powerful cursed spirit and is an exceptionally dangerous entity that could put the entire world in danger if ever he was going to get revived. But the fact that Yuji showed tolerance to Sukuna’s possession allowed him to become the vessel of the King of Curses and an important part of the student body of the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College when he was forced to transfer there so that the Jujutsu sorcerers could keep an eye on him.


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However, during a mission, Yuji was forced to allow Sukuna to take over his body so that they could defeat an exceptionally powerful cursed spirit. Sukuna didn’t allow Yuji to regain control over his body, as Megumi was forced to fight the King of Curses. Despite the fact that he was far from his full power, Sukuna easily defeated Megumi, who used his Ten Shadows Technique to summon shikigami to battle.

But instead of killing Megumi, Sukuna allowed Yuji to take over his body once more. In that regard, Sukuna didn’t kill Megumi when he had a chance to do so. So, does that mean that Sukuna is actually in love with Megumi?

Sukuna isn’t in love with Megumi. Instead, he was only interested in the young Jujutsu sorcerer after seeing his power in action. Of course, Megumi was still weak at that time, but Sukuna was impressed by the young man’s power and technique when they first fought one another. That was when the King of Curses decided to spare Megumi instead of killing him.

Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?

As mentioned, Sukuna showed interest in Megumi in battle after witnessing his technique. But that didn’t mean that Sukuna was actually in love with Megumi. Instead, it only meant that he was interested in him. So, why is Sukuna so interested in Megumi that he allowed him to live?

There hasn’t been any confirmed reason why Sukuna is so interested in Megumi. However, it is possible that his interest in the young Jujutsu sorcerer was fueled by the fact that Megumi possesses a rare and powerful gift. And we are talking about the Ten Shadows Technique.

The Ten Shadows Technique is a power that is passed down in the Zenin Family but is incredibly rare. In fact, Megumi is the only one who is confirmed to have this power out of all of the members of the Zenin Family.

This power allows Megumi to summon shikigami in battle. The shikigami are spirits with their own body, as Megumi could summon the at will and use them in any fight. He can summon up to ten of these spirits to aid him in a battle. Of course, when Megumi fought Sukuna, he was yet to master this technique and was still improving his control over the spirits that he summons.

Meanwhile, we all know that Sukuna struggles to take over Yuji’s body despite the fact that Yuji has already eaten more than a few of his fingers. This implies that Sukuna is unable to fully take control over Yuji’s body and would never return to life as long as Yuji is capable of resisting his attempts to control his body.

Considering that Sukuna will never be able to return to life, even if Yuji were to eat all of his fingers, he needs a new body that he could easily take over. And that is where Megumi and his Ten Shadows Technique come in.


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Considering that the shikigami aren’t really as powerful as Yuji in terms of their mental fortitude, it is possible that it would be easier for Sukuna to take over the body of one of the shikigami if ever he could find a way to transfer his power to them. That means that the possible reason why Sukuna is so interested in Megumi is that he wants him to master the Ten Shadows Technique to such an extent that he can create and summon a body that Sukuna could possess without any trouble.

In that regard, Megumi should have a big role in the main storyline of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime, especially when it comes to the impending revival of the King of Curses. And it would be interesting to see how Sukuna would manipulate Megumi into summoning a body that he could inhabit.

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