Will Bakugo Come Back to Life in My Hero Academia?

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My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular anime and manga in the industry and has introduced many incredible characters and their subplots over the years. One of its most adored characters is the protagonist’s childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo. During the recent chapters of the manga, Bakugo has found himself in some really tough situations, where he was even declared dead by some fans. However, there seems to still be hope for his characters as we hope Bakugo will come back to life and continue his journey.

At this point, it is believed Bakugo will come back to life in My Hero Academia. Even though his heart was destroyed, the ninja hero Edgeshot sacrifices his life in order to become Bakugo’s new heart and give life back to him. He has yet to succeed, but fans do believe Bakugo will get up again.

We still do not know Bakugo’s fate, so let’s just take our time and have a look at how it all got to this point and discuss if he will actually come back to life.

What Happened to Bakugo in My Hero Academia?

During the Final War arc in the manga, despite the huge explosion, Tomura received to the head from him, Bakugo was still helpless against Tomura, who managed to smash his arm and severely scar the right side of his face, reminding him that this was the reason it would continue to fail against him. He continues to say that he has lost interest in him and that he has no further desire for him.

Mirko, Edgeshot, and Best Jeanist try to stop him from sending out another wave of fingers. Bakugo is knocked to the side by Tomura, who then dispatches the three others with his immense power after making fun of them and questioning who thought it was a good idea to try to get near him.

Bakugo makes an effort to get up, but his injuries are significant, and he flinches at how great the power gap actually is. Tomura observes him and remarks that neither his ideas nor sentiments caught his attention; rather, the only element that does so is the fact that he is more closely related to Izuku than any other person.

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Izuku’s condition is requested by Eraser Head from Mandalay, but she is unable to contact him because the electromagnetic waves created by Tomura are interfering with their communications. Bakugo still needs to complete his studies at U.A. in order to emerge as the Number One Hero, and Tomura is poised to kill him, so Eraser Head appeals to anybody who can help save Bakugo.

Izuku was also meant to be present, and Tomura stomps Bakugo’s skull to the ground while realizing this and hoping that he will show up soon. Tomura tells Bakugo that it’s a good thing his quirks are deleted because it means he’ll be leaving a body behind as he attempts to fight back and assault once more, but Bakugo is kicked by Tomura, his final bracelet is destroyed, and he is grabbed by the throat.


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He thinks it’ll make a great gift for him because he recalls how furious Izuku was when he wounded Bakugo during the War. Tomura mocks Bakugo, telling him that regardless of how much he tries, he’ll always live in Izuku’s shadow even after all the years he has looked up to and wanted to be like All Might.

While Mirio and the Big 3 proceed to combat Tomura, Mirio uses his ability to rescue Bakugo from the turmoil and throws him to Best Jeanist for protection. Bakugo is moved to the side by Best Jeanist, who plans to repair his arm because they still require his firepower. Best Jeanist realized that despite everything he had recently been through, Bakugo was still planning to fight with wrath and determination in his eyes.

When “Tomura” tries to approach Bakugo to kill him, the Big 3 keep attacking to divert his attention while Best Jeanist gets ready to defend Bakugo. Bakugo manages to rise up despite the extensive damage to his body, despite Best Jeanist’s repeated requests for him to halt, as “Tomura” turns around to face him after dealing with the Big 3.

Bakugo rushes in the direction of “Tomura,” successfully dodging all of his blows with the help of his explosive speed. Bakugo, whose body is aching, understands that Izuku has been following this path all along and starts to wonder if he will ever be capable of catching up to him.

Just as “Tomura” is preparing to attack him directly, Bakugo and All Might meet in a white void. Bakugo tells him that ever since they first met, there has been so much happening that he never got his chance to ask All Might about something. He then pulls out his All Might trading card and laments the fact that he never got his autograph.

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Despite the combined efforts of the Heroes to save Bakugo, “Tomura” strikes him at that precise moment, breaking his heart and leaving him terminally wounded. Bakugo’s lifeless body falls on the floor with a massive hole in his chest while Best Jeanist shouts about his heart.


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Is Bakugo Alive in My Hero Academia?

Even though we are not completely sure, it is believed Katsuki Bakugo is still alive but extremely close to meeting his end. During the most recent chapters of the manga, as Midoriya finally reaches the battlefield and starts his fight against Shigaraki Tomura, we get to know Bakugo’s status.

As Midoriya analyzes the battlefield, he notices how everyone is beaten up and unable to fight, leading him to believe they are either dead or extremely hurt, which makes him get frustrated and full of anger. In an attempt to calm Midoriya, Mirio states that, in fact, everyone is still alive and breathing, including Bakugo.

So despite being very close to actually dying, Bakugo is still alive.

Will Bakugo Survive in My Hero Academia?

After Bakugo was beaten up by Tomura, a hurt Edgeshot arrives and claims that as the ninja hero, he has snuck into so many bodies and is comfortable with all of them, using his ability to implant his body inside Bakugo’s.

He says they cannot afford to forfeit the life whose heart stopped. Edgeshot responds that he will leave everything else up to Best Jeanist and offers to make up for whatever is missing in Bakugo’s heart, even though Best Jeanist warns him that he won’t be able to recover from it. Edgeshot performs his special move while recalling their time in the U.A. and vows to turn himself into Bakugo’s heart.

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Edgeshot cleans his own body with a bubble Wash gave him before entering Bakugo’s. Once inside, he starts stitching up his internal organs. However, his method gradually has an adverse effect on his own life because of the harsh conditions for how skinny he has made himself.


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At this point, we do not know if Edgeshot will succeed in the task he gave himself, but fans do believe it will work, as Bakugo is a really adored and incredible character no one wants to see dead.

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