Minecraft: You Can’t Set a Time Limit, but Here Are the Alternatives

You Cant Set a Time Limit on Minecraft But Here Are the Alternatives

Getting lost in Minecraft and all the building and accomplishing your goals for that day is easy. What you planned on being just a quick little trip to the Nether to create a fully automatic farm to start working on your new build can turn into you dying multiple times, getting distracted and trying to make a different farm, and going caving because you realized you’re missing a crucial material. Whatever happens in your Minecraft sessions, truth be told, it’s very time-consuming, and it’s easy to spend 5 hours playing without even realizing it. With that said, can you set a time limit on Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Depending on what version of Minecraft your child is playing, you can set a time limit on Minecraft in different ways.
  • If your child is playing Minecraft via computer, you can set time limits using a Microsoft account.
  • The same applies to PS4, Xbox, mobile phones, and other consoles that people play Minecraft on.

Can you put a time limit on Minecraft?

In the game, there is no way to limit how long your child plays Minecraft, but since Microsoft acquired Minecraft in 2014, you can now use your Microsoft account to limit the time your child is playing it. Please note that the Microsoft Family Safety account you make requires a subscription to work.

You can try the plan out for free, but in the end, it’ll cost you 10 USD per month or 100 USD per year. You don’t have to buy the subscription from Microsoft, though. You can use apps like Family Zone, which also requires a subscription to work, albeit it is cheaper than the service Microsoft provides, and it’s much easier to limit the screen time for Minecraft Java Edition that doesn’t show up on Microsoft.

How do you set parental controls on Minecraft?

Most parents are strangers to using parental controls to keep their child safe online, and luckily, Mojang allows you to set them for Minecraft. Microsoft and Mojang realize that children make up most of their player base, so steps were taken to ensure that they are safe when playing Minecraft.

You can do any of the following things: You can disable chat and multiplayer features for children’s accounts, and you can look at the social interactions screen, which allows you to look at all the players on the server your child is a part of and will enable you to hide their messages or block them. Additionally, you can allow or stop them from being able to play with players outside of the Xbox network and allow or block them from creating and joining Realms (servers).


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To do any of this, you must have either an Xbox or a Microsoft Account. With Microsoft accounts, you can manage more than one device, whereas, with an Xbox account, you can only manage what your child does on an Xbox console. Other consoles have different methods to access parental controls but should be located somewhere in the Settings, Systems, Accounts, and Family.

To ensure you’re setting time limits for each device, let’s dive into how you can do just that for each device.

How to set a time limit on Minecraft Mac?

Time Limit in minecraft

Before you can set up a time limit for Minecraft on Mac, you need to turn on Screen Time and need to have Family Sharing turned on. To turn on Family Sharing first, follow these steps:

  1. On Your device, go to the Apple Menu and select System Settings.
  2. Click on your name at the top of the sidebar (if you don’t see it, you need to sign in with your Apple ID)
  3. Click on Family Sharing located on the right and then choose the Set Up Family option.
  4. Invite people to join your Family Sharing group and follow the on-screen instructions to allow your child to join (they also need to have an Apple ID account that you can set up on your own and you can create a child account as well)

Now that you know how to turn on Family Sharing, you can set up and limit screen time. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Apple Menu and Choose System Settings
  2. You can then turn on Screen Time in the sidebar. If you don’t see it right away, scroll down to find it.
  3. Once you turn on Screen Time, you can also set app limits by clicking on Set App Limits
  4. Click on Add Limit and search for Minecraft to add it to the list of apps or websites you want to limit the usage of.
  5. You’ll be prompted to set a time limit next. Choose the limit you think is right.

How to set a time limit on Minecraft PS4/PS5

Before you can set a time limit on Minecraft via PS4 or PS5 consoles, you must ensure that you have a PlayStation Network account and that your child has one. Your account must be created as the Family Manager account, and the account you’re managing must be a family member. To set up a family on Playstation Network, follow these steps:

When setting up a play time limit on PlayStation consoles, you can do any of the following: Restrict play time; when playtime ends, you can choose to log out your child or let it notify you when it’s over, and you can set playable hours for specific days of the week, To limit screen time on Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your PlayStation Network account in your web browser under Account Management as the Family Manager or Guardian Account.
  2. Go to Family Management and select your child’s account.
  3. Select Edit next to the Play Time limit and save changes.

A quick note, it’s best to choose the log-out option because if you set it only to notify, your child will only receive notifications that their playtime is ending.


Can Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Play Online With Java Edition?

How to set a time limit on Minecraft Java Edition

Java Edition Minecraft is a problem when it comes to limiting play time because it doesn’t appear in the game selection menu on Windows. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition does, so getting your child to play the Bedrock Edition version is safer. A quick note: any modification your child wants to make to the game will have to be paid for, unlike Java Edition, which lets you mod the game for free by downloading community-made mods from websites.

The best way to limit screen time for Minecraft Java is to use a third-party app. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Download Password Door and set up an account. Note that you’ll have to pay for this service.
  2. Then, set a password as an instruction. Make sure your child doesn’t know this password.
  3. Enter the password to open the app.
  4. Click on Protect A Program
  5. In the list that pops up, you should be able to find Minecraft. Double-click on it.
  6. Click on Protect.
  7. You can then go into the Schedule menu to limit Minecraft during certain times of the day and week.

How to set a time limit on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

If you decide to limit screen time on Windows 10 Edition Minecraft (Bedrock Edition but for computers), you can manage screen time for all Microsoft-related devices. This includes Xbox gaming consoles and mobile phone devices as well. To do so, you must log in to your Microsoft Family Safety Account and be subscribed to the service. Once you have the account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Family Safety account.
  2. Find the family member (the family member must also have a Microsoft account) and go to More Options.
  3. Click on Screen Time and then Select Apps & Games.
  4. You can now select Minecraft as the game you’re limiting and choose the time limit.


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How long should I let my child play Minecraft every day?

I can tell you from experience that 1 hour is not enough to let your child play Minecraft. During weekdays and on school nights, this might do if they’re done with all of their responsibilities, but during weekends, I recommend you set the limit a bit higher than that. Perhaps, it would be good to try and play the game with your child to experience it and come to an easier agreement on how much time the child can spend playing the game every day.

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