Zack Snyder Shares His Expectations for Gunn’s DCU: “Let’s Wait and See”

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Zack Snyder is now promoting his newest film, ‘Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver,’ and unfortunately, it’s one of his lowest-rated movies yet. However, this situation has given us a chance to hear Snyder’s thoughts on his past work, particularly the DCEU, which was recently rebooted by Gunn and Safran, with many projects in the pipeline.

Snyder has shared some thoughts on the memorable Superman vs. Zod fight scene. He acknowledged that if Superman doesn’t face the choice to kill, it wouldn’t feel authentic. He also expressed surprise at fans mocking the “Martha” scene, as it was meant to be a significant moment where both men understand they’re not enemies.

In a recent interview with CBR, Snyder addressed what many were curious about – his thoughts and expectations for the upcoming Gunn’s DCU.

You know, I’m a pretty open book. I really feel like, you know, if the characters are treated with reverence, and mythologically correct, then I’m down. I’m in. Let’s see what happens. I’m pretty excited[…] I mean, we’re going to get Superman pretty soon, so we’ll see what that’s like.

Snyder handled this situation well, which wasn’t surprising considering his character. Gunn had already mentioned in February that Snyder was supportive of the transition, speaking highly of him. However, the fan community remains divided, with some calling for a boycott of Gunn’s DCU and a return to the Snyderverse, while others act as if the Snyderverse never existed. Gunn promptly responded to Snyder’s support on Threads.

gunn on Threads snyder support

If only fans could take the same mature approach. Got something to say? Drop it in the comments below!

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