50 Best Chainsaw Man Quotes by Denji, Makima, Aki, Power & Others

50 Best Chainsaw Man Quotes by Denji, Makima, Aki, Power & Others

Chainsaw Man is a shōnen manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The first part was published in Shūeisha publisher’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between December 2018 and December 2020, and the second part is published in Shōnen Jump+ from July 13, 2022. The first part is compiled into a total of eleven bound volumes. An anime adaptation has been airing since October 2022.

This list is going to include a total of the best 50 Chainsaw Man quotes you need to know from various chapters and episodes. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to group them based on the message they are conveying.

Chainsaw Man quotes about life

1. “Everyone’s got their own dreams. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you are gonna get in our way, then fuck off.” – Denji

2. “Everyone I worked with who became devil hunter for the paycheck all got killed by devils. The only ones still alive have a root in their conviction.” – Aki Hayakawa

3. “All devils are born bearing a name. As that name becomes feared, the devil itself increases in power.” – Makima

4. “Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I’m willing to die to keep living like this.” – Denji

5. “What, the old man never taught you? The prey must never trust what a hunter says!” – Denji

6. “It’s not that you’re fearless, you simply lack the intelligence to fully comprehend the implications…can you imagine living your life constantly stalked by death?” – Santa Claus

7. “Nazis, World War II, Arnolon Syndrome, Zoa, Aids, The Eruption of Mt. Hio, Nuclear Weapons. They existed to the past, a time where their names were feared just as much as the devils bearing them. But now the only one who can remember those name is me. And that’s because they were all eaten by the Chainsaw Man. Ranging from the Human’s Sixth Sense, to the Star whose light breaks children’s minds, to the four fates besides death at the end of life, all of these have disappeared and can no longer be remembered. But I can still remember their devils, and the image of Chainsaw Man fighting them.” – Makima

8. “If Makima died… I would probably be depressed for a bit but… After three days or so, I’d probably be back to enjoy my life. I mean, just having three hots and a cot and getting to take a bath is already fucking awesome to me. Ah… Did I lose my humanity when I lost my heart?” – Denji

9. “If I can kill the guy I want to kill, then I don’t care what happens next.” – Aki Hayakawa

10. “The secret to leading a happy life in this world… is that ignorance is bliss..” – Quanxi


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Chainsaw Man quotes about love

1. “That’s Makima for you. Just by talking to her, all the pent-up stuff bothering me was cleared up. If I gather the fragments of the gun devil, she said she’d do one thing I asked. In which case, I guess I want to go out with her. Whenever I’ve got free time, I end up thinking about her. I felt up and kissed other people, but. My heart belongs to Makima alone. There’s no way I’ll fall for anyone else!” – Denji

2. “I wish to use the Chainsaw Man in order to create a better world. Consider… death, war, and hunger. There are many things in this world that would increase happiness upon removal. And I will remove them all using Chainsaw Man’s Power.” – Makima

3. “I like humans. In the same way that humans are so fond of dogs. They’re loyal, easily handled, clever and stupid. Just watching them is fun. And also, they love me.” – Makima

4. “You know Ms. Makima, even after everything I’ve been through, I still love you from the bottom of my heart. But…But the people who died aren’t gonna forgive all the stuff you did. That’s why like, I’ll bear your sins with you. I was like, “But how do I do that?”. Do I strap on a bomb and blow us up together? But from what I’m told, physical attacks won’t work. Oh! So attacks won’t work. Then it hit me like, Eureka! I’m a genius! All I gotta do is…To become one with you.” – Denji

5. “It must be nice having someone care enough to cry over you.” – Himeno

6. “Naughty things feel better the more you know your partner.” – Makima

7. “You forget? You’re my pet now. All you get to say is “yes” or “woof”. I don’t need a dog that says no.” – Makima

8. “Of all the women I know! Every single one of them tried to kill me!” – Denji

9. “That is just another one of my wishes. Didn’t I say earlier? I’m a fan of his. If the Chainsaw Man were to let me be eaten, I would become a part of him and to that, I say there is no greater privilege in the world.” – Makima

10. “I still wanna be Chainsaw Man. How can I kill Ms. Makima so I can do that? She’s not an enemy I can beat by swingin’ my Chainsaws around willy-nilly. In all this time I spent watching her and talking to her, there’s got to be something that felt off. Think, think Denji. Wrack your crappy brain. Gahh… It’s no use. My turned-to-crap brain’s gotten even more jumbled than before. (Suddenly he then thinks about Makima). I’m the worst. Even after what she did to me, I still like Ms. Makima.” – Denji


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Chainsaw Man quotes about friendship

1. “Enemies are enemies… we’re only using them. I have no intention of getting friendly with one.” – Aki Hayakawa

2. “I can only get along with cats. I hate humans! It’s just a devil’s instinctual sort of hatred.” – Power

3. “It is true that the son of a bitch is a troublemaker… and nobody would be affected if he left. But he seeks to kill the Gun Devil… I can’t kill the Gun Devil by myself… To kill him… I’ll need the help of all the capable Devil Hunters I can to face him. Even if my life is shortened… I won’t let Denji get killed!” – Aki Hayakawa

4. “I… Liked hearing about your dreams Denji. This is a contract. I’ll be your heart. In exchange… Show me your dreams.” – Pochita

5. “I’ll save you..so you save me. I don’t wanna die either.” – Denji

6. “I’m gonna take stuff just as seriously as you. So you can count on my bigtime.” – Denji

7. “Denji, watch this! And tell the world! That Power is the strongest there is!” – Power

8. “Don’t treat a man like a fucking dog.” – Denji

9. “You’re my sixth buddy, the others are all dead. They all died because they were useless nobodies.” – Himeno

10. “I spoke with the future devil and… I found out my time is near. Whatever happens, I want Denji and Power to survive and be happy. My brother’s death was my fault. I want the strength to change things this time. Ms. Makima…I’ll make a contract with any devil. Please help me.” – Aki Hayakawa

Sad Chainsaw Man quotes

1. “If there’s a devil that’ll be my friend, then I will take it ’cause I never had any.” – Denji

2. “The Necessary Evil you speak of, is just an excuse to justify the evil things you do. Society has no need for that excuse. The nation regularly takes necessary evils and keeps them on a short leash.” – Makima

3. “It’s so great having an addiction. In this life, you need something to take the edge off.” – Himeno

4. “The time has come to pay for your sins. I investigated your past. A child’s mind is an amazing thing. They can just shut away memories they don’t like behind a door. They’re hidden behind the door so you can keep living, right? Without that, you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Your father didn’t kill himself, didn’t he? You killed him, right? He was drunk and seemed like he was going to kill you, so he didn’t have a choice. But the adults around you wouldn’t get the money they were owed that way, so they called it suicide. The door has finally opened. You helped me kill Power; You killed Hayakawa even though it might have been possible to save him, And you killed your own father. Someone who did all that doesn’t deserve to dream of a normal life, does he?” – Makima

5. “If dreams do come true, I’d wanna be with a girl before I die.” – Denji

6. “Don’t die Aki…I want you to cry for me when I die.” – Himeno

7. “I’ve decided if I sleep tonight, I’m gonna dream about eating bread with jam smothered all over it with you, Pochita” – Denji

8. “At least let me dream a little.” – Denji

9. “If you’re gonna kill me, just do it. I’m dead either way.” – Denji

10. “That kid was discovered in China. I nicked her. She isn’t Makima anymore, she’s the control devil. Makima is dead. The control devil shouldn’t have her memories or anything else. That said, if we leave her with the government and let them raise her, odds are she’ll turn out like Makima again.” – Kishibe


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Funny Chainsaw Man quotes

1. “Oh yeah, yooooou love Makima, don’t yoooou? You should just give up on that b-tch, mmmmm… Aki too, mmm… Why are you so head over heels for her?! Moooo! I’m a cow… Gya ha ha ha!” – Himeno

2. “This deceiver told me to do it! Devils can’t lie! Only humans lie!” – Power

3. “When I fight a guy, I only aim for the crotch” – Denji

4. “Truth was, I just didn’t want to get any blood on the porn…” – Denji

5. “You get cut up by me and bleed! I drink your blood and recover! I’ve accidentally completed a perpetual motion machine!! THAT NOBEL PRIZE IS MINE!!!” – Denji

6. “If I rip you apart then that makes your dream worth less than touching boobs!” – Denji

7. “Prostrate yourselves, humans! For I am Power! Are you to be my so-called partner?!” – Power

8. “You know, the devil hunters that devils are scared of are the ones with the most screws loose.” – Kishibe

9. “Human! Hurry up and let me kill something! I thirst for blood!” – Power

10. “I can’t believe you took my story for truth. Humans really are foolish.” – Power

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