How Long Do The Wookiees Live In Star Wars

How Long Do The Wookiees Live In Star Wars?

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Star Wars is an American franchise of epic space works created by George Lucas, which began with the 1977 eponymous film and quickly became a global pop culture phenomenon. It featured so many alien characters, and one of those characters is the Wookiees. You’ve probably would have many questions about the Wookiee’s existence, so let start with how long does a Wookiee live in star wars?

Wookiees have a life expectancy of about 400 years.

Wookies are a tall, hairy humanoid species from the planet Kashyyyk. The most well-known member of this species is the warrior Chewbacca, Han Solo’s best friend and co-pilot. He played a pivotal role in the Clone Wars during Kashyyyk’s defense from the Galactic Civil War, aiding the Rebel Alliance in his struggle against the Galactic Empire and the war against the First Order. Let’s find out more about Wookiees

Wookies are loyal and devoted friends and are very wary of strangers. A life debt is sacred to them.

Despite their scary appearance and temperamental nature, Wookies are extremely intelligent and highly skilled at handling advanced technology. Chewbacca is a co-pilot and maintenance of the Millennium Falcon and has practical knowledge of robotics, managing to randomly reassemble the C-3PO after being destroyed by the Imperial Stormtroopers in The Empire Strikes Back. Wookies learn quickly; Chewbacca commands an Imperial AT-ST during the Battle of Endor and is shown how to effectively maneuver the vehicle and operate its weapon systems.

How Long Do Wookiees Live?

Early Wookies tend to look like the wooded areas they live in (shades of brown, reddish-brown, or tan), but they are known to change color with age. They possess recessive genes that allow albinos Wookies to exist, but they are scarce. Very old Wookiees would lose their color, turning gray or even white in their advance old age. Wookiees can live for over 400 years.

Wookiees’ age range is as follows: children 1 to 12 years old; Young adults from 13 to 17 years old; adults from 18 to 300; average age 301-350; Old 351-399; venerable 400+.

Wookies tend to live long lives, and this would not feature in their appearance.

Where do the Wookies live?

Kashyyyk is the homeworld of Wookiee, covered in a dense forest. Although the Wookiees build their treehouses on the planet, they are not a primitive species, and Kashyyyk’s architecture incorporates sophisticated technology. One of the Clone Wars’ last battles was fought there under Yoda, with Wookiee and the Clones fighting the Separatist Droid Army, until the Emperor enacted Order 66, ordering the Clones to kill every Jedi. Yoda survived, however, with the help of the natives Chewbacca and Tarfful, who used a hidden ship to evacuate the Jedi Master from the planet.

Kashyyyk was a temperate jungle planet orbiting a single star in the Mytaranor sector in the middle. The planet possessed a complement of 3-moons, of which one is orange. The planet has no axial tilt and a perfectly circular orbit, which made it stay out of seasonal changes. The planet’s center was covered by a tropical ocean belt, which contained several islands and massive coral reefs.

Covered with wroshyr trees, Kashyyyk has served as a home for the Wookiee species. Native fauna, like Can cells, would influence the Wookiee spacecraft’s design, while large cities, like Kachirho, would be built on the trees of the planet. The Kashyyykian Desert can be dangerous for many, due to dangerous animals such as wyyyschokk spiders and carnivorous plants such as jawbone and saava.

How Old Is Chewbacca?

Many have wanted to know precisely how old Chewbacca is. That’s a good question because He’s been around since the prequel to the trilogy. According to official tradition, Chewbacca was born 200 years before the Battle of Yavin. Thus, he is 200 years old during the events of Star Wars, also known as A New Hope. With a little math, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are 34 years after A New Hope, it can be inferred that Chewbacca is currently 234 years old in current movies.

And in the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, Chewie confirms his age by saying he’s 190. This means that at Solo’s events: A Star Wars Story took place ten years before A New Hope.

But can that be classified as old for the Wookiee considering the average life expectancy of Chewbacca’s clan? They have a life expectancy of about 400 years old. This means that Chewie is middle-aged.

How Did Chewbacca Die?

In the early years, Chewbacca lived in Kashyyyk. Still, unlike many other Wookiee who rarely left the planet’s lush forests, Chewbacca was obsessive with an overwhelming sense of adventure and exploration. Chewie’s early voyages were at the dangerous lower levels and remote from Kashyyyk, Shadowlands’ vast forests. It did not take long for his travels to move him away from the borders of his homeworld. However, his heart remained in Kashyyyk, and Chewie always sought to return home on vacation.

Chewbacca sacrificed his life to save Han’s son Anakin from a collision between the planet Sernpidal and one of its moons. Lumpawarrump and Lowbacca offer to assume Chewbacca’s lifetime debt to Han.

This led to Han Solo and his son being separated for some time before forgiving and reconciling with him.

The destruction of Sernpidal also called the First Battle of Sernpidal, took place in 25 ABY when Praetorite Vong, an advanced force of extragalactic invaders Yuuzhan Vong, used the core of Yo’gand tactics, bringing Dobido to the surface of Sernpidal. A small team led by Chewbacca and Han Solo managed to save several Sernpidalians during the destruction.

Is Chewie The Last Wookiee?

Chewbacca is the only great Wookiee in the series.

After Endor and the New Republic’s emergence, Chewbacca and Solo fought to free Kashyyyk from the Empire. When the war ended, Chewbacca returned to her home in Kashyyyk with his family. … About a year later, after the Battle of Crait, Chewbacca was one of the last resistance fighters.

Particular attention was paid primarily to Chewie, as he had an active role in the Star Wars series before his death. Chewbacca was not the last of the Wookiees, some Wookiees were enslaved during the empire invasion, and many more hid inside the inner part of the forest.

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