20 Iconic Anime Goddesses You Need to Worship (Ranked)

20 Iconic Anime Goddesses You Need to Worship (Ranked)

There is always something fun in poking around different character tropes in anime. You’ll find anything and everything. Whether it’s some Eastern trope, or a Western one, anime will definitely have it, as there is an intrinsic diversity within the genre. Building on that, we have decided to dig into the world of anime and find 20 goddesses from the world of anime and rank them based on how popular and important they are in the history of anime. Enjoy!

20. Mii


Franchise: Jungle de Ikou!

Mii is the goddess of fertility. Through a perverted and sexy dance, Natsumi is able to become the voluptuous Mii, the spirit of flowers, fertility, and reproduction. Her large breasts represent and contain the living energy of the earth. Mii can also enlarge her body to a giant size when necessary.

19. Aphrodite

record of ragnarok aphrodite netflix anime 1274408

Franchise: Record of Ragnarok

The character of Aphrodite repeatedly appears in the manga and anime Valkyrie Apocalypse. She is the Greek goddess of passion, procreation, pleasure, love, and beauty. She is one of the Twelve Olympian Gods that dominate the Greek pantheon and the daughter of Zeus. As evidenced by her unbridled enjoyment of Adam’s naked appearance during the second round of Ragnarök, Aphrodite is lustful. She also exudes a snooty demeanor. She has voted for the annihilation of humans in every Council of the Gods for at least four millennia because she is so upset about human war, animal slaughter, and environmental damage.


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Aphrodite attended the Assembly of Valhalla, where the fate of mankind was decided about 4,000 years ago. Mankind was eventually permitted to exist, but not without suffering a penalty. She proposed demolishing Thebes, an ancient Greek city. She stated during the conference that humans are the most hazardous living disease on the earth and that the Earth has become too nasty over the past 1,000 years. Aphrodite was one of the gods that laughed at Brunhild when she declared the gods were reluctant to fight with mortals and volunteered to cast Ragnarök to give mankind a chance.

18. Athena


Franchise: Campione!

A Greek goddess with the appearance of a child but who, when she regains full power, becomes an adult and attractive woman. She is the first deity who fights Godō, who manages to beat her, but although he can kill her and steal her powers, he gives up doing it. Athena thus takes an interest in Godō and eventually develops feelings for him.

17. Demeter 


Franchise: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

A goddess friend of Hestia. She is very gossipy and meddling, so much so that when she finds out that her friend is in love with Bell, she hurries to go and meet him. Her family is the first producer of agricultural products.

16. Urd


Franchise: Oh My Goddess!

Urd is the goddess of the past in Norse mythology and a hybrid of a goddess and a demon. Due to this, her guardian angel has a white and black wing as well as her hair and clothing, and it is called World Of Elegance. Her temperament is very strong, but at the same time, she is seductive. She is very adept at handling her powers but tends to exaggerate in their use, making them always cause a disaster, for which she is banished from Asgard and must then live with Belldandy and Keiichi, then is followed by Skuld.

Her weak point is listening to enka-style music, which puts her into a deep and immediate sleep and her alternative energy source is sake. Originally she is the system administrator in the “Yggdrasil system” (system with which god controls the universe), but she escapes from heaven and becomes the matchmaker in Keiichi and Belldandy’s relationship, and for this, she uses her ability to do potions.

She is half-goddess and half-demon, her mother being none other than Hild (the Daimakaicho, “Lord of the underworld,” the demonic equivalent of God), which gives rise to multiple disasters (when the demon side of ‘Urd resurfaces too intensely). It has a half-white, half-black colored angel, World of Elegance. Assigned to the administration of the Yggdrasil system, despite her greater power than Belldandy (according to the latter), she remained only a second-class goddess with limited control, as she spends her time telling lies and can easily break the rules. His alternate energy source is ingesting alcohol. Her strange weak point automatically puts her to sleep. She is an expert in the elemental magic of lightning and fire.

15. Heles

Tournamentofpower 282429

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Heles is the Goddess of Destruction from Universe 2 of the Dragon Ball franchise. She has a dark complexion, green eyes, and long black hair that is adorned with golden diamonds. She has blue lipstick and makeup on. Heles has a mole under his right eye. She has a black hat with golden edges on her head. Diamond patterns in white and orange are also seen. She has a piece of golden armor covering her breast, a white skirt with a center opening, a green belt, and brown shoes. Isis, an Egyptian deity, appears to have inspired her design. Heles is very sensitive to beauty and finds unpleasant things difficult.


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14. Momiji Binboda

Nice Momiji 21 Ep 1129

Franchise: Good Luck Girl!

A Goddess of Misfortune who is sent from another world to restore the energy balance on Earth by stealing Ichiko’s Fortune energy, though her Misfortune energy often loses Ichiko’s Fortune energy. Her right arm is so focused on the misfortune that she wraps it in a cast, using it as a support for various devices such as syringes. She is also capable of transforming into a spirit form to break through barriers. She is constantly butting heads with Ichiko as she tries to steal her Fortune energy and is particularly irritated when Ichiko makes fun of Momiji’s flat chest.

13. Diana


Franchise: The World God Only Knows

The first to be found, she resided in Tenri Ayukawa. The goddess finds Tenri Ayukawa in the grotto through which the fugitive spirits escape from hell. After agreeing to help her if she lets him reside in her, he helps her to escape from the spirits that harassed her. The only visible change, other than the halo and eventually goddess-like wings upon developing her power, is that Tenri’s expression becomes harder, and her dark blue eyes change to a hue.

During a complaint about not having wings, which represents less power, it is hinted in chapter 160 that she is also in love with Keima, the reason for her lack of wings being the conflicting feelings between her feelings for him, her desire that Tenri achieves her goal and her distrust for what she understands as a “playboy” facet of Keima.

12. Kūgen Tenko

Kuugen.Tenko .full .150381

Franchise: Our Home’s Fox Deity

Kūgen Tenko is a fox deity who was the guardian of the Mizuchi family for several centuries. Kūgen was sealed away by a water priest because of her mischievous behavior. She was released by Noboru to help Tōru, who was attacked by a demon. After this, she was told Noboru to decide what to do with Kū (as they decided to call Tenko). He decided to take her to her house, and now she acts as her guardian. Kū can take on a male or female human form in addition to her animal form.

11. Neptune 


Franchise: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Neptune is the franchise’s main character. She represents the Sega Neptune, under the name of Purple Heart, and she is the goddess of Planeptune. She has a strong tendency to break down the 4th wall, play all types of games, to read manga while trying to overstep her obligations. She usually wears either a Parka or a tracksuit/vest.

10. Nanami Momozono


Franchise: Kamisama Kiss

A teenager whose father ran away from her because of his gambling debts and who was mocked by her classmates for her poverty. She became the local earth god after the former god Mikage transferred his position as chantry master to Nanami. She starts out with very little spiritual power but works hard to balance her duties as an earth goddess with her schoolwork and eventually becomes adept at purification. Tomoe always puts shitake mushrooms in Nanami’s food even though she knows that she hates them.


20 Iconic Anime Goddesses You Need to Worship (Ranked)

Nanami falls in love with Tomoe; he proposes to Tomoe but is rejected since it is taboo (this is explained by Mikage to Nanami in the second season) for a human and a demon to be lovers. Afterward, Tomoe falls head over heels in love with her.

9. Momo

momo the shinigumi

Franchise: Shinigami no Ballad

She is a Shinigami with the appearance of a girl with long white hair and blue eyes. She is usually expressionless, although she is one of the rare cases of a shinigami who possesses human emotions and interest in people. Unlike the rest of the species, she does not wear a black shroud that hides her face but a white dress with a lot of lace, but like the rest of her, she carries a scythe with her.

8. Belldandy 


Franchise: Oh My Goddess!

The main female character, Belldandy is the first of the goddesses to appear in the story. She is a first-class, second-class, unlimited-powers goddess who works at the Goddess Assistance Office. She came to Earth in order to grant Keiichi Morisato’s wish but finds herself “stuck” in the human world as a result of this wish. She then gradually gets used to human life in the company of Keiichi, with whom she falls madly in love. Belldandy has two sisters: Urd, the eldest half-demon, and Skuld, the younger.

All three are daughters of the Almighty, the ruler of the Celestial World from which Belldandy originated. As a first-class goddess, she is proficient in all kinds of magic except for fire magic (in which she has only a few notions).

7. Holo

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Franchise: Spice and Wolf

Holo, the goddess of the harvest, lived in a northern land known as Yoitsu. Holo made a promise with the men of a town called Pasroe where it was guaranteed that the town would have good crops of the wheat year after year. However, as time passed, the townspeople slowly began to abandon faith in Holo and not trust her, as for some years, she had to let the land rest, leaving the villagers without a crop for it to come to gather strength for the next harvest.


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Holo uses Lawrence’s wagon to flee the city and then embarks on a journey with him to observe how the world has evolved since she left Pasroe. Though she still has her long tail and wolf ears, Holo has chosen to take the appearance of a fifteen-year-old girl. She is actually a big wolf, which many people have both feared and revered throughout history. Yoitsu’s Sage is how she refers to herself. She is often quite haughty and self-sufficient, but because of the long period of seclusion she has experienced in Pasroe, she has developed a more vulnerable side to her personality.

She leans on Lawrence because she worries about being alone; Lawrence is acutely aware of this and makes an effort to reassure her. Holo is also aware of the difference in life expectancy between her and Lawrence, which she compares to the “blink of an eye” for our species. She speaks in an unusual manner. She enjoys fine dining and sake, but she particularly likes apples. He continually combs her tail since he takes delight in it and cares for her in particular.

6. Aqua


Franchise: KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

The goddess of water had been tasked with judging humans for reincarnation in an RPG world for millennia before Kazuma took her away with him. She is revered by the Sacred Order of Axis, which is based in the spa town of Alcanretia. She is energetic, simple-minded, and short-tempered. She loves to be praised for her status, she loves money and alcohol, and is very spoiled.

Because of this, she tends to spend huge sums of money, driving the whole group into debt. Thanks to her divine powers and her very high levels in every category (except for intelligence and luck), she was able to obtain the archpriest class immediately; she is very powerful against demons and the undead, as well as being able to resurrect the dead and, as a goddess, purify water. More than teaching useful skills to the team, she focuses on improving her sleight of hand.

5. Kofuku Ebisu


Franchise: Noragami

She is a goddess of Poverty and Misfortune and has a very lively and carefree character. Her clan is “Dai,” and her only Divine Instrument and life partner is Daikoku. Her “true” name is Ebisu Kofuku, as Daikoku named her, because, being a binbōgam and therefore having no temples or worshippers at the time of her birth, she was not given a proper name.

She also uses this name to deceive humans and look like a goddess of Fortune. Also, being a goddess of Misfortune, she was never allowed to have a shinki. However, when she meets Daikoku, she calls him “love at first sight,” and he has been her only Tool ever since.

4. Hestia


Franchise: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The goddess who cares for Bell and watches his progress in the dungeon as an adventurer. Although she has a petite physique, thanks to her large breasts, she is known to all as “busty loli” or “dwarf” (especially by Loki, due to her petite physique). Since her Familia is very poor, she lives in the basement of an abandoned church and works part-time for the guild, but after defeating the Apollo Familia in a war game, she takes possession of her palace.

She is in love with Bell, so she shows jealousy as soon as any girl approaches him, but she never finds the courage to reveal her true feelings to him, even after discovering that he is not sure if the feeling he has for her is romantic or platonic, the two promise that whatever her choice when he reaches the end of his life and is reincarnated, she will find him again so they will be together forever.

3. Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury

Franchise: GATE

She is a demigoddess and apostle of the god Emroy (god of darkness, war, death, crime, and madness) who is 961 years old but still looks like a 16-year-old child. She is also nicknamed Rory the Grim Reaper, and her body will remain that way until her 1000th birthday, when she begins her ascent to becoming a full goddess. This also means that she cannot die and can recover from any injury. She has superhuman strength that allows her to swing her oversized halberd easily. She is also very fast and agile thanks to centuries of combat experience, making her nigh invincible.

Although the most powerful firearms can rip her to pieces, she won’t die. At first, she joins Itami because she finds him “interesting,” but over the course of the story, she will gradually falls in love with him. She tries in every way possible to flirt with him, although she is often interrupted and annoyed when he is interested in other girls, as is the case with his ex-wife. She will sign a pact with Itami to make him invulnerable on the battlefield, taking the damage done to him in his place.


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The souls of the dead on the battlefield pass through his body to reach the god Emroy. She is also complex by her real age and gets angry when it is mentioned. She claims to want to spend the remaining 39 years before her 1000th birthday with Itami because when she becomes a full goddess, she will no longer feel human emotions. Her priestess clothes make her look like a goth. She is quite interested in Japan’s technology and fearsome weapons.

2. Bishamonten


Franchise: Noragami

Also known only as Bishamon or Vaisravana, she is one of the Seven Deities of Fortune, more specifically, the goddess of War, Courage, and Strategy. She has an efficient and very large team of Divine Tools, which she considers her “family,” each with their own utility, all coordinated by her guiding tool and Sacred Treasure, Kazuma. Being part of the “Ha” clan, she is in an eternal struggle with Yato as she holds him responsible for the extermination of her old shinki clan, “Ma,” of which only Kazuma is left.

Actually, Yato killed his clan to save the life of the goddess, at Kazuma’s request, having almost all transformed into Ayakashi. The two improve the relationship after the discovery of the truth about the matter. Despite being the Goddess of War, she is very protective and helpful with her Tools; some of these are, in addition to Kazuma, Kuraha, Tsuguha, Kinuha, the twins Karuha and Kazuha, Suzuha, and many others.

1. Athena


Franchise: Saint Seiya

Goddess of wisdom and justice, daughter of Zeus, and protector of the Earth. She was given this post in the Myth Age by her father Zeus, and her first war was against Poseidon for control of Attica. The mythological body of the goddess has so far appeared in a flashback when Athena gives the sword Excalibur to the Knight of Capricorn; the Mythological Athena was also seen in the Next Dimension manga when the Silver Cloth of Suikyo’s cup is described. This body is drawn in the same way as the statue of Athena, with brown hair and eyes.

Two human incarnations are known, respectively, from 1743 and 1986: Sasha (Lost Canvas), and the main one, that is Saori Kido. The incarnation of Sasha only exists in the spin-off manga Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, since in its parallel Next Dimension (canonical sequel to the original classic manga), Saori herself will travel through time to stop Hades in 1743, and it will discover that she exists another Athena who is not Sasha. The warriors of the goddess Athena are the 88 Saints of Athena.

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