Beerus vs. Sailor Galaxia: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Beerus vs. Sailor Galaxia: Who Would Win in a Fight?

And while Son Goku is usually a go-to Dragon Ball character when comparisons are in question, this article’s representative of the Dragon Ball universe is going to be someone much more sinister and someone very, very powerful. It is Beerus, one of the most powerful Gods of Destruction and a character that is well known in the otaku community. Beerus’ opponent in this article is going to be Sailor Galaxia, the strongest antagonist of the Sailor Moon franchise and an unlikely opponent for Beerus. In this article, as always, we are going to compare the two to determine who the stronger one is, Beerus or Sailor Galaxia.

Although Sailor Galaxia is a powerful entity within the Sailor Moon franchise, she is no match for Beerus. She can destroy planets, that much is a fact, but Beerus’ power goes way beyond that and he wouldn’t really have many problems fighting and defeating Sailor Galaxia. The difference in powers between the Sailor Moon franchise and the Dragon Ball franchise is simply too big for Sailor Galaxia to stand a chance.

The rest of the article is going to be all about comparing the two selected characters, one from the Dragon Ball franchise, and the other from the Sailor Moon franchise. You’re going to find out who Beerus and Sailor Galaxia are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we’re going to give our final verdict on who is stronger.

Beerus and his powers

Beerus is best known as the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He first appears as the main antagonist in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and then, subsequently, becomes a major character in the Dragon Ball Super series, although not necessarily as a villain anymore.

He physically resembles a large anthropomorphic cat that is purple in color and with bunny ears. With a rather childish temperament, he can easily get angry and become very violent if he does not get what he wants.

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As the God of Destruction, he remains neutral in the conflicts of his universe, as is the case during the clash between Golden Frieza and Son Goku, taking sides neither for one nor the other. When Frieza destroys Earth, Beerus points out to Son Goku that all of this is the result of his excessive mercy and that he should have eliminated Frieza when he was at his mercy.

He seems to have a dispute with Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4. The rivalry between the two characters is palpable during the Tournament of Power, the two gods not hesitating to challenge each other following a disagreement over the use of the mafūba by Master Roshi.

He is Son Goku’s most powerful opponent, surpassing him on every level and announcing that he was only the second in the universe to stand up to him, another person having already given Beerus a hard time; it is clear that this is his master Whis, the only being in the universe capable of standing up to him.

His main technique is called Destruction (Hakai) and gives him the ability to destroy absolutely anything he wants, even a soul. He even destroys a ghost of Dr. Mashirito, a character from the manga Dr. Slump, who makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Super. He nevertheless believes that Son Goku and Vegeta could become threats in the certain future, without knowing why or against whom.

Beerus, who is quite adamant about time travel, lets Whis go back in time so that Son Goku can undo his mistake and eliminate the tyrant before he destroys Earth. Beerus is somewhat troubled that he is partly responsible for saving Earth, when in theory he is rather supposed to destroy it.


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Not being from planet Earth, he shares, with his master Whis, a fascination with the food that abounds on the planet, especially local desserts such as ice cream, flans, puddings, and strawberries. Despite everything, there is still someone lenient, being ready to pass the sponge for anyone who does something stupid.

He tells Goku, in order to motivate him, to train for the tournament pitting him against his twin brother Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6. According to his master Whis, he was only using 70% of his power during their fight, and that other people would be even stronger in universes other than this one.

He doesn’t hesitate to investigate Zamasu’s true intentions with Whis, and destroys him after discovering that the latter was planning Gowasu’s murder. Although he is a god, he still shows certain respect towards others, he will even congratulate Ten Shin Han and Master Roshi for their combativeness during the Tournament of Power.

He is very worried that Son Goku will be appreciated by Zeno, who has the power to destroy entire universes, convinced that Universe 7 risks being wiped out if Son Goku makes an irreparable blunder that could upset Zeno.

Sailor Galaxia and her powers

Sailor Galaxia is a Sailor Senshi from outside our Solar System and Sailor Moon’s and one of the most powerful characters in the anime series during the final season. Both in the animated version and in the manga, the Sailor Senshi warriors have the mission of protecting the entire universe, but Sailor Galaxia is a Sailor Senshi who has turned evil and wants to rule the entire galaxy. In order to do so without opposition, she tries to take over the soul of all the other Sailor Senshi in the universe.


Being the strongest among the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Galaxia could demonstrate truly extreme feats of power. Galaxia could fire blasts or energy beams from her bracelets. Release golden bolts from her hand, while controlling the dark bolts she fires from her aura.

As Sailor Saturn, another incredibly powerful Sailor Senshi, she could destroy planets with relative ease, and she was fast enough to battle Starlights throughout the galaxy and the space around her in moments. On top of that, they also destroyed several planets and stars by mere accident during the clash, with explosions destroying several star systems.

Her known powers include the following:

  • Energy Beams and Blasts: Sailor Galaxia is able to fire out razor-edged energy blasts toward her opponents. Even when she simply wanted to just cause damage to them, she was also able to fire out several beams of her energy at them without much exhaustion.
  • Golden Lightning: From of her hand, Galaxia could release powerful streams of golden lighting at anybody who angered her.
  • Dark Lightning: Galaxia could also manipulate the dark lightning created by her aura, especially under the influence of Chaos. She was able to fire it out of her sword if she needed it.
  • Barriers: In her fight against the Starlights, Galaxia was able to conjure an invisible barrier against their energy attacks.
  • Energy Waves: Galaxia can also launch waves of energy at an enemy just by swinging her sword at them.
  • Repelling Force: Similarly to the latter, she can send blasts of repelling force at her enemies.
  • Energy Balls: If Galaxia wanted to simply damage an opponent, she could fire out a ball of pure energy at them.

She is also known to carry with her several weapons. With her bracelets, Sailor Galaxia could fire blasts of pure energy that would remove a person’s star seed, thus destroying them entirely. On one occasion, she used a golden whip to strike down Super Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Neptune; this happened in Episode 197 of the anime. Finally, when she was fully taken over by Chaos, Sailor Galaxia had a sword of evil power, which strongly resembled the legendary Sword of Sealing used by Princess Serenity in the lore.

Beerus vs. Sailor Galaxia: Who would win?

how old is beerus

Comparing these two characters was relatively easy. Namely, Dragon Ball in general is on a wholly different level than Sailor Moon and what can be considered as powerful in the latter is not even near the highest levels of power in the former. The fact is that the world of Dragon Ball has some enormously powerful (some even ridiculously overpowered) characters and no one from the Sailor Moon universe can actually match up to that power.


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The only power where Sailor Galaxia is comparable to Beerus is her planet-destroying power, but even there, she is a mere toy compared to Beerus. Beerus is capable of destroying a whole universe, whereas Sailor Galaxia is capable of destroying planets. She is powerful, which cannot be denied, but Beerus is simply too strong in a comparative sense. And Beerus does it effortlessly at that.

In all the other aspects, she couldn’t even motivate Beerus to make an effort. Her martial arts skills are non-existent in comparison to his, and her attacks are nowhere near powerful enough to even hurt Beerus. Beerus survived a fight with Goku without even using all of his powers and Sailor Galaxia is not even near Goku’s level. This is why Beerus ultimately wins this one.

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