Top 20 Best Blade and Sorcery Nomad Mods in 2023

Top 20 Best Blade and Sorcery Nomad Mods in 2022

The last decade provided us with numerous new, innovative gaming platforms that changed the way games are played forever. Yes, consoles are still immensely important but Virtual Reality gaming is slowly but surely getting more and more popular. One of the games is Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, a medieval fantasy simulation sandbox game developed and published by a French independent studio.

Combat and environmental interactions are driven by full physics simulation, and it first came out in 2018. Since then, the game developed a small but loyal community that, and still releases new mods for this cool game. In this article, we will pick our best Blade & Sorcery: Nomad mods and provide you with suitable links for them.

If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article!

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to reflect the current state of Blade and Sorcery mods. These are still the best mods that the community has to offer.

20. The Holy Crusade Megapack (U10)

One of the biggest and best mods of the Blade & Sorcery: Nomad game, the Holy Crusade Megapack truly deserved that monicker. It adds so many absolutely amazing weapons that do reminds us of the Holy Crusades of the past. Spears, tridents, cool broadswords, and hammers are one of the best on this list, and because of that, it needs to be on any Blade & Sorcery mods list.

This pack is also great for immersion – one of the great advantages of VR is its great immersion and the feel you are truly part of that reality (hence the Virtual Reality name). If you ever decide on trying out VR and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, this is the mod you should definitely download first.

19. Time Stop Spell

My immersion! is the theme of this mod, and boy it is cool. You see, even though we are essentially playing a medieval game that should not have anything extraterrestrial. However, this modder realized that there are no rules in the mod community and decided to develop a spell one can use to stop the time.

Time spell mod slows time to the point of standing still, and it is a fully compatible mod that would probably have more features if Blade & Sorcery released scripts for their game. Hopefully, they do, so we can truly bend time.

18. Yamato

Who does not love Devil May Cry? That game brought so many cool concepts and weaponry that we would want to have in any game that requires swords, or other weapons. This modder realized the potential of VR and the game and created a mod called Yamato, where a player has access to Vergil’s Yamato and Mirage Edge from Devil May Cry 5.

This mod also includes Judgement Cut, Judgement Cut End, Sword Beams, and summoned Mirage Blades. Wanna slash someone, and be cool? Download this mod.

17. Mine and Sorcery

Do you like Minecraft? Well, this is a mod for you. Mine and Sorcery mod is absolutely for those who want to have Minecraft anywhere and use its tools in other games. You can brutally kill people with Minecraft tools and look either goofy or cool while doing it.

Besides swords, there is a pickaxe and various different potions that give you certain boosts to you and your enemies. Do you want to play the medieval version of Minecraft? This is a mod for you.

16. Marvel Modpack (V1.0)

Marvel is everywhere these days, and so it is not surprising we are seeing it in Blade & Sorcery: Nomad. The creator of this mod decided to implement cool weaponry and feature to the Virtual Reality, and they did a really good job.

The modder added Avengers Tower Map, Black Widow’s Stun Batons, Captain America’s Shield, Gambit’s playing card, and many more. The modder announced they are planning to add more Marvel Comics features, and honestly, we cannot wait.

15. Katana MegaPack Revival

This mod is essentially a continuation of the first mod of this nature and it is really cool. The mod provides players with cool antique swords like Tanto, Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Katana, of course, Tachi, and more. Besides cool weapons, the modder also implemented absolutely amazing custom-made sword movement that looks amazing in combat and custom damage of each weapon.

Definitely check out this mod.


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14. Painful Death SFX (U11) Nomad

Now, Blade & Sorcery is PG 18 for a reason. It brings players realistic combat and life of medieval times and tries to simulate how was it truly in the past. This modder decided to upgrade the SFX of the NPCs, which now can say eight new unique phrases when dying, falling, death, slow deaths, and more.

The good feature of this mod is that there is no distraction and repetitive dialogue, and NPCs only vocalize their agony. If you want to expand on the already cool sound of the Blade & Sorcery, check out this mod.

13. Spider-Man Mod (Web Swinging)

We already know that Spider-Man and Marvel are everywhere, and mods on this list already established that there are no rules in modding. While strolling through the medieval city and terrain, you will probably stumble upon another character who, wait for it, is web-slinging out of the area, or attacking their enemies by Spider-Man’s web.

Even Peter Parker is jealous.

12. AIO Spells

A medieval game without magic spells? I don’t think so. The modder thought that as well and decided to implement a cool feature in the game – spells. The modder did not explain that much about the spells but definitely try it for yourself.

11. Mjolnir – Marvel Avengers

Amongst other cool features, Mjolnir is in the spotlight this time. The famous hammer is added to the game and it looks really authentic and cool. Want to play Thor or another worthy character, definitely check out this cool mod.

Thor might not be worthy during his last movie, but you can be in Blade & Sorcery.


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10. Tactical Weapon Pack

The modder decided to implement seven different tactical weapons in its mod, which makes the gameplay of Blade & Sorcery: Nomad game even cooler. The weapons include a special shield, Karambit knife, Katama, Kukri, Spear, Mohawk, Machete, and more. The modder thought of everything and for that deserves its place on this list.

9. 1851 Navy Colt and Gun Framework

Alucard from Hellsing and Spike from JoJo are already jealous. This replica of the famous 1851 Navy Colt is absolutely insane. Besides its cool look, its functionality is custom-made as well, so the modder added recoil, hammer animations, effects, and high damage.

Combine this mod with the painful death mod, and you will be golden.

8. Darksaber

Look, Blade & Sorcery game requires a lot of cool weapons and Dark Saber looks like it belongs to it. The modder decided that ancient Light Saber serves as a powerful symbol to the Mandalorians … but Blade & Sorcery players as well. It is a unique weapon with a cool black energy/aura around it that looks like it fell out of hell.

We are all for it.

7. Fast Weapon Handling

This mod is really useful because it fixes the slow swinging of the weapons. Immersion is important, but that does not mean that the weapon needs to travel at snail’s speed to actually be “immersive”. This mod allows the player to swing the weapons with ease, and if you want to look like you are out of the montage, you can put a slow motion feature.


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All in all, it is a cool mod, so definitely check it out!

6. Lightsabers Category and Activation Spell

Gasp! Is the writer trying to tell us something?! Well, yes, it is foreshadowing the next mods, but we don’t care. This modder decided to add a lightsaber category in the book and rounded off the lightsaber mods saga in Blade & Sorcery.

If you ever install a lightsaber mod, you will have storage for them inside the book. Really cool, isn’t it?

5. Medieval MegaPack

Another megapack on this list provides players an expansion of the weapons variety, and it does it tremendously. This has over 300 medieval weapons all over the world, and it tried to replicate all existing weapons from the past and implement it in the game.

Amazing work by modders, who also took into account the way it deals damage and other mechanics.


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4. Telekinesis

Link to mod.

Okay, since we are in a Star Wars tone a bit, how would you feel if you could use the Force? Well, in this case, it is Telekinesis but it is really cool. With this mod, a player can move and easily pick up enemies with telekinesis and infinite rage.

So, if you want to Luke Skywalker someone, you can do it with this cool mod.

3. Dismemberment

Link to mod.

Medieval times were brutal, we all know that, and sometimes for the sake of the games, developers do not put that much blood and brutality in them. Well, Blood & Sorcery modders said why not? This mod provides players with more realistic, and more violent killings or deaths of the enemies. You can decapitate someone, slash their throat, or just cut off their head.

This is all for immersion, I swear. Check out this cool mod!

2. Butter Stabs

Link to mod.

Now, we did mention a few mods that “correct” the combat mechanics of the Blade & Sorcery: Nomad combat, but this one we felt is also absolutely suitable for this list. At the end of the day, we as players need to feel comfortable and enjoy the combat Virtual Reality offers us, and the so-called Butter stabs feature this modder created, makes the combat, even more, smoother … as a butter.

Great mod, for great and smooth combat… what are you waiting for?

1. The Outer Rim

Foreshadowing is part of every great project, and if the book that holds lightsabers did not give out a hint enough, we will finally reveal the coolest and best mod of Blade & Sorcery: Nomad … it is Star Wars. Look, even if you are not the biggest fan of Star Wars, you could see how cool this is. The Outer Rim mod essentially overhauls the whole Blade & Sorcery: Nomad game and creates the world of Star Wars.

The weapons, items, accessories, terrain, and NPCs … almost like the modder changed the whole game and turned it into a Battlefront 2 Virtual Reality style. What is also really important to mention is that the mod is constantly updated, so you won’t have to worry about the discontinuation of the mod or something else.

Are There More Mods for Blade and Sorcery Nomad?

Thankfully, besides this mod on this list, there are plenty more mods that you could choose from. This list is our picks that we liked, especially for this part of the year (House of Dragon, Rings of Power, Obi-Wan Kenobi) were a lot of content like this is coming out. So yes, there are hundreds of mods out there, that are actually released every single day.

Where Can I Find Blade Sorcery Nomad Mods?

Most of the mods you can find on the popular mods website Nexus Mods. There are multiple different categories for each game, from which you can choose which mod will be the best suitable for your game. This is the link where you can find the mods specifically for Blade & Sorcery: Nomad game.

Do Blade and Sorcery Mods Work For Blade and Sorcery: Nomad?

Unfortunately, no. Blade & Sorcery game is actually a PC game, not a virtual reality game like the Nomad version. Some people can find it unfortunate but they need to realize that even if they are really similar, the games are not developed the same – each mod needs to be suitable for each game.

However, that should not scare away the players since modders work really hard in this community, and release a new mod every single day.

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