Chainsaw Man: 10 Hottest Female Characters, Ranked

hottest chainsaw characters

The female characters of Chainsaw Man are not at the forefront of this series because of their looks but because of their awesome powers. Chainsaw Man is not a series that focuses on the appearance of its characters as much as it does on their powers, but we can still talk about the former.

In this article, we will bring you a list of the 10 most beautiful female characters from Chainsaw Man. We will provide you with some basic information on each of them so you know everything you need about these girls.

10. Kobeni Higashiyama


Kobeni is characterized as lacking bravery and easily succumbing to fear, particularly in the presence of Devils. Under pressure, she tends to snap and resort to extreme measures to protect herself. This is evident in her initial encounter with the Eternity Devil, where she becomes paralyzed with fear. When faced with dire situations, such as being trapped in a hotel with the prospect of starvation, she breaks down and takes drastic actions, even turning against others for her own survival. Despite her panicky behavior, she later feels remorse for her actions and expresses gratitude to those who protected her. When she springs into action, however, she displays a level-headed and efficient approach, dealing with adversaries mercilessly, but succumbs to panic after the confrontation.

9. Akane Sawatari


Akane Sawatari is a minor antagonist in Chainsaw Man. She was a Civilian Devil Slayer who worked for the Gun Devil. She had a contract with the Serpent Devil. Although she is normally calm, Akane can panic, as she was seen when she was flustered after her subordinates started dying from Makima’s counterattack.

8. Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is portrayed as a tactical and strategic figure with a penchant for manipulation. She hides in the Soviet Union and employs a perfect puppet for negotiations. Initially depicted as lecherous, Santa demands children as rewards for her actions. These children, along with an old man’s perfect doll, are ultimately intended for a contract with the Hell Devil. Santa is unhesitant in turning civilians into dolls to recruit them, showing a lack of concern for their well-being. She even transforms her ally, Tolka, into a puppet to communicate with the Darkness Devil. In battle, Santa exhibits ruthless tactics, transferring her pain to puppets globally. To eliminate an adversary, Quanxi, she revives the personalities of certain dolls to confront and kill Denji.


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7. Long

Long 1

Long was one of Quanxi’s fiends and one of her harem members. Sadly, not much is known about her from the manga as of this moment.

6. Nayuta


Nayuta is the reincarnation of Demonbending. Little is known about her personality. She seems like she loves dogs, just like the previous incarnation of hers, as she gets along with Makima’s dog.

5. Himeno


Himeno is portrayed as a mature and experienced leader, superior to new recruits. She maintains an upbeat demeanor and remains calm in stressful situations, as seen in the battle against the Eternity Devil. Himeno employs unorthodox methods, such as motivating Denji with a French kiss, indicating her perceptiveness and willingness to ensure optimal results. As a Devil Slayer, she is efficient and forceful, swiftly overpowering even seemingly insignificant Devils.

Himeno demonstrates a harsher side with a low tolerance for endangering behavior, as seen when she promptly subdues Kobeni for attempting to harm Denji. Despite her tough exterior, she cares deeply for her teammates, evident in her reluctance to betray Denji during their first mission together. In a flashback, Himeno displays patience and empathy, especially when a fellow ex-girlfriend passes away, showing her caring nature even in moments of grief.

4. Reze


Reze, also known as Lady Reze, is a hybrid merged with the Bomb Devil and is allied with the Gun Devil, serving as the main antagonist in the Bomb Girl Arc. Initially presenting herself as kind and gentle with a crush on Denji, Reze laughs at his jokes and engages intimately with him. Despite appearing amiable, she lacks respect for her cafe owner, criticizing him as stingy. Beneath this facade, Reze’s true nature is manipulative and brutal, demonstrated by her remorseless killing of Devil Hunters. Despite her violent tendencies, she does not derive pleasure from killing and seeks to avoid it unless deemed necessary for her mission.

3. Quanxi

Quanxi cl

Quanxi is portrayed as calm and stoic, able to discuss business matters even while in bed with her demon harem, displaying little emotion even when praised by her friends. Despite her seemingly detached demeanor, she deeply cares about her friends and requests human rights and education for them as a reward. She shows a pragmatic and ruthless approach in combat, efficiently removing enemies from the battlefield to reduce numbers and eliminate distractions.

In a pragmatic move, after being thrown into hell, Quanxi calls for a ceasefire to assess the situation, forming temporary alliances until the threat is contained. Her attacks are swift and brutal, yet she often spares those not directly targeted, exemplified by her decision to knock out Aki and Angel Devil while offering to spare Power’s life. Hints of a past in the Devil Slayer office referred to as the “First Demon Slayer” by Santa Claus, and the suggested friendship with Kishibe add layers to Quanxi’s character.

2. Makima


Makima is characterized by a serious and calm demeanor, maintaining a sympathetic air, particularly with Denji. Despite this, she reveals a cunning and manipulative side, controlling Denji through promises of a romantic relationship and using threats of extermination for disobedience. While her goals remain mysterious, it is evident that she craves more power and is willing to sacrifice lives and harm innocents to achieve her objectives.

Makima is an avid fan of Chainsaw Man and seeks to bring him under her control to create an “ideal” world without fear. Her true, unstated goal, however, is revealed to be a desire for a lasting and happy life with Pochita, akin to a family, as she struggles to form equal relationships with others.


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1. Power


Power is portrayed as a childish, greedy, and self-centered character, often motivated by personal gain and displaying confidence in her abilities. She tends to avoid fights where she is outmatched and has a habit of boasting about her superiority as a devil hybrid among fellow demon hunters. Without allegiance to humanity, she openly admits anyone is acceptable.

Her behavior is characterized by rudeness, carelessness, and a lack of concern for hygiene, openly expressing disregard for cleanliness and admitting to infrequent bathing and toilet flushing. Additionally, Power is a compulsive liar who gossips about and talks behind her friends’ backs.

Notably, Power is an insatiable glutton with no distinction between various types of meat, including human flesh, though she despises vegetables. Despite her extreme selfishness, Power experiences compassion for the first time towards her pet, Nyako, prompting her to take action for the well-being of another being.

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