8 Best GTA V Police Mods to Play in 2023

8 Best GTA V Police Mods to Play in 2022

GTA V is still really popular, especially with GTA Online being one of the most popular multiplayer in the gaming world. Mods are also available for this action-adventure game and police mods are one of the best out there. Fans who do not want to invest in GTA Online decided to mod their games to give GTA V a new look since its release in 2013. This article will present you with our picks of the 8 best GTA V police mods!

We will list mods that offer new accessories, vehicles, mechanics, and new weapons with new quests that players can play and immerse themselves in. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of our list. Without further ado, let’s start!

8. Valor Sheriff Pack (BCSO & LSSD)

We start with the Valor Sheriff Pack which features new accessories like new vehicle bodies customized for two departments that are part of the Grand Theft Auto V game, the Blaine County Sherrif’s Office and the Los Santos State Department. The creator enhanced the already existing police pack and added New Blaine County Fire Rescue Packs, New Los Santos County Medical Packs, New Sheriff Packs, New Unmarked Vehicles, and more.

The pack can be used on FiveM Online servers as well which makes this pack a must-install mod for GTA V.

7. Realistic Weapons Sounds 4.7

Link to mod.

What most shooters lack in their kit are cool shooting sounds. Modder MvcGyver decided to add realistic sound from movies and other media and added it to GTA V. The creator meshed the sounds from the 1995 movies Heat, Far Cry 4, and Battlefield 4.

They also mention that they tried to obtain the sound immersion of bank robberies from the movie Heat as well. If you want full-on immersion and top-notch urban combat from classic action movies, then this is the mod for you.

6. LSPD Mega Pack (LAPD Based)

Another mega pack includes customized police equipment and vehicles that are used based on real-life LAPD and replicated for GTA’s Los Santos Police Department. New eleven vehicles are added with the mod including Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, 2014 Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala, Chevy Tahoe, and many more.

Heists, robberies, shootouts, and cool chases just got so much more interesting and because of that, you definitely need to check out this mod.

5. Authentic Federal Signal Siren Pack

Link to mod.

Authencity is really important in these mods, and sirens are quite an important part of the police department, especially during chases and emergency situations. This modder decided to make a customized police siren, basically, a different version of LAPD Federal Signal Smart Siren SSP3000b, mixed with other siren sounds from the Federal Signal website.

It is cool, it is immersive, and it makes GTA V much more enjoyable.


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4. EUP Menu

EUP menu is basically a carefully-built menu for the popular Emergency Uniforms Pack modification. The modder “borrowed” the menu from GTA Online and implemented it in the game for players to customize their police uniforms. The games of this type usually have default uniforms that you cannot customize or change at all, and this mod offers that option.

Do you need shades on a hot summer day? Open up your EUP menu and add them easily. You can edit, save and even share your favorite characters. Great mod, that gives players so many options.

3. Better Chases

Link to mod.

This mod is a continuation of another mod made by Eddlm and Guadmaz who made the famous Better Chases and Arrest Warrant mods. The features of this mod were enhanced by modder Daimian who presented us with this mod. New features include revamped wanted level to be a more progressive system with extensive customization, a more realistic police response, and an arrest warrant system that adds new gameplay after the chase ends, and overall police gameplay was enhanced significantly.

This cool mod was already good, but with new enhancements by modder Daimian, the GTA V game is more immersive, and realistic, and gives players options to do something more than just going to Pay ‘n’ Spray to erase wanted levels of police response. Definitely, check out this mod.

2. Gang and Turf Mod

Link to mod.

Gang turf was a huge deal in GTA: San Andreas, where C.J., Sweet, and the rest of the Groove Street Gang needed to protect their turf from, Ballas, Vagos, and other gangs of Los Santos. This modder created a mod that brings that nostalgia of San Andreas back and livens the Los Santos of today.


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Taking the inspiration from Gang Turfs in GTA: San Andreas, you will be able to control a gang with a name and members of your choice, take over territories of Los Santos, and fight against other gangs for the most notorious gang in all San Andreas. Besides turf control, control of the zones provides the players with constant income. You can pick Vagos, Ballas, Groove Street, or find an original gang of your liking.

Why did we put this on the list of police mods? Well, police response, and already mentioned uniform, weapon, and vehicle customization, make this mod so much more interesting.

1. LSPD First Response

Link to mod.

The best mod is definitely LSPD First Response because you can become a legit police officer. You can sign in and become an LSPD officer to “clean” the streets of Los Santos of “filthy” criminals. This definitely the best mod out there since, besides the usual signing in and “playing” police officer like we could do in GTA: San Andreas, here you can actually make a character, customize it, and legit start a police officer journey.

You can choose CVPIs of Rangers, LSPD, or Blaine County Sherrif’s Office or take an interceptor to catch racers who are breaking havoc around Los Santos. You have access to a specialized menu where you can customize whatever you want from your police gear but remember, besides this mod you need to install other ones for this one to work. Everything is explained in the description of the mod.

That’s it for this article. If you are interested in more of our topics surrounding GTA, check out these lists of the fastest planes and best-looking cars in GTA V.

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