10 Best Movies Like Netflix’s The Wonder (2022)

movies like the wonder

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Netflix’s upcoming The Wonder movie is set to become one of the newest period drama mystery movies that also has elements of a thriller. This movie follows the story of a young nurse who has to travel to a rural village in Ireland to observe a young girl who has not eaten for months. In that regard, there are elements of mystery in this period drama, and that is why it is an intriguing film that should be a delight for those who want to watch mystery movies.

The Wonder is also described as a psychological thriller that could end up making you question your own sanity, and this is why it is such an interesting movie for those who love mysteries and thrillers. But while we are waiting for the release of The Wonder on Netflix, we have a good list of the best movies like The Wonder that you might want to dive into.

10. The Girl on the Train (2016)

girl on the train

The Girl on the Train is a movie that is based on the bestselling book by Paula Hawkins. Starring Emily Blunt, who plays an alcoholic woman that has had a troubled past due to her messy divorce, she ends up taking a commuter train after losing her job. However, she ends up waking up with blood all over her as she has to solve the complicated mystery that she ends up in. In that regard, it is one of the best psychological thriller movies that involve murder and other similar themes.

Why It’s like The Wonder: The Girl on the Train is like The Wonder because they both have similar psychological thriller elements. While a murder mystery is the focus of The Girl on the Train, the mystery in The Wonder is related to the condition of the young girl who hasn’t eaten for months but has remained alive. Of course, they both have twists and turns that are hiding underneath the surface of the plot.

9. Gone Girl (2014)

gone girl

In Gone Girl, we follow the story of a former writer who ended up having a falling out with his wife, who actually staged her own disappearance on their fifth wedding anniversary to make her husband suffer. As such, her husband became the primary suspect in her disappearance as several twists and turns appear throughout the series to make everything more complicated between the couple.


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Why It’s like The Wonder: Gone Girl should be one of the most interesting movies that you want to watch if you’re into the entire psychological thriller genre because of the fact that it certainly has a unique way of telling its story. Of course, it is similar to The Wonder due to the mysteries hiding behind what seems to be a straightforward storyline.

8. Uncut Gems (2019)

uncut gems

Uncut Gems has one of the best acting performances from Adam Sandler, who has always been a polarizing actor. Nevertheless, he found his mark in this amazing movie as he plays the role of the owner of a jewelry store owner with serious gambling debts. However, when he gets hold of a rare opal, he now believes that he can pay off his debts. But things only get worse from there as this movie allows you to see a series of different events that are relentless to the point that you probably don’t want to get up for a bathroom break until the end.

Why It’s like The Wonder: Uncut Gems doesn’t have the somber and darker approach that The Wonder has, but they are quite similar in the sense that they are both thrillers that will allow you to see a lot of different events unfolding when you least expect them. They are not similar in terms of their approach and setting, but the feeling of suspense is the same.

7. Us (2019)


Us is Jordan Peele’s second film (more on his first film later), as this is not only a psychological thriller but also a horror movie. The movie follows the story of a woman whose family gets attacked by mysterious people trying to invade their home. But the twist here is that these people are doppelgangers that are trying to invade their homes and take over their identities. In that regard, it’s a movie that will keep you thinking for a long time after watching it.

Why It’s like The Wonder: Both Us and The Wonder have elements of a psychological thriller that can end up making you question your insanity, despite the fact that Us seems to be on the more intense side of things. Nevertheless, they both have a similar dark tone that fits perfectly with the suspense that is palpable in both of these movies.

6. American Psycho (2000)

american psycho

One of the most underrated psychological thriller movies released since 2000 is American Psycho, which features one of the greatest performances from Christian Bale. As an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, this movie was able to showcase a terrific performance from Bale, who plays the role of a banker that’s secretly a serial killer as well. And the thing that makes this movie so fun to watch is the fact that Bale was able to perfectly deliver the unique nuances of his character, who is also specific about his business cards as a killer.


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Why It’s like The Wonder: While American Psycho is more brutal than The Wonder, they have similar elements in the sense that you can feel the tension and the suspense in both of these movies. While The Wonder has a more somber and mysterious tension behind its storyline, American Psycho is more deliberate in its approach and is capable of giving you a heart-pounding experience you will never forget.

5. Black Swan (2010)

black swan

Black Swan stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, who are both rival ballet dancers that are competing for the chance to become the lead dancer in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. In that regard, you get to see Portman going beyond her limits just so she can beat her rival and earn the role she desperately wants. However, because she is so obsessed with perfection, her mental health takes a dark turn as she descends into madness.

Why It’s like The Wonder: The thing about Black Swan and The Wonder is that they both have a slow-burn kind of suspense that may be quite apparent and palpable but is slow and steady in its approach. They are very the same as one another due to the dark undertones that are prevalent in a plot that seems to be innocent.

4. Seven (1995)


Seven is one of the darker films on this list as it takes a look at the psyche of both the detective and the serial killer in one of the best serial killer movies you can watch. The movie follows the story of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as a pair of detectives working to crack a case involving a serial killer that’s inspired by the seven deadly sins. However, they end up discovering that the case is more than they have bargained for as the killer is also profiling and observing Pitt’s detective character as he goes about his killings.


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Why It’s like The Wonder: Like The Wonder, the air of mystery and suspense in Seven is quite palpable as it also takes a dark theme in its approach of delivering a serial killer storyline. While their plots may be different, they are both psychologically disturbing movies that may end up making you feel shocked for days to come.

3. Get Out (2017)

get out 1

Get Out is Jordan Peele’s debut as a director, as he was able to deliver one of the most unique and oddly terrifying psychological thrillers the 2010s has ever seen. In this movie, we follow the story of a Black photographer who is invited to her White girlfriend’s family home for the first time. However, he ends up discovering that there are incredibly weird forces at work in his girlfriend’s family home as what seemed to be racist at first turns into something that you totally would never expect.

Why It’s like The Wonder: Like The Wonder, Get Out has a story that has different twists and turns hiding under the twists and turns that are already apparent. There are mysteries and hidden truths hidden under the storyline of these movies. And both of them are able to deliver their stories in a way that is quite dark, mysterious, and ominous.

2. Shutter Island (2010)


One of the most trippy and disturbing psychological thrillers in recent years is Shutter Island, which is a movie that can make you question your own sanity. The movie stars Leonardi DiCaprio in a role that allows him to play a marshal that’s investigating the escape of a mentally ill patient on a remote island. However, he finds himself getting trapped on that island as mysterious elements come into play, all while he is beginning to feel like his own mind is working against him. And he now has to find a way to make it out of the island safely in a movie that’s full of twists.

Why It’s like The Wonder: While it may be on the more intense side of things, Shutter Island is able to get inside your head in a manner that’s similar to how The Wonder does it. They both have twists and turns as they are both psychological thrillers that can be dark and ominous when it comes to their tones. And they both benefit from powerful performances by their lead actors.

1. Parasite (2019)


One of the greatest foreign films ever, Parasite is the first non-English language movie to win Best Picture in the Academy Awards. This means that it is an incredible movie to watch for anyone who wants to experience the epitome of a great film in the modern age. The movie depicts the stark differences between two Seoul families living in different classes, as we get to see the interplay between the families in a movie that is certainly going to open your eyes.


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Why It’s like The Wonder: Parasite might not seem like it is similar to The Wonder in terms of its storyline and approach, but they are both tense in terms of how they deliver their plots. They may be different in terms of their storyline, but they are both psychological thrillers that are capable of allowing you to think twice about your life after you watch the movie.

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