20 Best Virgo Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

And while anime does encompass a lot of different genres, astrology is rarely – if ever – the focus of anime series, which makes sense. Astrology is a Western concept and the Japanese have their own concepts which aren’t necessarily related to what Westerners group under astrology. Japanese anime characters have their birthdays but they aren’t generally associated with astrological signs, which is why we are going to do exactly that for you.

In this article, we are going to focus on characters born under the sign of Virgo. This list is going to contain a total of 20 Virgo characters, ordered by their general likeability. The list is going to contain characters from various different series, characters of different affiliations, genders, occupations, and whatnot, but with one common trait – their astrological sign.

When Are Virgo Born?

People born under the sign of Virgo are born between August 23 and September 22 according to the traditional Western calendar. Individuals born under this sign are typically analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical. According to astrologers, Virgos tend to worry often; they hate being the center of attention. They are also known for being modest, faithful, quiet, and very persuasive, as well as for having a good sense of reasoning and memory. Virgos are also known for their intellect and usually enjoy art, literature, writing, mathematics, and are skilled at completing detailed work.

Best Virgo Anime Characters

The list is going to contain a total of 20 characters from different anime series, ranked from 20th to 1st place based on their general popularity and likeability. We’re going to tell you a bit about each of the characters as we list them.

20. Reiji Sakamaki – Diabolik Lovers

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Reiji is Sakamaki’s second brother and Beatrix’s second son. He is very formal and is often the quietest around Shu. Although Shu is his only brother, he despises him for being their mother’s favorite son, since he was neglected by her due to Cordelia’s shenanigans. He was finally able to get revenge by setting fire to the village of Edgar (his brother’s friend) when Shu refused to listen to their mother.

As Edgar’s death did not surprise his mother and made Shu withdrawn, Reiji decides to hire a vampire hunter to kill Beatrice. He later regretted that his mother had a sweet death. However, he was freed from Cordelia’s plots and was able to witness her death, thanks to the masterstroke of her son, Ayato.

Reiji values ​​rules and demands that others follow them, even though many of his decisions are not accepted by his brothers. Reiji chooses to be the model of the house, even though he is the second son. Although Reiji has a very polite demeanor and acts like a gentleman, he is able to be cruel in his words. His hobby is experimenting with potions in his lab.

19. Mr. Sakano – Gravitation

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Producer (formerly their manager) of “Bad Luck”, employed by Tohma Seguchi. Overworked and very stressed, he employs all his strength to try to turn Bad Luck into a commercially successful band. But his path will be subjected to several ups and downs and his skill will be severely tested, until the end. He admires Tohma beyond all words and longs to be her right hand.

18. Zenitsu – Demon Slayer

Zenitsu arriving at Mount Natagumo EP15

A Demon Slayer and traveling companion of Tanjirō Kamado. Zenitsu has a cowardly and fearful personality due to low self-esteem, but always wanted to live up to others’ expectations, even though he was constantly scared, crying, and always running away. He claims to want to live a modest life where he could be of use to someone. He becomes a whole different person when he falls asleep during a fight, becoming as sure of himself and determined as he is capable of the greatest feats.

He became a Slayer in spite of himself by force of circumstances, his master saving him from his own naivety after he was manipulated by a young girl, with whom he was in love to the point of ending up in over-indebtedness, his master settling those- ci for him in exchange for the promise to become his disciple and receive his teaching.

17. Kakeru Naruse – Orange

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

A transfer student from Tokyo. After his first day of class, his mother asks him to come home directly because she would like him to accompany her, but the latter does not listen to her and goes out with Naho and his friends. As a result, her mother committed suicide the same day. Regretting this all his life and considering it to be his fault, Kakeru commits suicide, making everyone believe it was an accident (only his grandmother knows about it).

In the new past, Naho tries to save him, changing his outlook on living and trying to free him from his constant guilt. Suwa will also help (and then the whole gang) Naho to rescue Kakeru. Kakeru is in love with Naho. He is a sensitive and fragile boy who needs attention from others and even more since his mother’s suicide.

16. Usada Hikaru – Di Gi Charat

Rabi en.PNG

Usada is 14 years old and is an employee of Gamers who in this is Rabbi~en~Rose, who works to get money and be a youth idol. The only inheritance from her parents is some dice that are in America leaving poor Usada to her fate in Japan. She has no powers but being a normal girl she can fly with her bunny ears. When she is not Rabbi, she is Usada, a girl with glasses who goes to school to learn, she is nice, somewhat cocky and a bit of what Dejiko is. She has a crush on Minawa Takorou.

15. Shion – No. 6

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

His name refers to the lilac flowers, which his mother was particularly fond of before the reorganization of the city of Chronos. The main character of No. 6, he is considered gifted from the age of two, which his best friend Safu does not fail to remind him of when she has the opportunity. He thus saw the beginning of his life in the rich district of the city, Chronos, with his mother Karan.

One stormy evening, he picks up Nezumi, injured, on the run. He takes care of him, feeds him, and lodges him for the evening, without worrying about the fact that he is a “criminal” wanted by the Ministry of Peace. He will have to move to Lost Town with his mother following this episode, the authorities knowing that he helped Nezumi to flee. Later, as part of his work, he will witness the first victims of parasitic bees; authorities will seek to imprison him to prevent him from speaking out about the government covering up the unexplained deaths by calling them disappearances or accidents.

It is Nezumi’s intervention that will save him. Subsequently, Shion himself falls victim to the mysterious poison produced by parasitic bees that strike No. 6. With the help of Nezumi, he survives it, but with consequences: his hair has turned white, his eyes red, and a snake-like scar wraps around his body.

14. Meiko Honma – Anohana


Menma is the specter of the little girl who died of drowning a few years ago, who appears in Jintan. Innocent, cheerful, always with a smile even in delicate situations, she can’t stand conflict and often looks for a way to dissolve tensions when something goes wrong, like encouraging everyone to have fun, making up for misunderstandings, etc. She doesn’t seem to feel an ounce of negativity.

She is overflowing with energy. She then asks Jintan to reunite their old group of friends to get her wish granted. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to remember this one, but knows to get all her friends together so she can remember it. It is hinted that she has feelings for Jintan, who is the only one able to see her.

13. Near/Nate River – Death Note

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

N is completely unfazed. When he learns of L’s death at Wammy’s House, when he was 13, he doesn’t even blink, he calmly continues to complete his puzzle3. He also doesn’t panic when several people, in the same room as him, fall victim to Kira. The only real-time he seems scared is in book 12 when Light tries to write his name on a piece of the Death Note. He has a lot of quirks that are reminiscent of L: L spent his time eating cakes, Near constantly fiddles with a strand of his hair, they have pretty much the same way of sitting (except that Near only bends ‘a knee).

L stacked objects, while N built “monuments” with dice. He also plays with toys all the time during his deductions, which sometimes allows him to illustrate his point. It can be noted that Mello also had a mania: eating chocolate, a mania that N will resume when he becomes the new L after the death of Light Yagami. He follows the same methods as L to solve his investigations. Near looks like L when he smiles.

12. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

Inoue.Orihime.full .158503

Orihime is sensitive and kind. She seems very considerate of people like Yuzu Kurosaki. She loves Asian clothes printed with flowers. Orihime cooks and eats “strange” food at home, although she enjoys “normal” food.

Apart from Rangiku Matsumoto and possibly Tessai Tsukabishi, no one shares Orihime’s tastes. Her favorite food is red bean paste, and she loves to put butter on sweet potatoes. Orihime has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking about it, sometimes leading to embarrassing consequences.

11. Guren Ichinose – Owari no Seraph

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

He is the man who took in Yūichirō after he fled the vampire city. He saved him in part because Yû is a Seraph, a project in which he has been very involved with the vampires, but, although he shows it only a little, he appreciates Yû and all the others personally. He had a relationship with Mahiru Hiiragi before being forced to kill her after she got possessed by a demon.

His best friend is Shinya Hiiragi and their common goal has always been to put an end to the hierarchy of the Hiiragi family. He is the head of the Gekki Brigade and serves the Hiiragi family (who dislike him) for their own purposes. In the manga, we learn that Glenn is actually behind the great disaster. After losing all his closest friends (the members of his current brigade), he preferred to sacrifice the rest of humanity to bring them back to life.

10. Kouzou Fuyutsuki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Second-in-command of NERV and Gendō’s right-hand man. He was once an assistant professor at the University of Metaphysical Biology in Kyoto, where he met Yui and Gendō. Within NERV, he is the only person the commander has complete confidence in. Naturally composed and reflective, he rarely shows his feelings but does not hesitate to express his disagreement with the actions of his superior.

9. Kaneda – Akira

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Tetsuo’s friend and leader of their biker gang, this drug-seeking, macho, selfish, gluttonous, and sometimes cowardly petty criminal is drawn into the fight against the military agenda when he crosses paths with Kei. In his fight against Tetsuo, he is motivated only by anger and a thirst for revenge, after the extermination of his band by the mutant.

But, forged by the successive trials, the maturation of his love for Kei, and various experiences during contact with the manifestations of mutant powers (including a time jump), he begins to reflect more on himself and the world. – and to take responsibility. Finally, he founded “Le Grand Empire de Tokyo”, where young people will rebuild, alone, on the ruins of Tokyo, a world in their own way.

8. Tomoyo Daidouji – Cardcaptor Sakura

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Tomoyo is a camera maniac. Besides, his greatest role model is Sakura, his best friend and also his second cousin. She is intelligent, she sings wonderfully well, and is an observer: it is by filming one night, the sky, that she will discover Sakura’s secret. Since then, her greatest joy is to make the battle costumes of this dear Sakura (because she is a very great seamstress) and to film the performances of the latter.

She is Sakura’s best friend (and always tries to help her in the most difficult times in honor of this sincere and long friendship). Her father is the head of a multinational company and her mother, meanwhile, is Sonomi Daidōji, cousin of Nadeshiko Kinomoto, Sakura’s mother. But in some episodes, Tiffany is exposed to the threat of the cards (shield, song, and voice).

7. Zakuro Fujiwara – Tokyo Mew Mew

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Zakuro is the eldest of the Mew mew: she is 19 years old. She works as an actress, singer, and model: she is renowned throughout Japan and is the idol of thousands of teenage girls, including Minto Aizawa. But, if in front of the fans she is warm and friendly, it is quite different in real life: Zakuro is indeed very cold, reserved, and resolutely solitary.

Sometimes he can even be very cruel. She possesses surprising wisdom and intelligence, and she understands difficult situations more easily than others. On rare occasions, she shows kindness to her friends, which proves that she’s not as cold as it seems. In fact, Zakuro cares a lot about his loved ones; only she always hides her feelings.

6. Hange Zoë – Attack on Titan

Hange goes over suspicions about Bertholdt and Reiner

She’s a former squad leader who was in charge of the 4th squad. Her very high intelligence makes her a brilliant researcher tasked with inventing and conducting groundbreaking research on Titans, including Half-Titans like Eren. As with Armin the strategist, Hange’s scientific genius is indispensable to the army. Unlike all other humans, Hange takes a different look at the situation, understanding that something was wrong and she is above all the only one who is capable of empathy when she sees titans suffering.

It was his research that made it possible to understand that the titans are of human origin. After his promotion to Major, Hange was responsible for planning extramural expeditions, managing the exploration battalion, recruiting, and all other responsibilities previously assumed by Erwin. Later after the battle of Revelio, she too is part of the group supposed to stop the great earthwork, it is also she who is the reason for the Alliance between Marley and Paradis to defeat an enemy stronger than them.

5. Makoto Sunakawa – Ore Monogatari!

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

He’s Takeo’s best friend. They have known each other since kindergarten and live next to each other. He embodies beauty, class and intelligence unlike Takeo. All the girls fall for him but he is not interested in getting into a relationship. His major role will be to help Takeo in his new relationship with Rinko.

4. Doraemon – Doraemon


Doraemon is represented as a robot cat from the 22nd century, who came to live in Tokyo in the past to help Nobita Nobi, a boy who allegedly caused numerous financial problems to his descendants. He was manufactured on July 14, 2112 at the Matsushiba robot factory; at his birth, which took place on September 3, he was yellow and white, and had ears (like all robot cats of his generation).

Sociable, optimistic, intelligent, and sensitive (although often moody and irascible), he is blue and white; he is characterized by the golden bell that he always keeps around his neck and by the absence of ears, eaten by some mice. This event caused trauma in Doraemon towards these animals, as a result of which he became blue.

Doraemon is also equipped with a four-dimensional pocket, containing various very special objects (22nd-century gadgets that can do amazing things). The name of almost every episode derives from the gadget of the same name, although more than one is often used.

3. Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Sailor Mercury lives with her mother, who is a doctor, while the father is known only that he is a painter, who travels the world sending his daughter paintings made by him all over the globe. She is a studious, intelligent, and serious girl. At the beginning of the series she is very closed and very lonely, but thanks to her companions she manages little by little to get out of her shell. She is able to transform into the second fighter, Sailor Mercury, her guardian planet is Mercury, the planet of water, and her powers are, in fact, linked to water, first in the gaseous state, then also in solid ones and liquid.

In addition, she has a micro-computer, a visor-screen (called in the original version Mercury Goggles) and in the manga a microphone, which is part of her sailor fuku allowing it to locate enemies and analyze their techniques. Her pastimes are swimming, playing chess, reading, and studying. She has dark blue bob hair and blue eyes.

2. Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

60 Best Kakashi Quotes From Naruto Anime 02

As a child, more precisely after his father’s suicide, Kakashi began to strictly follow the ninja precepts, in particular, the one according to which the success of the mission comes before the safety of teammates and the respect of all the rules: in that period he demonstrates arrogant and presumptuous, often treating with disdain those he does not consider up to his abilities, whether they are his peers or superiors.

From the alleged death of his friend Obito, which occurred during a mission, Kakashi changed, becoming more similar to the latter in some respects, especially considering more teamwork, which is why he subjects his students to the bell test. The new Kakashi shows a positive, cheerful, and sunny character, but despite this change, he always remains a rather solitary and reserved type.

Although his exploits have made him one of the best-known shinobi in the ninja world, he never seems to have those signs of arrogance that distinguished him in his youth, on the contrary proving extremely modest on many occasions. His calm and his composure help him a lot in battle, especially when it comes to terrible situations, such as in the fight with Zabuza.

Also, Kakashi claims that all the people he cares about have died. What we know of his private life is that he spends part of his time visiting the Fallen Leaf Village monument, where the names of his comrades Rin and Obito are engraved. Although at first glance he may be accused as a superficial or indifferent person (both for being a chronic latecomer and for the absorbed and disinterested attitude he sometimes takes in response to other people’s speeches), he has proved to be a responsible person on many occasions.

1. Kaworu Nagisa – Neon Genesis Evangelion

20 Best Anime Virgo Characters Ranked By Likability

Referred to as the Fifth Children, he is also revealed to be the 17th Angel. A crucial character in the series, he only appears in one episode at the end of which he is killed. Kaworu is dignified, intelligent, kind, honest, and simply likable. During his brief time at NERV, he manages to befriend Shinji to whom he soon confesses his sincere empathy as a cross-species parent.

After a moment of intense questioning, between loyalty to his new (and only) friend and his mission as a pilot, Shinji is asked by Kaworu to eliminate him for the good of Man, while thanking him for having made him understand what is the heart and the human love. Shinji finally complies, denying all his beliefs and all his feelings, but he will keep a total resentment for his father who led him to make this decision.